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Abernetby James & Co. ironfonnders, engineers,
millwrights, machine makers, blacksmiths and
boiler makers, FerryhiU Foundry
Abeinethy Robert, engineer (J. Abernetliy & Co.), 21 Golden square
Accident Association of Scotland— Home & Smith, City buildm''s
Union St. agents °
Adam Alexander, manager (Aberdeen Salmon Co.), 9 Fish st
Adam Alexander, slater, i Hutcheou st
Adam Alexander, laud surveyor & civil engineer, 20 Union terrace
ii.dam &. Co. shipowners, timber &. coal merchants,
&hlpbrokers, &.c. 17 Reg;eut quay
Adam Elizabeth, lodging house, 84 Skene st
Adam (ieorge, china & earthenware dealer, 11 Holburu Bt
Adam George L. slater, 48 Gerrard st
Adam Isabella, lodging house, 134 King st
Adam Isabella, lodging house, 32 South Mount st
Adam James, traveller, 10 Milburn st
Adam James, merchant (Jamieson & Mitchell), 23 Bank st
Adam John, bookseller & stationer, Market gallery ; ho. 61 Union st
« "Ji S B. commission agent & ship owner (Adam & Co.), May-
neld, Ferryhlll n j
Adam Margaret, greengrocer, 118 Loch st
Adam Thos. j.p. agent for the National Bank of Scothind,42Castle st
Adam Ihomaa, jun. merchant (Adam & Co.), 16 Albyn place
Adam, Ihomson & Ross, advocates, agents for the" Great North of
bcotlaud Railway Co. Northern Assurance Co. Northern Agricul-
. J T,. ■ ''"' -•^I'erdeen Market Co. 75 Uuion st
Adam Hilham (of Ranna & Easter Belti;, advocate (Adnm,Thom8on
& Kosa), 80 Skene terrace
Adam William, cofl'ee & dining rooms, 62 York st
Adams — , teacher of music, 2 St. Catherine's wynd
Adams Andrew, photographer, 32 Queen st: house. Woodbine Cot-
tage, Ruthrieston
Adams Helen, seamstress, 177 Crown st
Adams Isabella, shopheeper, 24 Castle st
Adams John, grocer & tea dealer, 64 Green
Adams John C. agent, 3 Richmond terrace
Adams James, shipmaster, 22 Ferryhill terrace
Adams William, tailor, 48 Spittal, Old Aberdeen
Adams William, temperance hotel, York st
Adamson Alexander, tin-plate worker, 16 Upper Kirkgato
Adamson John A. bank teller, 24 Ashley rd
Ad;iiMson Robert G. physician, 4 Carden terrace
Aad_son Allan, butcher, 28 Justice st. & 36 Market buUdings
Adelphi Billiard Rooms, 7 Adelphi
f '^?^!?,' S"'"'' ^,}^°^ Moncur, Adelphi court. Union st— See advert
Adie Walter, milhner, 53 Queen st
Adlington William, music seller (Selbv, Wood & Co.),66 Bon-accord st
Advocates' Society HaU & Library, Broad st
Aga Alexander, boot top manufacturer, 3s George st
Aiken Arthur, tlesher, 14 Market buildings
Aiken James, merchant (J. Aiken, jun. & Co.), 27 Union place
Aiken James, boot & shoe maker, 27 & .S9 Broad st [ohal st
Aiken James, juu. & Co. merchants & iusuranco brokers, 66 Maria-
Airth John, householder, 21 Bank st
Ainh John, grocer <S wine merchant, 81 Market st
Aitken Alexander, painter (J. Garvie & Sons), 28 Eosemount place
Aitken James, greengrocer, 7 Albion st
Aitken William, blacksmith, 3 Little Belmont st
Aitken William, shopkeeper, 298 George st
Alexander Alexander, district traffic superintendent, Caledonian
Kailway; house, 3 Strawberry bank
Alexander Alexander & Co. grocers & spirit dealers, 151 George st.
