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FusHiE Bridge is a neat village, io the parish of aud about one
mile from Borthwick, and Ave from Dalkeith. At tUi8 village is a
station on the line above mentioned. Aboui a mile to the north is
the village of Stobbs Mill, lying partly in Borthwick pariah and
partly in that of Temple.
Carbington.— This small parish lies in the southern part of the
county, on the descending braea which, at their summit, divide the
district from the wilds of Peebles-shire. The village Is pleasantly
situated on elevated land, nine and a hall miles south-east from
Edinburgh, and consists of but a few houses and the kirk. Though
not unfavourable to the growth of corn, the soil is more particularly
adapted to that of the potato and green crops ; coal is wrought in
abulidance, and there is also an indication of ironstone. Prior to
the Reformation this parish had tlie valuable peculiarity of being a
rectory independent of any monastery. The parish embraces an
area of 4,403 acres, and in 1371 had a population of 712.
Post 0FFIC£, Gobebridge. Thomas Wickham, Post itfrts/«r.— Letters from all parts arrive {from Edinburgh) at ten minutes
past seven and half past ten morning, and are despatched at twelve noon, four afternoon, and five evening.
*.M* Letters for Borthwick, Temt>le, Heriot, Stobbs Mill, and Cairington should be addressed by Gorebridqe.
Money Order and Telegraph Ofice and Savi7ig3 Bank.
Post Office, Heriot, Thomas Elder, Post Master. — Letters arrive from all parts at twenty-flve minutes past seven morning, andt
are despatched at twenty-two minutes past four afternoon.
Post Office, Stow, A. M'Intyre, Post Mistress —Letters from all parts arrive (from Edinburgh) at eight inoniing afad ten minuteB
to five evening, and from Galashiels and Lauder (local mail) at thirty-five minutes past seven evening ; and are despatched to Edinburgh
at twenty-one minutes past eleven morning and thirty-seven minutes past six evening, and to Galashiels and Lauder at half-past seven
Money Order and Telegraph O^ce ayid Savings Bank.
Post Office, Temple, Agnes Dalgleish, Po»( Mis (re«fl.— Letters are despatched to all parts at forty-five minates past one afternoon;
Baillie BIr. Thomas, Stow
Borthwick John, Esq. Crookstone, Heriot
Brown James, Esq. Currie House, Gore-
Brown Mr. John, Bell's mains, Gorebridge
Brown Kev. John F, Heriot Manse
Bryden Rev. Thomas N. Stow
Callander Rev. William G. m.a. Stobhill
Manse, Gorebridge
Colvin Mrs. Margaret, Torquhan, Stow
Core Rev. William G. Carrington Manse
Cranstoun Geo. C.T. Esq. Harvieston House,
Darling Miss Betsy, Ash Lee, Stow
Darling Bliss Janet, Ash Lee, Stow
Dewar Colonel Alexander C. Vogrie House
Dickaoa BJrs. EUza, Pirn and Bank House,
Duncan Rev. James, Temple
Dundas Rol'ert, Esq. j.p. Arniston House
Forsyth Rev. Thomas, Gorebridge
Frier BIrs. Christina, Catpair, Stow
Gentles BIr. George, Fushiebrae House,
Inglis Henry, Esq. Torsonce, Stow
Johnston Sir William, Kirkhill
Lee Mr. Alexander, Lee Mount, Stow
M' Alpine Rev. Alexander G. Gorebridge
M'Dooald BIrS. Grace, Grace Mount, Stow
McGregor BIr. Duncan, m.d. Capielaw House,
Carrington [Ford
M'Kenlay the Blisses — .Newlandburn House,
M'Laren James, Esq. Cragdale Cottage, Stow
Macfie David J. Esq. Borthwick Hall, Gore-
bridge [bridge
Martin BIr. Thomas, Eastwood House, Gore-
Mercer James, Esq. Cockholmbank, Stow
Mercer Walter Esq. Stow
Pendreigh James, Esq. Catcune House,
Pringle James T. Esq. Torwoodlee, Stow
Pringle John, Esq. m.d. Symington House,
Stow [House
Ramsay Robert Balfour W. Esq. AVhitehill
Richardson Mr. Alexander, Castleton, Gore-
, bridge [bridge
Ritchie William,Esq.BIiddleton House, Gore-
Robertson Rev. John BI. Stow Blanse
Scott Colonel Alnxander, Bowland, Stow
Scott BIrs. Jessie, Sunnybank, Stow
Smith Rev. Theophilus, Temple Blanse
Stair the Right Hon. Earl of,Oxenford Castle
Tait Mr. William, Piim, Stow
Waddell Rev. Walter, Borthwick Blanse
Weatherstone Mr. John, Greenhall, Gore-
Wilson Mr. Adam, Esperston, Gorebridge
Wilson Mr. Alexander, Esperston, Gorebridge
Wilson Rev. John, U.P. Manse, Stow
Wilson BIrs. George (for Arniston Coal Co.)»
Duncan Archibald, Gorebridge
Jamieson John, Stow
Ruthven John, Stobhill, Gorebridge
Stewart — , Stow
Baillie Andrew, The Green, Gorebridge
Bathgate Robert, Carringtoli
Bertram John, Stow
Bruce James, South Middleton
Campbell Angus (and veterinary surgeon),
Caitha, Stow
Cochrane Jolin, Roseberty
Cochrane William, Castleton
Dick John, Fountainhall, Stow
Donaldson Archibald and Alexauder,Cloven-
fords, Stow
Fortune James, Arniston, Gorebridge
Gilchrist Charles, Clayhouses, Gorebridge
Grossert James, Sandyknowea, Heriot
Walker Alexander, Stagebank, Stow
White John, Toxside
Wilson Joseph, Stow
Sanderson Robert {and sub-distributor of
stamps). Stow
Scougall William, Gorebridge
Chisholm James, Stow
Hogg Alexander, Gorebridge
I Reid Thomas, Gorebridge
' Russell James, Temple
j Smith George, Stow
' Whitie James, Gorebridge
Arniston Coal Company, Limited, Gore-
bridge— Robert Clark, manager
Academies & schools.
