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seventeenth century, consiets of a body and two wings, with orna- %*ithiu the parish. There is also an extens ve manuractory for fire-
mentsof the Corinthian order in front, and may be termed rather bricks and sewage pipes, which, together with the coal mmea, employ
ft tfood and substantial than an elegant house. Tbo park contains a large popuhition. There is a handaonie church belonging to the
about 800 Scottish, or l.OJO English acres {surrounded by a stone parish and some useful schools-those for children of the coltieriea
ti^auTadorned with much fine wood, and beautified by the windings are well conducted, and have a very beneficial tendency. Population
of the two rivers Esk. The hall, the grand staircase, and the several in 1871, 1.181. '..,.„ ■ .u ., -, -
Buites oTapSents within ai'e spacious, elegantly tinished, and; Mii.lek Hill is tho principal village m ,the pari^sh, and _ie a
enriched by a valuable collection of paiutiugs. His late Majesty,'
' station on the Edinburgh and Dalkeith branch of the North British
-the latter situated about a
1 likewise abounds with coal. The
the Duke of Buccleuch. ' Fai7s a"re held Rnnuaiiy on the iirst Thurs- [ church is a plain substantial building, and adjoining to it is the
dVy after Rutheigl^^^^^^ May), for horses, &c., on the third Tuesday 1 minister's residence. Newbattle Abbey, the seat of the Marquis
in October for cattle, Ac, last Thursday in February for hiring, first; of Lothian, stands in the centre of an extensive domain several
Thursday in April, and second ThuJeday in October for hiring, miles in circumference. The mansioa is venerable and has histo-
PopXtiL of the parish in 1871, 7,667; and of the towu of rical a.Rociatious of some interest. There is a well-attended paro-
Dnlk th rw v**^"" *" ^""' "" •' I chiaU^-liool, and at Newton Grange are handsome school premises
Newton ifa parish of some considerable extent, contiguous to erected by the munificence of t^^
Dalkeith on the south, having Lasswade and Liberton on the west the colliers' children of the district are instructed. Popolation m
nnd north, and Inveresk on the east. Coal is obtained abundantly 1 1871, 2,902.
POST Office:, Tait street, James M'Phereon. Post itfosffi)'.— Deliveries, by letter carriers, at half-past seven morning, nine
mornintz (to calleral. auavter-uast one afternoon, and live evening. , , r. i ^- i ^ , ,
Letters ai4 despatched to Gorebridge, Blackshiels, and Upper Keith at half-past sis morning; to Ford, ^ewtongrange, Cousland,
flndSrmil at hallm^^^^ morning to Ford at nine morning; to Edinburgh at ten minutes before twelve morning; to Edin-
bSrgh, London, and all ^ twenty minutes past three afternoon; to Edinburgh and East of England at twenty minutes past seven
evening; to Edinburgh, &c. at half-past nine evening.
Letters are dehvered on Sunday to callers from eight to ten morning. , , . ,, ,
Money Order and Telegraph O^cc and f^avings hank.
Sns Po^T Offices in Dalkeith Delivery.— Newfcongrauge, James Graham; Miller Hill, J. Pendrldge; Cousland, M. M* Alpine;
Ford, J Wa L?; SLhielst A Arc" ibald; Upper Keith, M. D. Kenton; Gorebridge, Thomas U^ckham ; Horiot John Simpson.
Telegrams are received and sent to all iarts from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on week days, and on Sunday from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.