and 1 Baltic st
Alexander David, house carpenter. Windmill lane
Alexander George, upholsterer, 4 Frederick st
Alexander Henry, editor, 10 Westfleld terrace [Albert st
t Alexander James, watchmaker & jeweller, 113 Union st; house, 10
Aicx.andcr James, miller & grain merchant, Lower Justice Mills,
Union Glen ; house, Cambridge Cottage, Ashley place
Alexander James, broker, 15 WeUington st. Woodside
.■Alexander James, shipmaster, 2 Park place
Alexander Janet, lodging house, 248 George st
Alexander John, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 175 Union st;
house, 10 Rose st
Alexander Margaret, shopkeeper, 5 Skene terrace
Alexander Mary, lodging house, 45 Nelson st
Alexander Wm clothier, &c. (James Lumsden & Co.), 21 Albyn place
Alexander William, editor ("Free Press"), 19 Watson st
Alexander William, inspector, 100 Skene st
Allan — , lodging house, 1 West Mount st
Allan Alexander, carter & coal dealer, Nellfleld, Holburn st
Allan Alexander, wright & cabinet maker, High St. Old Aberdeen
Allan Alexander, cabinet maker (J. Allan & Sons), 87 Dee st
Allan & Robertson, coach builders. Bridge place
Allan Andrew, baker, 215 Gallowgate
Allan David, cabinet maker (Jas. Allan & Sons), 37 Dee st
Allan George, shipmaster, 16 Bank st
Allan (ieorge, coach builder (Allan & Robertson), 13 Causewayend
-Ulan George, advocate, 15 Castle st; house, S3 -Ubyn place
Allan George, draper, 170 George st
Allan Henry painter (Farqubar & GiU), 24 Upper Kirkgate
Allan Isabella, shopkeeper, 14 College st
Allan James, grocer, 12 Hadden St. Woodside
AUau James, schoolmaster, 46 Holburn st
Allan James, carver, 7 Bannermill st
Allen James, commission & insurance agent, 44 Upper Kirkgate
Allan James &. Sons, cabinet makers &. upholsterers
to the ^ueen and H.H..H. the Prince of 'Wales,
i2S Union st; eabluet manufactory, 42 Dee st
Allan Jessie & Jane, milliners, 239 George st
AUan John, draper, ic. 1151^ Gallowgate ; house, 16 Ship row
Allan Matthew, secretary to United Operative Masons' .•issooiation
of Scotland, 48 Upper Kirkgate
Ajutu Rachel, shopkeeper, 34 Forbes st
A'ian Wilhelmina, draper, 2S7^i George stj
.A.i;Bn William, shopkeeper, 6 North i^oRdfcrrd
Allau William, bookseUor, 29 Mariaclial at
Allan William Alex, cabinet maker (James Allan & Sons), 87 Dee at
AUardice John B,. grocer & spirit dealer. 137 Crown st
Alliance Assurance 0£Qce — James Black & Co. 23 King st. & Parker
& M'Combie, 129 Union st. agents
Allington ArLhur H. R.N. inspector coramading Coast Guards, the
Holt, FerrybiJl
Altrie Mary, lodgings, 29 Huntly st
Anatoznical S^useum, 24 iVEarlscbal st— Br. Charles
"Watsocif proprietor
Anderson — , fishmonger, 5 Market buildings
Anderson Adam, manager, 95 Crown st
Anderson Sir Alexander, advocate, 16 Union terrace
Anderson Alexander, manager, Northern Agricultural Co. Water-
loo quay; house, Craig Lee House, Manofield
Anderson Alexander, painter, 7^^ Upper Denburn
Anderson Alex, farmer & cab proprietor, 56 High at. Old Aberdeen
Anderson Alexander, di'aper, 7 Wales st
Anderson Alexander, painter, &c. 56 G-errard st
Anderson Alexander, baker & confectioner, 1^7 George st
Anderson & Buyrcs, fruiterers, 74 Broad st
Anderson &, Xbomson, warehousemen & woollen
manufacturers, 25 Broad st
Anderson Andrew, gardener, 6 Market hall; ho. North Rublslaw
Anderson Ann, spirit dealer, 60 Regent quay
Anderson Catherine, lodging house, 16 South Mount st
Anderson Da\id, painter & paperhanger,125 George st
Anderson David, grocer, 19 Park st; house, 1^^ Affleck st
Anderson David, gardener, 81 ^ii Parkst; house" Lower Cornhill
Anderson Eliza, lodging house, 246 Union st
Anderson George, jeweller, 22 &, 24 Market gallery
