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The Names of the GENTRY and CLERGY immediately follow this List, forming a separate one in Alphahetici^
order. For Officials attached to the Public Buildings, Offi.ces, <&c., see list at end of Glas$iflcatio7i of Trades.
ABEL James, baker, 64 & 6Q Virginia st
Abel John, cattle dealer, 61 Hardgate
Abel William, shopkeeper, 117 Gallowgate
Aberdeen & North of Scotland Newspaper & Printing Company
Limited, 29 Adelphi
Aberdeen & Northern Connties Doraeatip & General Servants' Re-
gistry Otfice, 13 Belmont st
Aberdeen & Northern Friendly Society, 43 St. Nicholas st — George
Duncan, agent
Aberdeen Association for the Improvement of the Dwellinga of the
Labouring Classes, Limited, 7 Union terrace
Aberdeen Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Auirnals, 4
M'Combie's^court, Union st
Aberdeen Asylum for the Blind, 50 Huntly st — See advertUeinent
"Aberdeen,aantf,Kinoardine &. ITortUern Counties
Peoples' Journal " office, 30 xaas*>:^et st— William
Iilndsay, publislier
Aberdeen Banking Co. (Union Bank), 53 Castle st
Aberdeen Boat Club— Charles S. Gordon, secretary, 2 Garden ter
Aberdeen Book Agent & Colporteur Society, 1>'> St. Nicholas st
Aberdeen Cemetery Co. Limited, 177 Union st
Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce & North of Scotland Trade Pro-
tection Society, 137 Union st^James Tytler, secretary
Aberdeen Ohemical Light iManufaotory, 38 Jopps lane — William
Melvin, manager
Aberdeen Church of Scotland Training Colluge and Practising
School, George st
Aberdeen City Gaol, Lodge walk
Aberdeen Clothing Company, clothiers, 25}-z Broad st— G. W. M.
Walker, manager
Aberdeen Club, 3 Bridge st
Aberdeen Commercial Go. dealers in grain, lime, coal, bnnes.guano,
&c. Provost Blaikie's quay — Black & Copland, managers
Aberdeen Go-operative Building Co. Limited, 130 Union st — Hen-
derson & Cattanach, secretaries
Aberdeen Co-operative Coal Society Limited, Upper Quay— Ales.
Taylor, manager
Aberdeen Co-operative Property Investment Co. 76 Union st— John
Crombie, manager
Aberdeen Cricket Club, 8 Union terrace
Aberdeen Curling Club, VM\i Union st tUuion st
Aberdeen Discharged Prisoners' Aid Society, 4 JM'Coombe'a court,
Aberdeen District Tramways Co. 239 Union st
Aberdeen Female Orphan Asylum, Albyn place
Aberdeen Female School of Industry, North lodge, King st
"Aberdeen Tthq Press" (BaUy , " SZerald and
Weekly Tree Press" (on Saturday) office, 16
Broad st—Alexa£ider XUCarr, publis]t£er ; Xiondon
office, S4 j^^Ieet st. B.C.
Aberdeen Free Church Training College and Practising School,
George st [Guest row-
Aberdeen General Dispensary, Lying-iu & Vaccine Institution, 61
Aberdeen Golf Club, Linlis
Aberdeen Gymnasium Club, Bridge st
Aberdeen Harbour Life Boat stations, Links A Footdee
Aberdeen Heritable Securities Investment Co. Limited, City build-
insfs. Union st — John Muill, secretary — See advertisement
Aberdeen Hide, Skin & Tallow Market Co. Limited, Wales st — James
JMarshall, manager
Aberdeen Hospital for Sick Children, Castle terrace
Aberdeen Industrial School, Kosemount place & Skene square
Aberdeen Industrial School (female). North lodge, King st
Aberdeen Industrial School Association, Kosemount place and
Skene square
Aberdeen Institution, 9 North Silver st— William Rattray, teacher
"Aberdeen Journal & General Advertiser for the North of Scotland
(daily— weekly edition on Wednesday), 29 Adelptii^Stie advert -
Aberdeen Jute Spinning Co. Limited, Canal rd— William L. Aber-
dein, manager
Aberdeen Land A Heritage Valuation Offices, Inland Revenue Olnua
buildings, King st
Aberdeen Land Aaaociation, Limifceii,33 Adelphi— Edmonds & Mac-
queen, secretaries & treasurers
Aberdeen Lime Co. dealers In lime, coal, guano, crushed & dissolvea
bones, bone meal, superphosphates, sulphate of ammonia, uitrate
of soda and other manures, linseed cake, Aberdeen granite, &,c.