, Grieve Mr. David, Hobart House, Eskbank Thomson Uev. William, Eskbauk
I Haldane Mr. James, Woodburn Tindal Mr. G. F. Glebe Cottage
Hamilton Claude H. Esq. Preston Hall Houso Tod Mr. James, Eskbank House
Henderson Mr. James Lee, Hartford House, Tod Mr. John, Ormisbank
Aitken Miss J. Edinburgh road
Alison Thomas, Esq.j.p. Kosehill [sie mains
Anderson J. Still, Esq. (of Whiteside), Dalhou-
Anderson Mrs, — , White Hart st
Anderson W. P. Esq. Hazel Bank
Baird Sir James Gardiner, Ednionatone
Balgarnie Mrs. Marian, Back st
Ballantyne Mr. Alexander, M.D.Orford House,
Ediuburgh road
Ballantyne John, Esq. Buccleuch place
Ballantyne John, juu. Esq. Glebe Lodge
Bannerman Rev. D. D. m.a. Free Church
Manse, Eskbank
Bell MiB. — , Lothian bank
Bird Miss Margaret, 163 High st
Blaikie Mr. Robert, Parkside place
Blanshard Mrs. — , Jayville, Eskbauk
Bianshard Mr. Thomas. Jayville, Eskbank
Borthwick Mrs. ~, 8 Eskfplace
Bowers Mr. William, Newmills road
Bowes Miss M. 27 West Glebe
Bowes Mrs. — , 3 Lothian bank
Boyd Mrs. — , Lothian hank, Eskbank
Boyd Mr. Robt M. Waudslio Cottage, Eskbauk
Erodie Miss — , Palmerston Villa
Brodie Mrs. — , Stonefield, Eskbank
Brodie Mr. Jphn Alexander, Hollybush
Buccleuch and Queeusberry His Grace the
Duke of, Dalkeith House
Bubhby Rev. William B. ii.A. Lugton
Cameron Sir. Alexander, Sheriff Hall
Cameron Miss C. S. Sheriff Hall House
Chapman Misses — , 5 Lothian bank
Chisholm Mr. John, Weatwood, Eskbauk
Clark Mr. Robert, Millbank House
Corbett Mr. Thomas, Eskbank Cottage
Cotter Colonel George Sackville, Berwick
Lodge, Eskbank
Orrtig Mr. David, Miller Hill
Craig James, Esq. Beechwood VilIa,E8kbank
Craig Robert, Esq. Craigesk
Davidson Mr. James, Mill hill
Dawson Mr. Ebenezer, Glenesk House
Dawson Mr. James, Glencairn House
Dickson Mr. William, Maryville, Eskbank
Dobbie Mrs. — , Campend
Dodds Mr. John (factor to tho Earl of Stair),
Craustown. Riddel
Dods Mr. Archibald, Iron mills
Dove David, Esq. Waverley Cottage,Eskbank
Douglas Mr. Abraham, Mayfield, Newbattle
Douglas Mr, George, Eskbank
Douglas Mr. James. Eskbank [Ks]tbank
Dudgeon Mr. Robert C. Beechwood Villa,
Dun Mr, J. (of Gilston), Gilstuu Lodge, Esk-
Duncan Mrs. — , Meadow Bank Huuse
Duncan Mr. James B. Meadow Bank House
Eaeterbrook Mr. Thomas, Bellfii^ld, Eskbank
Ferguson Rev. Fergus, U.P. Church Manse
Flint Mr. A. South Melville
Flint Mr. J. South MelviUe [bank
Forbes Mr. Alexander. Islay Cottage, Esk-
Forsyth Mrs. — , Glebe Bank House
Gibson Mrs. — , Westtield. Cousland
Gibson Mr. Thomas, Ashton, Eskbank
Goldie Misses Margaret & Isabella. Eskbank
Gordon Rev. Thomas, d.d. Newbattle Manse
Gordon Mr. Alexander, Thorniebank
Gowan Rev. Anthony Thomson, d.d. West-
field place
^^ Gray Mr. George, Murravville. Eskbauk
Gray James. Esq. 118 High st
Gray Mr. John, Kl-n Lodge, Eekbank
Hewat Mr. Henry, Wesifield Lodge
Hogg Mr. Robert, Westonville
Home Mr. David, Woolmet House
Hunter Rev. Andrew, m.a.b.d. Bellevuo place,
Irving Mr. Duncan, Eskbank terrace [battle White Mrs. J. Laurel ViUa, Glebe
Johnstone Rev. J. P. Roanhead House, Now- , Wight Mr. Robert, Buccleuch st
Jones Mr. Walter, Tuit st Wilson Mr. WiUiam, The Elms, Eskbauk
Kennedy Mr. William John, Eskbank [rd Wishart Mr. James, jun. Eskbank
Lamb Mr. James, Westfield House, Lasswade Wright Rev. Robert, d.d. The Manse
Twine Miss — , Glebe Bank Cottage
Waldie Mrs. — , Ednam Cottage
Watson Mr. James, Newbattle Abbey
Wauchope Sir John Don, Newtuu House,
Welsh James, Esq. f.r.c.s.e. 92 High st
Lamont Rev. James, West Church Manse
Landers Mr. Henry W. Appin Lodge, Eskbank
Lindsay Mr. J. Eskbank grove
Lothian the Most Noble the Marquis of, New-
battle Abbey
Lowrie Miss Margaret, Bank Head
Lucas Mr. Robert, m.d.c.m. Buccleuch et
Lyle the Misses — . Rosebank Villa, Eskbauk
Lyle Mrs. Juhn, Westfield place
M 'Alpine Mr. William, Bryan's
M'CuUoch Mr. Robert, Lothian terrace
Macfarlane Mrs. — , Eskbank
M'Gregor Rev. Malcolm, Newton Manse
M'Gregor Mr. Robert, 7 Lothian bank
M'Intosh Rev, Duncan. 44 Back st
M'Lannahan Mr. Jas. Oriel Cottage, Eskbauk
Main Mr. William, High st
Marshall Lieutenant General Hubert,
Newton House
Marshall Mr. Robert Burt, Lugton House
Meikiejon John, Esq. Westland House
Young Miss — , Sheriff Hall
Not otherwise described are Day SoJiuol.s.