Free Church Schools, Stobhill— William
aiitchell, master
PtJBLic Schools :—
Boi-thwick— Robert Warden, master
Borthwick (Heritors' Girls' School) — Blaria
Stevenson, mistress
Caitha — James Chisholrae, master
Carrington— Charles Kirkwood, master
Fountainhall— William H. Cook, master
Heriot — George Simpson, master
Stobhill — Thos. Ferguson, master; Susan
Street, mistress ; Elizabeth J. Scott,
tfiistreas of infants' school
Stow (Infants')—Margaret White, mistress
Stow — William Adam, master
Temple — James Low, master
Toxside— Miss Strachan, mistress
Subscription School, Newlandrigg— Miss
BuBSell, mistreBS
See under the head Joiners and also Stone
Masons and Builders.
Duncan David, Gorebridge
Hill James BI. Stow
Abniston Coal CoMPANy, Limited, Gore-
bridge— Robert Clark, manager
Pennicuick, Gibb, Hogg & Co. Vogrie Col-
liery, Gorebridge
Easton the Misses — ,Beirs mains.Gorebridge
Hoggart Elizabeth, Stow
Houston Christina, Gorebridge
Mitchell Janet, Stow
Phin Agnes, Stow
Pringle Margaret, Stow
Smith Alison, Stow
Thorburn Mrs. — , Stow
Abernethy Peter, Blackhope, Heriot
Aitchison James, Bliddletown, Stow
Alexander Robert, Blaudalie, Temple
; Alison Thomas, Woudhead, Ford
■ Allan David & Thomas, Crumside, Stow
Allan David &. Thomas, Windydoors, Stow
i Allan George, Tower Dean Temple
[ Archibald John, Overahiels and Nether-
shiele, Stow
' Baillie Alexander, Girdyhowes
' Baillie J. & A. Newlandburn
1 Bell Thomas, Cortleferry, Stow
I Bishop Robert, Toxside, Gorebridge
I Carruthers John, Torsonce mains, StoW
Cossar Charles, Heriot town
1 Cowan BIrs. — , Halfiawkiln Gorebridge
' CricUton James, Parduvine, Carrington
Croall John, Redheughs, Borthwick
Cunningham Robt. & Wm. Carrington Mill
Currie James, Halkerstone
Currie James, jun. Yorkstone, Gorebridge
Dalgleish Geo. Roseberry mains, Gorbridge
Dickson William, Stow
Dunn James, Fala hill, Heriot
Dunn John & Andrew, Laidlawsteel, Stow
Elliot Andrew T. Newhall, Stow
Elliot Thomas, Blackhaugh, Stow
Ferrier Findley O. Tynehead
Gardner George, Carrington bams
Garvie Adam, Plenploth, Stow
Gemmell William, Braidwood, Gorebridge '
Gibson Thomas, Ferniehurst, & Torwoodlee,
Govenlock Robert, Raeshaw, Heriot
Graham John, Crookston, North mains. Stow
Grant William & Thomas, Dryburn, Stow
Hall Thomas, Crosslee & Caitha, Stow
Harper Bliss — , Gladhouse Blill, Temple
Harper Robert, Bluirhouse, Stow
Herdman George, Loguhariot, Borthwick
Herdman Thomas A. Vogrie mains
Hogg Charles, Symington mains. Stow
Hogg Robert, Halltree, Stow
Inglis Alex. A. & Peter, Roseberry, Tempi*
Inglis James, Brothershiels, Heriot
Johnston Thomas, Whitburgh, Ford
Lawrence James, Caddon Mill, Stow
Lawrie James, Michelston, Stow
Lawrie Thomas. Esperston. Temple
Leithead Ann & James, Bow, Stow
Lumsden John R. Fountainhall, Stow
Lyal William, Caddonlee, Stow
Mark John, Craigend, Stow
MaxweU William, Arniston mains
Noble Alex. & Robt. Shewington, Carrington
Pate Andrew, Easter Bliddleton
Pate Thomas, Wester BUddletou
Pendreigh James, Rodeamains & Harvieston
mains. Gorebridge
Plenderltigh Archibald, Bluirfoot, Temple
Plenderleith William, Cauld Hall, Carrington
Preston William, Toxsidehill, Gorebridge
Pringle John. Garvald. Heriot
Pringle William, Huutillecote, Temple
Renwick Gideon, Watherston, Stow
Ritchie John, Currie mains
Robertson Jaa, Nether Brotherston, Heriot
Rutherford Robert & George, Stobbs mains.
Scott David, Heriot mill
Simpson Robert, Edgelaw, Carrington
Simpson Thomas, Redside, Carrington
Simpson Wm. Broachrigg, Carrington
Smart Alexander, Bowshank, Stow
Snow John, Pirntaiton, Stow
Stewart John, Nettlingflat & CakemirhiH,
Stewart Thomas, Brockhouse, Stow
Swan Edward, Mountskip, Gorebridge
Tait Wm. Stoueaeld Hill, Carrington
Taylor James, Wright's houses, Gorebridge
Tod Alexander, Aitkendean, Carrington
I'od ^Thomas, Carrington mains

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