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GARDENERS— contiJiited.
M'AusIane William, Inveresk
M'Dougall Thomas & Sou, Campie loan
Mum-o Alexander, Westholme Cottage
Scarlett Robert, Dalrymple loan
Scrymgeour Hy. Beggar's bush, West pans
Taylor Duncan, Newblgging
Taylor John, Midfield Cottage, Inveresk
Whytock Andrew, Victoria place
Wilson John, Monkton Hall
Adamson Christopher, 114 High st
Downie James, 62 High st
Forrest Stephen, 163 High st, F
Robertson Isabella, 11 High st
Rutherford John, 113 High st, F
Brown Alexander. Links place
Dow William (ball), Mill hiU
Dunn William, 8 Mill hill
Ferguson Kobeii, Mill hill
Hood Thomas, Mill liill
IWSwan Dougrlas ^ Son, nsill hill
Park AVilliam, Mill hiU
(See also Grocers and Spirit Dealers.)
Aitken Geori^e \ victual dealer),
SO Hi^h st, Fisfeerrow
Alexander John, New st, Fisherrow
Allan Elizabeth, 85 Newbigging
Archibald Helen, 13 Wonder st
Archibald Robert, 76 High st, Fisherrow
Aold Agnes, 52 Market st
Brodie Ann, Market st
Bjown James, Market st
Burnett Susan, 64 New st, Fisherrow
Caird Alexuuder, 54 New st, Fisherrow
Clark James, 40 High st
Co-operative Store (Musselburgh & Fisher-
row), 10 High st, Fisherrow— David Baxter,
Co-operative Store (Industrial), 25 Bridge st
— David Foote, manager
Cunningham Ann, 26 New st, Fisherrow
Currie Peter, 43 High st, Fisherrow
Dow John, 62 High st, Fisherrow
Downio Mary, High st, Fisherrow
Duncan AValter, 191 High st, Fisherrow
Gordon Michael, 48 High st, Fisherrow
Gordon Robert, Westpans
Henderson Thomas, 131 High st, Fisherrow
Hickman Thomas, 55 High st, Fisherrow
Hill Louisa, 150 High .st, Fisherrow
Hutt WilUam, 93 High st
Jenkins James, 45 New st, Fislierrow
Johnstone Laui-ence, High at, Fisherrow
M'Alpine Andrew, 4 Bush lane, Fisherrow
M*Hardy Elizabeth, 63 High st, Fisherrow
Mackerall Mary, 183 High st, Fisherrow
M'Lellan Elspeth, 75 Newbiggiug
IVIaxwell James, 193 High st, Fisherrow
Millar Thomas, 66 Kew st, FisheiTow
Mitchell James, 103 High st
Moffat Alexander, 106 High st
Montgomei'y Robert, 64 High st, Fisherrow
Newlands John R. 147 High st
Newton James. Wallyford House, Levenhall
Purves Agnes, 53 New st, Fisherrow
Ramage Robert, 27 Wonder st
Roberton William, 113 High st
Scott Mary, Links place
Smith James, 107 High st
Stanley George, 76 High st, Fisherrow
Stewart Donald, 80 Newbigging
Watson Elspeth, 187 High st. Fisherrow
Watt William S. 179 High st, Fisherrow
Welsh William, 45 Market st, Fisherrow
White John 1 Bridge st
Whitulaw Edward, Mill hill
Whitson Magdalen, 18 Newbigging
(See also the preceding List, and also Vintners
and Spirit Dealers.)
Archibald Euphemia, 13 High st, Fisherrow
Archibald Robert, 76 High st, Fisherrow
Banks Thomas, 33 New st, Fisheixow
Beattie Robert, 32 Bridge st
Black Richard, Blill hiU
Blackie William, 108 Newbigging
Brown Ann. r>l T^Iarket st. Fishen-ow
Clappertou Alexander, ill High st
Craven Janet, Eskside
Dickson Robert, 69 High st
Fearns George, 82 High st
Fiudlav John, High st, Fisherrow
Hi Witt Josiah. 203 & 205 High st, Fisherrow
Hume Thomas, 102 & 106 High st, Fisherrow
Kemp John & Co. 25 High st
Leitch John, 47 High st
Blillar Thomas, 94 Newbigging
Neish James, 144 High st, Fisherrow
Robertson John, 63 High st
Stirling Brotters, High st
Tosh John, 149 High st, Fisherrow
Murray John, 61 High st
Taylor Andrew, 143 High st, Fisherrow
Eraser John, 119 High st
Grieve John, 2 Bridge st
Nisbet George, 56 High st
Robertson Catherine, Newbigging
Bisset Andrew, South vennel, Fisherrow
Bisset James, South vennel, Fisherrow
Brown James L. Newbigging
Edward John, 111 Newbigging
Harper David, 151 High st
Keir Peter (shipwright), Westbush
Maxwell George, Campie loan
Ritchie James, Herkes loan
Ronald James J. 169 High st, Fisherrow
Sandiland Walter, Moffat Park Cottage,
Millar "W. St. ^.BT«w St. Fisherrow
Tennant James, Dalrymple loan
Wilkie James & Alexander, High st
Ahson Peter, 117 High st
Begg Agnes, 104 High st
Bisset James, 30 Bridge at
Elythe Robert, 80 High st
Co-operative Store (Musselburgh & Fisher-
row), 10 High st, Fisherrow
Croll John, 12fi High st, Fisherrow
Henderson Isabella, 16 Bridge st
Kirsopp William, 84 High st
M'Claru John, 50 High st
Ronald E. & J. 65 High st, Fisherrow
Walls John, 125 High st
Wood George W. High st, Fisherrow
Anderson James, Westpans
Andrews Marion J. 71 Market st
Baillie Lockhart, 4 High st
Binning Jane, 18 High st
Hume Margaret, 7 Mill hill
Jack Mrs. — , 31 Esk side
Lamb Janet, 25 Esk side
Nicholson Margaret, 17 Esk side
Purves Jane, 25 Eskside
Robertson Jane, Market st
White Marion, Levenhall
Lawson James, West Mills
Somerville Robert, Steam Mills, Mill hill
Chalmers Alexander, Melville House, F
M^Kenzie Peter, ilollando House, Fisherrow
Bloffat Mrs. Euiihcmia, Newbigging House
Thomson Mrs. — , Whitehouse, Inveresk
Campbell, Brown & Dudgeon (linseed oil and
cake), Westbush Mill, Fisherrow
Cowan & Co. (fibre), Esk Vale— Robert C.