Anderson George, advocate (Cochran & Anderson), & clerk to the
county road trustees, 152 Union st; house, 45 Schoolhill
Anderson George, grocer & spirit dealer, 80 East North st
Anderson George B. ship broker & customs agent, 57 Marjschal
st; house, 31 North Broadford
Anderson George, watchmaker, 16 Schoolhill
Anderson Isabella, baker, 6 Commerce st
Anderson J. & J. S. commission agents, 7 Back v/ynd
Anderson James, shipmaster, 29 Bon-Accord st
Anderson James, bootmaker, 16 liidd lane
Anderson James, greengrocer, 89 Causewayend
Anderson James it Son, grocers, &c. 47 East North st
Anderson John, ale & porter bottler, S Barnett's close
Anderson John, feuar, Balmoral Lodge, Holburn st
Anderson John, potato dealer, 45 Ann st
Anderson John, cabinet maker, 95 Chapel st ; house, 7 Huntly eb
Anderson John P. flesher, 23 Loch st
Anderson Johnston, shipmaster, 12 Wales st
Anderson Lewis, spirit dealer, 14 Park st
Anderson Margaret, lodging house, 50 Skene terrace
Anderson Murgaret W. lodging house, 86 Eon-Accord st
Anderson Mary, midwife, 16 Upper Leadside
Anderson Mary A. lodging house, 18 College bounds, Old Aberdeen
Anderson P. & Sons, carpenters, Weigh House square
Anderson Robert, sub-editor, 6 North Broadford
Anderson Robert H. nautical instrument maker & optician, 41
Marischal st
Anderson Robert J. auctioneer {Reith & Anderson), Ash grove,
Kittybrewster [st
Anderson Samuel, secretary. Northern Assurance Company, 1 King
Anderson, Sutherland &. Go. grocers and aerated
water manufacturers, 51 &. 55 Georgre st
Anderson Thomas, grocer (Anderson, Sutherland & Co.), 18 Loan-
head terrace
Anderson Thomas, manager, 20 Springbank st
Anderson William, grocer, &c. 47 East North st; ho. 9 Han-iet st
Anderson William, umbrella maker, 47 Upper Kirkgate
Anderson William, tailor & draper, 23 Queen st ; house, 21 Justice
MHi lane
Anderson W'illiam, baker, 62 Holburn st
Andeison William, tinsmith, 1 Westfleld place
Anderson W'illiam, salmon & ice store, 7 Carmelite st
Anderson William, millwright (B. Reid & Co.), 20 Holburn place
Anderson William, bootmaker, 60 John st
Anderson Wiiham, bank accountant, 2 St. Catherine's wynd
Anderson William C. bookseller, 16 Market gallery
Andrew Benjamin, shipmaster, 11 Powis place
Andrew Francis, auctioneer, 11 Princes st
Andrew W^illiam, chemist, 170 Union st ; house, 38 Union terrace
Angus Elizabeth, broker, 25^:- Justice st
Angus Elsie, teacher, 1 Prospect terrace, Ferryhlll
Angus George, grocer, 14 Bank st. Ferryhill
Angus George, fishmonger, 39 Market buildings
Angus John, blacksmith, 38 Regent quay
Angus John, advocate & notary, 7 Golden square
Angus John, boat builder. Provost Blaikie's quay
Angus Samuel, spiiit dealer, 29 Hadden st; house, Bonnymulr
Angus Thomas, ship master, 91 King st
Archibald James, carter, 7U Loch st
Archibald James, ship master, 3 Hawthorn teiTace
Archibald James, treasurer. Shipmasters' Society, 11 Regent quay
Archibald Robert, bootmaker, Ruthriestown
Argo Alexander, blacksmith, 70 Loch st: house, Causewayend
Argo Alexander, shopkeeper, 147 Gallowgate
Argo Margaret 0. flesher, 25 Causewayend
Arthur Arthur W. grocer, 59 Green
Arthur John, blacksmith, Kiug Street rd. Old Aberdeen
Arthur William, plasterer, 82 Skene st
Artillery Gymnasium, 60 Queen st
Asher James, merchant (J. Asher & Sons), 2 Springbank place
Asher James <t Sods, commission merchants & agents, 52 & 54
Asher Robert, merchant (J. Asher ife Sons}, 6 Dee place
Ashton Thomas, hairdi-esser, 23 Park st
Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor, 4 M'Combie's
court, Union st
Afiylnm for Orphan & Destitute Children, Huntly at

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