AitKen Jane W. 51 Back st
Blaikie Mrs. — , RosehiU, EskljiUjIt
Buccleuch School, Whifccbill — Jam^s
Deans, teacher
Buccleuch Schools (Infautsi'f, EdiuburyU
road — Miss Shaw, teacher
CoLLiEity School, Easthouses — MariL-n
Noble, teacher
CoLLLEKY School,
Munro, mistress ;
Cranstoun School — Robt. Haiiton, master
: Eduonstone School — Emily Jane Claston,
Newton Orange— ^iics
Ann Giii'diier, lutiiulti'
— .. . ^ mistress
MelviUe the Right Hon.Lord, MelviUe Castle I Episcopal Schools, High at— Samuel T.
MitcheU Alexander, Esq. 77 High st
MitcheU James, 77 High et
Morton Rev. John. Westfield place
Muir Mrs. — , Parkend House, Eskbauk
Mushet Mrs. — , Glenareh House
Musbet William, Esq. Fairfield House
Baldry and Elizabeth Baldry, teachers
I Fraser Miss G, Oxeuford Lodgu
I High School, High st— William Young,
I rector; Miss M'Intosh, mistress
I Mutter Mary &: Margaret, 5.5 Buck st
Newton School — John Macfarlane, m.istor
NeiU Mr. Alexander, 8 West wynd [bank , Tahochial School, Newbattle— David Dun-
j Paterson Miss Isabella, Ellon Cottage, Esk- l i^p^ master and registrar and session clerk
Paterson Mrs. Mary, Meadow Spot, Eskbank Parochial School, Newton— George Riacb,
Patterson Richard, Esq. High st j master
Pirrie Mr, WiUiam, Lotliian Lodge, Eskbank ! Reid William H. Relief Place Academy
Porteous Mr. James, Laurel bank
Porteous Mr. WiUiam, Laurel bank
Purselt Miss Jessie, Glebe bank
Reid Mr. John, Alicevale, Eskbank
Romans Mr. John R. Newton Grange House,
Ronald Mr. John, Prestonholm
Russell Mrs. — , Eskbank terrace
RuseeU Mr. Patrick C. 67 High st
Scott the Misses — . Justinlees
Scott Miss Agnes. Parkside place [ler Hill
Seton Mr. George, Longtlioru House, Mil-
Setuu Mr. George. Sheriff HaU, Mains
Shaw Mrs. — , Bridge end
Smith Mrs. George, RosehiU
Smith Rev. George S. Cranstoun Manse
Smith Mr. Thomas, Justinlees, Eskbank
Somerville Mr, Robert, Westburne
Sessional Schools. High st — Miss Ivello,
Stair the Earl of, Oxenford Castle, Ford
Stewart Mrs. D. 10 West glebe
Stewart Mr. James, jun. Dalkeith House
Sturrock Mr. Thomas, West glebe
S>mingtou Miss — , 9 Esk place
Taylor Mr. Andrew, Wood Brae, Eskbank
Taylor Mr. Thomas. Midfield, Eskbank
Thomson the Misses Margaret and Jessie,
Ivy Lodge
Thomson Mr. Robert. Avenue Villa, Eskbank
Anderson David (coal), 18 West wynd
Anderson William P. (for Stuhbs' Trade
Protection ; Craig's Trade Protection
Offices : and Dalkeith BuUding and In-
vestment Co.), White Hart st
Garment John (to " Anchor " line of
steamers, and to Burlington & Missouri
Railroad Co.), 96 High st
1 Douglas George & Son (guano, manure aud
oil cake), 21" South st
[parish King John B. Harden greeu
Paterson James (bon^e), 36 High st
Wilson Robert (house), Fairfield pi, Croft st
Dods Archibald (and live stock salesman),
Dalkeith Auction Mabt— See oAvi
Morton John, 5 South at
J 97

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