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AB.CHITECTS— continued.
Hay Jobu Charles (and c.e.), lOSLauristonpI
Hiiy WiiUam, 17 Hill 3t
Henderson Peter L. 21 Oxford st
Heron James, 7 St. Andrew square
Kemp George, 19S Eoimington road
Leadbetter Charles, 47 North Castle et
LeKSels John, 5U George st
Lyle George A. S Antigua st [Victoria st
M'CulIoch & Fairley, 1 India buildings,
BI'Fadzen Thomas B. 19 St. Andrew sq
MacGibbon & Rosa, 89 George st
M'Lauhlan John, 2 Queen st
M'Tavish Alexander, 5 Valleyfield st
MiitbcBon Robert. Parliament square
Meldrum Robert, 17 Blackwood crescent
Moffatt Wm. Lambio, 12 North St. David st
Morbam Robert, jun. 11 Royal Exchange
Morton 'William S. &. Co. £»alry
Notman William, Northfield Cottage, Now-
haveu road
Patersou John, 21 St Andrew square
Paterson E. & Son, 10 South Hanover st
Peddie & Kinnear, 3 South Charlotte st
Peddie Thomas, 80 Balmoral place
Pilkington & Bell, 2 Hill st
Raeburn Robert R. 21 Pitt st
Rhind David, 54 Great King st
Robertson David, 12 Queen st
Rochead J T. 19 Morniugside place
Sey Charles R. 5 Hanover st
Shiells R. Thornton, 65a George st
Smith George, Burley Lodge,York rd. Trinity
Smith John K. 7 Gardner's crescent
Spence John, 5 Lothian road
Starforth John, 37 York place
StecU William, 9 Randolph place
Stewart & Menzies, 13 Young st
Sutherland & Walker, 63 Hanover st
Thomson James M. 23 Lauriston gardens
Tosh John, 8 Wardie avenue, Fen-y road
Walker James C. 2 North East Circus place
Wardi'op & Reid, 19 St. Andrew st
Whitelaw John, 118a George st
Wight John, 26 Hamilton place
Wilson Robert, 2 Queeu st
Gilmore John, 6 North bridge
Levine Henrietta, 41 George st
XVI'K.ay lUCrs. C.«Sc. Son ii;?ax, paper
flowers, &. fruit makers, ferns,
wreaths, &.c.)< 17 Srou^liaDi st
Melles, Jones, Reid & Co. 51 North bridge —
Alexander M'Rae, representative
Roberts, Brothers & Co.26 George st — William
B. Conuchie, agent
Stevenson Margaret, 121 George st
Sugden, Son & Nephew, j51 North bridge —
Robert Russell, agent
Yarrow Samuel, 13 North St. Andrew st
Gardner James, 45 South bridge
Hilliard Harvey, 7 Nicolson st
Ruddiman John, 80 Leith st
Young Archibald, 58 North bridge
Stuart <&. Co. (and manufacturers
ofseleuitic cemeatj, 8 Tbomas
(See aho Painters— Animal, Historical, Land-
scape, Miniature, and Portrait— and Photo-
Abercrombie John B. 1 Erskine place
Adam J. Denovan, 1 Alva st
Aikmau Georye, 51 York place
Archibald Jauii^s, SSCuusewayslde
Arnst Adam, 40 Great King st
Barrie WilLam, 84 & 100 Constitution st, L
Bell R. P. 10 North St. Andrew st
Blair John, 4 Picurdy place
Bleier Henry, 16 Picardy place
Bough Samuel, 2 Hill st
Brewster Andrew S. 25 Albany st
Brewster David, 25 Albany st
Brown Beattie, Queen st
Brown Thomas, 3 Castle teri'ace
BucUner Alfred, 19 St. Patrick square
Burton Mungo, 19 Leopold place
Cameron Hugh, 12 Queen st
Chalmers G. Paul, 51 York place
Clark Thomus, 12 Castlo terace
Cteland Peter. 16 India st
Davidson J 'iin, 2 West Lauriston place
Doag as WiHiam F|,r.s.a. Tl Coates creaosut
Df un^ttoad Ja mes, e.s.a. B Eoyai ores
Eagle M. 8 North bridge
