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Young" J, Artbur &, Co. engineers & contractors; Young Robert, cattle and sheep salesman, 6 Lauriaton park
iron and wire merchants ; iron and wire fences
for cattle, sbeep, deer, &.c.; continuous iron~bar
fencingr, burdles, parK gutes, iron &, steol wire
for fencing light iron bridges for foot trafi&c;
strong iron bridges for cart & carriage traffic;
iron buildings, rooi^, and sheds of every des-
cription ; wrought and cast iron stable and cow-
house fittings ; stationary horizontal steam en-
dues; Cornish, multubular, and all other des-
criptions of boilers; pumps and pumping ma-
chinery; sawing machinery; agricultural ma-
chines &. implements; fire engines, fire escape**
&c.; 30 St. ilndrew square
Young J. W. W.S. (Davidson & Syme), 22 Royal circus
Toung J. W. clerk, 15 Clerk st
Young J. W. W. clerk, 3 Livingston place
Young James, bootmaker, 94 Fountain bridge
Ifcuug James, firewood merchant, 23 Hamilton place
Young James, laundry, 10 St. John's hill
Young James, dairyman, 48 Thistle st
Young James, dairy keeper, 6 William st
Young James, M.D.and surgeon, 14 Ainslie place [place, L
Young James, superintendent of Northern Lighthouses, 6 Vanburgh
Young Robert, loyia Hotel, 82 Nicolson st
Young Robert, cork cutter, Marshall st
Young Robert, secretary, Free Chmxh Institute, 18 East Preston st
Young Robert, ironmonger -& seedsman, 15 Morrison st
Young Robert, gi-eengrocer, 1 South St. James st
Young Robert, watchmaker, 135 Fountain bridge
Young Robert, shoemaker, 4 St. James st _
Young T. tailor & clothier, 19 Waterloo place [place
Young Thomas, marble cutter (Young & AUan),7 West Montgomery
Young Thomas (Register House), 20 James et
Young Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 20 Dairy road ; house, 19
Caledonian crescent
j Young Thomas, spirit dealer, 227 Leith walk
I Young Thomas, tailor, 21 College st
i Young Thomas D. cabinet maker, 3 Duncan st
! Young W. D. accountant, 2 Lord Russell place
Young Walter, custom olllcer, Bangor road, Leith
Young William, c.e. (Lorimor & Young), 4 Mansion House road
Young William, greengrocer, 33 South Back of Canongate
Young William, manager, Bowling Green st, Leith
Young William, grocer and spirit dealer,! South Clerk' st; house,
9 Melville terrace
Young William, refi-eshment rooms, 15 Downie place
Young William, shopkeeper, 160 Rose st
I'ounger Cecilia, stationer, 67 St. Leonard's Bt
Younger Henry, brewer (Wm. Younger & Co.), Kirtle Lodge, Trinity
^Monta^Sflr'^® *™'"°^ manufacturer (Bain, Youug & Co.), 35 | y^^^-^^ j^^^-^^ j,^„,^ ^^.p^^t^, ,51 st.Leonard's Bt
Young James, lapidary, 63 North bridge
Young James, bras sfounder (Young & Barton), 12 Dryden st
Young James, butcher, 32 West Richmond st
Young James & Co. grocers & spirit dealers, 1 Pitt st
Young James & Sons, tailors, &c. 92 South bridge
Young Janet, apartments, 5 Duke st
Young Jessie, boarding house, 140 Princes st
Young Jessie, confectioner, 6 Castle barns
Young John, tailor, 8 Lothian st
Young John, spirit dealer, 7 Hamilton place
Young John, stationer, 17 Livingstone place
Young John, manager, 4 Union st, Leith
Young John, brassfounder (Young & Barton), 55 Montgomery st
Young John, tailor & clothier (John Young &: Co.), 3 Comely Green
Young John, teacher of writing, 6 Abercromby place
Young John, saddler, 4 Brunswick st
Young John, wine & spix-it merchant, 2b Jamaica st
Yojung John A. & Co. plumbers, brassfounders, &c. 112 Nicolaon sq
Young John & Co. tailors & clothiers, 8 Frederick st
Young John C. teacher of classics, 18 Fettes row
Young Mary, ladies' nurse, 11 Dundas st
Young Men's Christian Association, 14 South St. Andrew st
Young Miss — , miUiner, 8 Cornwall st
Young Miss — , laco cleaner, 39 Brunswick st
Young Mrs. — , spirit dealer, Davidson's mains
Yooug Peter, surgeon, 43 Heriot row
Younger John, ship chandler & painter, 5 Commercial st, Leith
I Younger John, shipowner, 5 Bonnington place
I Younger Margaret, apartments, 149 Constitution st, Leith
Younger Robert, brewer and maltster, St. Ann's Brewery,Abhey hill;
house, St. Ann's, South Norton place
'K'oi:n£^er 'William &. Co. brewers, Abbey and Koly-
rood Bre^reries
Young's Paraffin Light & Mineral Oil Co. Limited, Lochrin Works
Younie Mrs. — , milliner, 6 Calton st
Yule A. J. boot and shoemaker, 88 Leith st
Yute Alexander, boot closer, Catherine st court [wynd
Yule Alexander, boot & shoe maker, 9 Catherine St. & 29 Tolbooth
Yule David (Register House), 5 GreenhiU bank
Yule Eliza, furniture dealer, 107 Pleasance '
Yule J. leather dresser, Grass market
Yule James, traveller, 7 Caledonian road
Yule Miss — , dressmaker, 4 Northumberland place
Yule Thomas B. merchant, 36 Constitution st, Leith; house,
Broompark Cottage, Granton
ZETLAND New Shipping Co. Tolbooth wynd, Leith— J. B. Leask,
Zigler William, m.d. 47 George square
Zoblinsky Frederick, teacher of music, 17 South Castle at
Zoblinsky Madame — , teacher of French and German, 17 South
Castle st

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