Provost Blaikie's quay— Morrison & Harvey, «i:^nagers— See adot
Aberdeen Market Company, 75 Uuiou st— Adam, Tliomson Sp Rpgs,
secretaries & law agents
Aberdeen Masonic Club, Exchange st
Aberdeen .V\=;nuic. Hall Co. Limited, 76 Union st
Aberdeen Medi.Mi i Chirurgical Society, Medical Hall, King at
Aberdeen Blicroacoijical Society, 77 Union st
Aberdeen Music Hall Co. Limited, 110 Union st; secretariee.Fraaer
& Duguid, advocates — See advertisement
Aberdeen Mutual Assurance & Friendly Society, 70 Upion s|t— John
Croinbie, C.A. secretary
Aberdeen, Newcastle »S; Hull Steamship Co. Limited,5i) i.il;4viiichal st
Aberdeen Parochial OiKue (St. Nicholas parish), 33 Oaatlt: si;
Aberdeen Philosopliical Society, University buildings
Aberdeen Property Investment Co. 14 St. Nicholas st— John Ulacal
dowie, manager
Aberdeen Public Hatha, D Crooked lane
Aberdeen Public Newsioom, Corn Exchange, Hadden s
Aberdeen Quill Co. 47 Queen st
Aberdeen Reformation Society, 13 St. Nicholas st
Aberdeen Rope oc Sail Co. Footdee— James Buyers, manager
Aberdeen Salmon Co. 146 Union st — Jopp & Reid, nianagerfi
Aberdeen School Board Office, 12 King st [manager
Aberdeen Sea Insurance Co. 55 Marischal st — James Aitken, juu_
Aberdeen Skating Club, 1233-2 Union st
Aberdeen Social Scieiioe Copgi'ess, Court Qouse buildings
Aberdeen Song School, 46?^ Union st
Aberdeen Steam Navigation Company, 87 Waterloo quay — Charlcd
Shepherd, manager
Aberdeen Tailoring Co. 56 School hill
Aberdeen Temperanct Society, 2 Correction wynd
Aberdeen Tent & Marquee Co. 133 Union st
Aberdeen Theatre & Opera House Co. Limited, 75 Union st
Aberdeen Town & County Banking Go. (head office), 6^ Union §t^r:
William Littlejohn, manager ; George L. Roiie, assistant piiaria-
ger; John Keith, secrtitary; James Ba'.chan & VViiliamLittlejqhn,
jun. inspectors of lirancheB ; George Roljertsou, accountant
Western Branch, 26:; Union st — Alexander Morrice, agent [ ijar-
bour Branch, 17 Regent quay— V»"illiam Leslie, ag3nt j Northern
Branch, 196 George st— Alexander Simpson Murray, agent-^See
Aberdeen Turkish Bath Establishment, 28)ii Crown st
Aberdeen University, Old Aberdeen
Aberdeen Volunteer Ai Lillery & Ride Association, 76 Union st
Aberdeen Young Ladies' Institution, 250 Union st — H. Krueger,
Aberdeen (1st) Rifle Volunteers' Drill Hall, 42 Blackfriars st
Aberdeen (3rd) Artillery Volunteers' Orderly Room, 60 Queen et
*' Aberdeen Weekly News" Office, 28 Schoolhill — Jas. Smith, publisher
Aberdeiu Alexander, traveUer, (j6 Holburn st
Aberdein Alexander, gLOcer & draper, 44 Holburn st
Aberdein Ann, lodging house, 22 Constitution st
Aberdein Jessie, shopkeeper, 5 Wales st
Aberdein Thomas, spirit dealer, 51 Frederick st
Aberdein William, manager, 5 Powis place
Abernethy James, engineer (J. A ' evnethy & C Ferryhill Oottago

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