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Buyers Jamea, bank teller, 63 Garden place
Buyers James, manager, Marine terrace, FerryhlU
Buyers Jamea & Co. builders & timber merchants, 13 Kldd lane
Bayers Jane, lodging house. 1-29 Union st
Buyers Mary, shopkeeper, 32 Gueat row
Bayers Peter, grooer & ship chandler, 32 Regent qnav
Buyers William E. merchant (Nell, Smith & Go.) 12 Albyn terrace
CABENHEAD George, advocate (Simpson & Cadenheadl, city fiscal
*& assistant procurator fiscal for Aberdeen, & deputy procurator
fiscal of the sheriff court at Aberdeen, & of the iustice of peace
court n£ Aberdeenshire, Court House buildings, Castle st; house,
Burnsido House, Stocket
Cadcnhead George, grocer, 89 Chapel st
Cadenbead Margaret, lodging house, 20 Loanhead terrace
CadeuheadWilUam, firewood dealer, Mealmarket st
Cadeabead 'William, wine &, spirit merchant ^
coramission a^ent, &. a^ent for J. <&, T. Bernard,
torewers{Edinburgrli), 39STetlierILirkg:at3; 2iouse,
1 Sallowgrate
Caie Alexander, fishmonger, Wet Fish market
Caie Peter, shopkeeper, 21 Huutly st
Oaird Isabella, baby linen warehouse, 105 George st
Cairi James, flesher, 1 Holburn place
Calder — , draper, 4 & 5 Market gaUery
Calder Alexander, bootmaker, dO\i Spittal, Old Aberdeen
Calder James, furniture dealer, "12 & 14 George at; house, Low
Stocket road
Calder John, watchmaker, 17 & 47 Market gallery
Calder William, flesher, 60 High st. Old Aberdeen
Caledonian Assurance Co.— J. & G. Collie, 25 Union Bt;Honie&
Smith, City buildings, Union st. & Samuel Angus, 1 Carmelite st.
Caledonian Railway Goods Office, Guild st
Callacrhan Anthony, saw maker, 67 Nether Kirkgate ; house, 4
Abbotsford place
Cameron —, lodging house, 177 Union st
Cameron Alexander, shopkeeper. 197 Barron st. Woodside
Cameron Alexander, basket maker, 25 Windmill brae
Cameron Andrew, draper (Durno & Cameron). 23 Thistle fit
Cameron Charles, tobacconist, 50 Regent quay, 12 Haddon at. &
20 Guild st
Cameron Christina, spirit dealer, 44 Regent quay
Cameron Elizabeth, spirit dealer, 20 West Nortli st
Cameron Geors^e, grocer, 35 Marischal st
Cameron George, tailor, 40 Hadden st. Woodsidi-
Cameron Hugh, basket maker, &,c. 46 East North at
Cameron J. M. &Go. drapers, 30 Huteheon st
Cameron John, contractor, Gordon st; house, Deeside rd
Cameron John, house carpeuter, 202 George st ; house, 187 George st
Cameron John, commission agent, 3 Bridge st
Cameron John, snirit dealer, 13 Harriet st
Cameron Peter, spirit dealer, 6 Little Belmont st
Cameron William, leather cutter, 10 Skene st
Cameron William H. physician e.x. Moofefield House, Stocket
Campbell — , hardware dealer, 91 Market gallery
Campbell — , dressmaker, Rosemount place
Campbell A. & G. fruiterers, 23 Gallowgate
Campbell Alexander, livery stable keeper, 6 Diamond st. & 8
South Silver st
Campbell & Co. timber merchants, 127 George st [tion wynd
Campbell Andrew, bootmakex*, 2 Langstane place ; house, 2 Correc-
Campbell Archibald, notary public, County buildings; house,
Sycamore place
Campbell Daniel, bootmaker, 13 Seamount place
Campbell David, plasterer, 23 Albion st
Campbell Duncan, cab owner (J. & D. Gampbelb, 9 Bon-Accord st
Campbell Isabella, milliner, &c. 242 George st
Campbell Isabella, milliuer, 85 Queen st
Campbell J. & D. livery stable keepers, cab owners, & funeral un-
dertakei's, 5 Eon-Accord st. IS Back wynd & Guild st
Campbell James, Lemon Tree Hotel, 9 St. Nicholas st
Campbell James, bookseller, 2l^ Market gallery
Campbell Jane A. lodging house, 172 Crown st
Campbell Jessie, ladies' outfitting warehouse, 151 Union st ; house
25 Wellington place
Campbell John, plumber & gasfitter. 14 Dee st