Edmondson Samuel, 63 North bridge
Erskino W. C. C. 6 North Charlotte st
Farquharson David, 16 Picardy place
Faiquharson Joseph, 5 Eton terrace
Ferguson Walter, 36 George st
Ferrier George S. 30 Danube st
Fortie John, 2 Sonth Charlotte st
Fraser Ale:;ander, 27 Castlo terrace
Frier Harry, 51 Hanover st
Gibb Robert, 18 Picardy place
Gray George, 51 York ijlaco
Halkerstone Charles, 7 West Preston st
Hay Alexander, 12 Oxford st
Hay George, 12 Queen st
Hei'dman Robert, 12 Bruntsfleld crescent
Heron James, 7 St. Andrew square
Hodder Charles D. 18 Lonsdale terrace
Hole William B. 18 Picardy place
Korsbur^ii John, 3.31 Princes st
Kinnear James, 34 Hanover st
Lees Charles, 19 Scotland st
Leggct Alexander, 6 Howe st
Leyde Otto T. S Douglas crescent
Lockhart W.E. a.rs.a 9 Chamberlain road
Logan R. F. 4 Picardy place
Macbeth Norman, 28 Saxe-Coburg place
M'Donald J. B. a.h.s.a. 1 Alva st
Macdonald James L. 8 Balfour st
Mackay Alexander S. IS Cornwall st
Mackay James M. 29 North Bruutsfield place
Mackay Robert. 3 Great King st
M'Kay William D. 20 Picardy place
May James, 12 Panmure place
Melville Arthur, 16 Picardy place
Mitchell G. G. 3 Gladstone place
Napier JaraesB. 5 Sylvan place
Nisbet H. Hume, 17 James st
Niabet Pollock S. 21 Broughton st
Ogilvy James, 1 Star bank
Oswald John H. 28 London st
Reid John K. 5 Picardy place
Reid John T. 18 Picardy place
Ross Robert T. 78 Queen st
St. Clair Wilham, 16 Hart st
Sanderson Robert, 6 Forrest road
Schenck Frederick, jun. G South Castle st
Scott James, 63 Frederick st
Scott John Russell, 15 Dublin st
Slater Annie, 320 Leith walk
Smart John, 4 Picurdy place, & 13 Bruns-
wick st. Hill side
Smelie Robert, 8 Hope Park square
Soder Louis, 31 Panmure place
Steell Gourlay, 8 Blary's place, Stockbridge
Stcell Gourlay. jun. 4 Palinorstou place
Stewart Alexander, 12 Queen's place
Stewart J. Oswald, 18 Fettes row
Truefit William, 18 Duncan st
Vallance W. F. 1 Mount place
Yelland John, 24 George st
Young C. & A. 63 North Bridge st
Batchen Miss — , 30 Alva place
Bisset William, 92 Rose st
Clark Ellen. 5o North East Thistle st. lane
Eagle M. 8 North bridge
Mackay James G. 3 Arcade
Matheson J. A. 50 Frederick st
Millar Helen, 43a George st
Paterson .>; Son, 95 Princes st
Dane James & Co. 3 East Register st
Henry Alexander S. 31 Grecnsidest
Hill T. Alexander, 145 Priuces st
Levack W. & J. 26 South Clerk st
Macara Duncan, SCockburnst
SPCowan Henry, 45 Cockburn st
Nelson Alfred, 19 Soulh Hanover st
Patou Hu£^£i &, Sons, lis Princes
Rcss William S. South Frederick st
Scott Alexander, 78 Princes st
Sinclair & Co. 1 & 2 Calton st
Smith John W. 21 South Frederick st
IBrown William S. Broughton market
Buist S^obert & live stock ag;ent),
ESdlnburg^li ]Live Stock Sale
ITard, ^ S^auriston st— >SVc advt
fChalmers & Scott, 21 South St. Andrew st
Chapman Thomas, 11 South Hanover st
Cook Alexander, 99 Albany st, Leith
tCruickshanks George & Son, 83 and 90
Leith walk
tDewar James, 51 Hanover st
Dowell Alexander, 18 George st
+Dunlop John Charles, St. Stephen st
Dunn Michael, 10 Victoria at, and 21 Green-