Menzies, manager
Esk Glass Bottle Works Co.— George Beith,
Ferguson Robert (sheepskin mat). Mill hill
Gavin Peter & Sons (sailcloth and rope), Mill
hill, and at Leith Rope Works, Leith —
See advertisement
Gray W. (stonewai-e). West vennel
Grieve John (salt), Pinkie Works
Legat John & Co. (glue). High st
Slackay & Co, (oil). New st, Fisherrow
^^illar "yj". &. 3". "^e-w st. Fisherrow
Mitchell Thos. (sheepskin mat), Musselburgh
l^iddock, ':UirakeliQ & Co. (seed
crushers , Xhe Xiinks
Stuart J. & W. (patent net and twine),
Allan Helen, Blinkbonny
Breckinridge Christina, 122 Newbigging
Burns Margaret, 88 High st
Crearer Catherine & Margaret, 24 Bridge st
Day Ellen, 17 Bridge st
Dewar Margaret, High st, Fisherrow
Hunter Sarah, 30 Market at
M'Alpine Sarah, 24 High st
Bell Colin, 195 High st, Fisherrow
Bisset Robert. Market st, Fisherrow
Cooper Francis, 82 Esk side
Handasydo Thomas, Glen Nurseries
M'Dougall Thomas & Son (and florists),
Campie loan
AUan George, High st, Fisherrow
Clarlt David, 145 High st
Kirk Mauchline, 129 High st, Fisherrow
Lawson A. & S. 112 High st
Sandilands Richard, 75 High st
Steeples William, 78 High st, FiaheiTow
Stewart Alexander, 28 Bridge st
Currie John (and gasfltter), 121 High st, F
Henderson & Gordon (and gasBtters),' 29
Bridge st
Sandilands Richard (& gasfltter), 122 High st
Henderson Andrew, 55 High st
Sawers George, 201 High st, Fisherrow
gtagg John, SO High st
Bell Colin, 195 High St. Fisherrow
Brooks WiUiam, 36 High at, Fisherrow
Dunlop John (and plasterer), Newbigging
Hall John, 10 Dudgeon's land
M'Ewan John & Sons, Grove Cottage
Roberts H. & Son, 78 Market st
Gray W. A. S. M.D. Newbigging Lodge
Laurie George, 38 Bridge st
Sanderson Alexander M. 21 Bridge st
Scott Thomas m.d. 13 High st
Thomson Thom.is, p.e.c.s.e. Shepherd
House, Inveresk
Marked thus 1 are also Clothiers.
tAnderson Peter, 124 High st
Brooks James, 57 High st
Clark Adam, 16 Wonder st
Fair Andrew, 112 High st
Hope John, 86 High st
Kinghorn John, High st, Fisherrow
Wood George, High st, Fisherrow
Legat John & Co. MiU hill
niillar 'William and James, ITew
st, Fislierro-w
Tennant James, DaU'ymple loan
Wilkie James & Alexander, High st
. I ■ >■-•
Brown James S. 167 High st
Gibscn Henry, 67 High st
Neilson Janet, 95 High st
Grey Alexander, Ivy Cottage, the Links
Mitchell James, 103 High st
See (rvocers and Shoph-eepeis.
Aitken Barbara, 102 High st
Archibald Agnes, 161 High st
Banks Thomas (Sea View Inn), Fisherrow
Black David 133 High st, Fisherrow
Blair Thomas (Railway Tavern), 131 High st
Elvtbe Margaret. 78 High st
Delgaty James (Thistle Tavern), 52 High st
Dudgeon WiUiam, 154 High st, Fisherrow

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