Campbell John, cab owner {J. & D. Campbell), 13 Rack wynd
Campbell John, timber merchant (Campbell & Co.), FrAin-
ville House, Cuparstone
Campbell Joseph, pawnbroker. 35 Windy wynd & 28 Loch at
Campbell Samuel S. preserved provision manufacturer (Robertson
& Campbell), Albert grove, Rentield
Cansdale James, gynasium instructor. Queen st ; house, 73 John at
Cardiff Peter, bootmaker, 150 Gallowgate
Caidno & Darling, nursery & seedsmen, 80 Union st ; nurseries,
Cardno Catherine, shopkeeper, 36 Park at
Cardno William, shipmaster, 1 Hanover lane
Carmichael George, agent West end Branch North of Scotland
Bank, 226 Union st
Carnie James S. grocer & spirit dealer, 50 West North et; house, 5
Jasmine terrace
Carnie William, clerlt & treasurer, Roval Infirmary & Lunatic
Hospital, 27 Exchange st ; house, Springbank House, Pitfodles
Carr John, broker, 33 Justice st
Carter John, carter, Hadden st. Woodside; ho. Gaelic la. Woodside
Cassie Mary, milliner & dressmaker, 19 St. Nicholas st ; house, 81
Rosemount place
Castle Peter, g:eneral commission &, flour mer-
cbant, ZO^ Adelpbi ; bouse, ^ ItfUackie place
Catanach — , fancy repository, 13 Union place ; house, SO North
Albert st
Cattanach C. & Co. tailors. Exchange court, 36^ Union st
Cattanach Donald George, advocate, 12 Eon-Accord square
Catlanach John, writer (Heuderson & Cattanjtch), 86 Skene square
Cattle Market, King st
Catto Catherine, nurse, 16 Bon-Accord lane
Catto George, shopkeeper, 193 Barron st. Woodside
Catto James, tea, wine & spirit & commission merchant, 21 Adelphi
— See adverthement
Catto John, ship owner (J. & R. Catto), Cattofield
Catto John, farmer & coal dealer, Lower Cotton, Woodside; house,
Mary Ann Cottage, Woodside ", ^
Catto "Robert, shipowner (R. Catto & Sons), Wallfield House
Catto Robert & Son, shipowo'^rs .% raorchants, 47 Marischal st
OaulfieldW. house agent, 7 Market gallery
Cay George, grocer & spirit dealer, 47 Upper Denburn _^
Cay William & Sons, house carpenters. 12^^ Upper Denburn '", '^
Cay William Dyce, harbour engineer, Pocra pier ; ho. 1 Rotunda pi
Chadwick E. & Co. woollen manufacturers & general warehouse-
men, 10 Broad st
Chadwick Edmund, wnrehouseman{E. Cbadwiok A Go.),ll Henry at
Chalmers Alexander S. market superintendent, 97 Rose st
Chalmers & Collie, plumbers .I- gasfltters, 62 Windmill brae
Chalmers Ann, manageress embrmdery school, 10 Dee st
Chalmers Ann, lodging house, 18 Don st. Old Aberdeen
Chalmers C. Sc P. H, advocates, 13 Union terrace
Chalmers Catherine, shopkeeper, 10 Spring garden
Chalmers Charles, advocnte fC. & P. H. Chalmers), 14 Union ter
Clialraers George, plumber. Ac. (Chalmers & Collie), 24 Forbes at
Chalmers Isabella, schoolmistress, 126 King st
Chalmers James M. grocer & wine merchant, 23 Hadden st. Wood-
side ; house, 12 Hawthorn place
Cbalmers John S^eed, insurance broker, shipping:
a^ent & ag:ent for Cockburn &. Co. wine mer-
chants (Xieith],56 IVIarischal st ; bouse, 3 Garden
Chalmers Patrick Henderson, advocate & notary (C. & P. H. Chal-
mers), 14 Union terrace
Chalmers Peter, carter, 59 West North st
Chalmers Scott, ironmonger. 52 Upper Kirkgate ; ho. 87 John at
Chalmers William, bootmaker, 17 Carmelite lane
CValmers William, builder, 35 Victoria st. West
Chamberlain's Office, Town House, Castle st
Chambers Mary, lodging honse. B3 King st
Chapman Al-^xander. tnilnrfC'iapraan & Co.), 2 St. Catherine 'a wynd
Chapman R- Co. tailnrs. 24 Union st
Chapman Isabella, dressmaker. 34 South Mount st
Charles James, town's officer, 04 High st. Old Aberdeen
Charles William, baker. 76 Skene square
Chartered Bank of India, Australia & China, 29 Union st — W. H.