side st
tEllis Thomas, 43 Forest road
Foggo Robert, Fish market
+Forrest Robert, 7 North Saint David st
fFraaer James k Son, 297 High st
Guun George, Cramond
Henderson David W. 39 Constitution st, L
+Hislop William, 55 North Frederick st
fHogg Waiter, 30 Dundas st
â– fKeduie Thomas, IS Charlotte place
Lamb William B. 6 Cochrane place, Leith
tListon George, 30 St. Andrew square
]byon &. Turnbull (dt valuators],
51 George st
tM'Farlaue &, Gibb, 44 North Pitt st, and o
Shaudwick place
IVE'ICauclilan "William B. ifl&ii), 21
^Sacdowall st, and "Wliolesale
Fisli iJiarket
Mark Robert, 10 Glengyle terrace
Marshall William, 11 Macdowall st
KZoir Peter &. Sons, Her Klajesty s
Horse Repository, Sfottin^liain
place- ^ee (idvertisemtnt
Mitchell David {& valuator^, 6 Comely bank
tMurdoch Thomas, 9 West Maitland st
JMushet John & Son, 2 Hope st
Oliver A. ^ Son live stock), Agri-
cultural Hall &, Auction ZVZart,
VaUeyfleld bt
Owen Joseph, 19 Greeuside place
IPatterson William, 10 Queensferry st
Porteous James, 44 Nicolson st
Rodger William, 7 Union st
Ronaldson George, 3 Ronaldson's building
Leith walk
Rongvie John, 61 Forrest road
Smitb &. Bewar, 79 4^eorge st
Street George, 11 &, 50 George IV. bridge
Tainsh James, 12 Baltic st, Leith
:Tayior John & Son, 109 & 110 Princes st
tVeitch William, 71 Lothian road, and IS
Shandwick place
fWatson Adam, 23 Union st
iWatson George, 5 Weht Toll cross
Welsh William, 112 West port, &61 Forrest rd
Wemyss John, Davidson's mains
White Nicholas, 65 & 19 Leith walk
Whitten Robert H. 4 Northbank st
Briggs William, 234 Leith walk
Mackenzie William, Hope Park End House
Paterson ^ Co. and builders;,
£a&t l^fewington place, and
Slbe st, Xeltli
Porteous Alexander, 38 Had-
dington p!i)ce — Ste advertisement
Marked thus + are Appraisers only.
Belfrage George, 47 George IV. bridge
IBoyd John, 2 York place
Brown Matthew, 49 South Clerk st
AfSeck George, 89 Queen st
Arnott John & Co. 129 Kirlcgate, Leith
Barker Eliza, 12 St. Patrick square
Bell Margaret, 109 George st
Bowie John D. 68 Leith st
Bowie axiss — , a^ Princes st
Ouirns the Misses — , 118 Princes st
Charles M. 201 Canongato
Craig Margaret, 41 & a North bridge
Cruicksliank Aleiiiander &. Sons,
57 &. 61 Q'eo£'g;c s«
Dawson William, 57 & 5i) Clerk st, and
Catherine st
GeUatly Maria, 6 St. Patrick square
Gray James, 80 George st
Grcgor Mrs. — , 34a Frederick st
Guild James, 54 George st
King Agues, 118 Princes st
ICirk Isabella, -11 George st
Logan J. & J. 07 Forrest road
Macdonald &l)eveueau, 11 Queensferry st
M'Gregor, Robertson & Co., 80 George st
M'Kay John, 84 Morrison st
Ogg Hachael, 86 George st
Paterson A. & W. 133 r:icolson st
Paterson Mary, 6 George st
Ralston Mary, 43 Kiiiigate, Leith
Ross Hugh & Son, 1 ,i 3 Nicolson st
Roy James, 23 & 24 North bridge
Koyal SliQd Asylum aod School,
3S STiColson st, and'West Craig-
mjliaz' park— W^illiasa Martin.
manager— Sec advertisement on end
cover of Directory
, Scott John, 5 Greenside st
Sharp Marion, GO Leith st
Scoular&Co. 53South Clerk st

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