& C. Gordon, agents
ChasBer Edward, clerk, 72 Queen st
Cheyne— , furrier. 17R George st
Cheyne & Ewing, phofo<rraphprs, 11 Crown st [Woodside
Cheyne Charles, draper, milliner «*i; dressmaker, 18 Hadden st.
Cuoyne George, carpenter (G. Cbeyne & Snii), 14 Constitution st
Cheyne George & Son. house carpenters. 20 Justice st
Chevne George T. Lillifhank Hotely Kittybrewster, & dining rooDfiS,
9 Market st
Cheyue Helen, shopkeeper, 277 George st
Cheyne Joseph, newsagVnt, 286 George st
Cheyne Marv, grocer. 14 James st
Chevne William, gardener, Lochhead
Chili (Republic of) Vice-consulate, 17 Regent quay— W. Leslie &
Co. vice consuls
Cheyne William, grocer & spirit dealer, 65 Virginia st
Chevn*^ William, tailor, 178 George st
Chisholra A. F. watch maker, 6 Correction wynd
Chisholm Charlotte, sohool, 77 Eon- Accord at
Cbisholm J, railway sack contractor A. sack hirer,
■IVaterJoo Station ; bead osace, Perth
Chivas Brothers, grocers to the Queen & Prince of Wales, wine &
spirit merchants & I'-.alian -warebnusemen. 13 King st
^htvas James, grocer, .tc. {Chivas Brotbr-rs), 21 King st
Ohivas William, boot top manufacturer, 75 George st
Christall Margaret, lodging hons*^, 26 Dee st
Christie Alexander, manager, 29 King Street road. Old Aberdeen
Christie Alexander L. m.t>. surgeon. 74 Garden place
Christie Andrew, ship master, 46 Regent qnay
Christie Charles & Co. coal merchants, ' Caledonian Railway
Station. Guild st
Christie Duncan F. clockmaker, 52 Causewayend
Christie Elizabeth, lodging house. 16 Frederick st
Christie Frederick, bootmaker, 24 Woolmanhill
Christie George, flesher & dealer in game, 62 Windmill bra©
honse, 167 Skene st. West
Christie George G. cashier, 31 Diamond st
Christie Isabella, firewood dealer. Hadden st Woodside
Christie James, teacher of music, n'^2. Park road
Christie James, Raihrmi Inriy Rnthrieston
Christie John, auctioneer .t valuer. 115 Union st; house, 11 Bank st
Christie John, clothier f Alilne, Low & Co.), 14 Albert terrace
Christie P. C. cabinet maker & upholsterer, 39 Loch st
Christie William, shipmaster, 40 Virginia st
Christie William, furniture broker, 20 Woolmanhill
Christie William, traveller, 3 Wellfield place
Christie William, railwav inspector, 43 Dee st
Christison John, contractor, 163 West North st
Ciiristopher Snsan, spirit dealer, 8J. Waterloo quav [King St. agent
Church of England Assurance Institution— Wilhara Yeats, 46
Church of Scotland Training College, George st [prletor
Oitv Loan Co. 1 Longncre; sale room. Rroad st— David Bain, pro-
City of Glasgow Bank (Branch), 21 Market st— Milne & Walker,
agents ; G. G. Willtie, assistant agent— .SIa^ advertisement
City of Glasgow Life Assurance Co.— J. W. Rohson, 27 King st. &
John S. Brvce, 24 Adelphi, agents
City Parish Poor Rate O fficp, 38 Castle st
Clark Alexander, tailor, 29 Bank st; bouse, 1 Prospect t^^rrace
C:ark Alexander, coopei't A. & J. Clark), 15 Don st. Old Aberdeen
Clark Alexa7uler, bootmaker, 3 College bounds, Old Aberdeen
Clark Alexander, grocer, 1 Causewayend
I Clark Alexander, Bbipmaster, 108 Kingst
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