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Wiahart Jano, gi'ocer & spirit dealer, 22 Dean st
"Wishart John, dairyman, Davidson's mains
Wishart John, traveller, 6 Haddinjiton place
Wishart John R. (Jas. 'Wighnrt & Sons), 8 Hermitage place, Leith
Wishart Margaret, spirit dealer, 11 Abbey strand
Wishart Margaret, shopkeeper.'BlaclihaU
Wishart Marion, ladies' outfitter, 12 and 14 Leish st, and 2 and 3
Leish Street terrace
Wishart Richard, bootmaker, 3 Craigrossie place, Bennington
Wishart Thomas, hosier & shirt maker, 10 Forrest road
V/^isharfc Thomas, shirtmaker, 10 Hill square
TVishart WiJham, merchant {J. Wishart and Sons), Aboukir Villa,
Ferry road, Wardie
Wishart William, grocer, 266 South walk
Wishart William, boot & shoe maker, 13 Albert place
Wiilber Wilhelm, clerk, 60 North Fort st, Leith
Wolston W. T. P. M.B. fli.E.c.s. 10 Castle st
Wood Agnes, apartments, 58 Queen st
Wood Agnes, apartments, 5 West Lauriston place
Wood Alexander, inland revenue officer, 6 St. Bernard's row
Wood Alexander, m.d. Brae Lodge, Murraytield
Wood Alexander, fruiterer & seedsman, 1 & 2 Bristo place
Wood Alexander S. clothiier {M'Donald, Middlemass and Wood),
15 Leven terrace
Wood & Cairns, brassfndrs, gasfitters, &c. South Back of Canongate
Wood & Co. pianoforte, harmoniimi, & music saloons, 49 George st,
& at Glasgow and Aberdeen
Wood & Hanna, C.A. 5 Nelson st
Wood & Thomson, joiners, Forbes st
Wood Andrew, surgeon, 9 Darnaway st
Wood Andrew, draper, 130 Rose st
Wood Andrew, watch & clock maker, 33 West Nicolsou st
Wood Catherine, apartments, 65 Great King st
Wood George, grocer, 1 South Elgin st
Wood George, solicitor-at-law, and law agent in com-t of session,
clerk to Incorporated Society of Solicitors at Law, 53 George IV.
bridge; house, 11 Chalmer's crescent
Wood George D. flesher, 48 Hanover st
Wood Gideon, daii-yman, 37 Kii'kgate, Leith
Wood Henry, tailor, 276 Cowgate
Wood Isabella, milliner, 67 Cumberland st
Wood Isabella, apartments, 47 Great King st
Wood James, surgeon dentist, 61 Lauriston place
Wood James, grocer, &c. 48 Dean path, Water of Leith
Wood James, flesher, 11 Gladstone place
Wood James, grocer, 31 Water st, Leith; house, 52 Charlotte st
Wood James, fruit merchant {W. & J. Wood), 1 North St. James st
Wood John, manager, 11 Vanburgh place
Wood John, shoemaker, 6a Salisbury st
Wood John, dairyman, 196 Leith walk
Wood John, dairy, 14 Potter row
Wood John P. W.S. (Scott-Moncrieff & Wood), 11 Clarendon ores
Wood Joshua, accountant, Cedar Villa, 6 Pahnerston road
Wood Mrs. — , gardener, 20 Dean path
Wood Joseph, accountant, collector of city parish poor rates, Bristo
place ; house, 31 Lothian road
Wood Mary, shopkeeper, 59 East Crosscanseway
Wood Peter, spirit dealer, 149 Constitution st, Leith
Wood Robert & Son, butchers, 43 Grindlay st
Wood Robert B. clerk, 9 Heriot ten-ace
Wood Thomas, grocer & spirit dealer, Water of Leith
Wood Thomas, dairyman, 25 Arthur st
Wood Thomas W. temperance hotel, 17 Greenside st
Woou Thomas, grocer & spirit dealer, 23 Albany st, Leith
Wood W. flesher, 23 St. Andrew st, Leith
Wood W. & J. fruit merchants, Waverley market
Wood William, provision merchant, 42 Fountain bridge
Wood William, traveller, 15 West Newiugton place
Wood William, china dealer, 16 North West Circus place
Wood William, sausage maker, 20 Chapel st
Wood William, flesher, 2 & 3 Teviot place
Wood William, m.d. r.n. Hermitage park, Lochend road
Wood William, C.A. 45 Frederick st; house, 4 Oxford terrace
Wood William, grocer, 33 Cumberland st
Wood William, fruiterer {W. & J. Wood), 8 Hill square
Wood William, brassfounder (Wood & Cairns), Canning place
Wood William, superintendent, 10 Union st, Leith
Wood William, teacher, 13 Glengyle terrace
Woodbum James, greengrocer, 1 Dairy Park ten-ace
Woodbum M. & W. coal & firewood merchants, Dairy Park place
Woods & Forests, &c. Office, 43 Castle st
WooUoy John, dairyman, 15 Annfield
Woore Henry, hotel proprietor, Granton Villa, Granton road
Wordie & Co. carriers to the Caledonian Railway Company and
general carting agents and contractors, Lothion road station,
6 Fountain bridge ; 36 Bernard st, Leith ; and Caledonian Railway
station, Leith
Wordie James William, W.S. (Sprot & Wordie), and agent for the
Queen Insurance Co. 10 Drummond pi; house, 3 Annandale st
Work John, joiner, 122 Bonnington road
Working Men's Club and Institute, 7 Royal Exchange — Allan
Dick, superintendent
Workman John G. painter, 3a Buccleuch st
Works Office of H.M. Parliament square — R. Slatheson, architect
Worms Baron George De, Imperial and Royal Austrian Consul,
50 Constitution st, Leith
Wotherspoon & Son, custom house and ship brokers, commission,
shipping and forwarding agents. Wet Docks, Leith
Wotherspoon James B. M. commission agent (Wotherspoon & Son),
68 North Fort st
Wotherspoon M. dressmaker, 22 Morrison st
Wotherspoon WiUiam, S.S.C. 18 Great Stuart sfc
Wotherspoon William White, H.BI.I.A. Eosebank, Newhaven road
Woycke Eugen, teacher of music, 6 Nelson st
Wren George, corn factor, 13 Constitution st, Leith
Wright Andrew C. brushmaker, 6 Greenside place
Wright Agnes, provision dealer, 2 Dumbiedykes road
Wright Alexander, contractor, 32 East Preston st
Wright Alexander, foreman, 32 East Preston st [Newhaven
Wright Alexander, dairyman, Anchorfield Cottage, Hawthorn Vale,
Wright & Johnston, S.S.C. and N.P. 25 Albanj; st
Wriylit Charles, photographer aud portv;iit painter, 54 Cockburn at
Wright David, pawnbroker, 7 Back vaults, Leith
Wright Frederick, goldbeater, 4 Swiuton row
Wright George, flesher, 1 and 3 Albany st
Wright George, spirit dealer, 5S Constitution st, Leith
Wright George, confectioner, 56 St. Mary st
Wriglit James, chemist, 1 Warriston place
Wright James, grocer aud wine merchant, 53 Tolbooth wynd, and
4 Leifch walk, Leith
Wright James, advocate, 13 Ainslie place
Wright Jane, apartments. 4 Northumberland place
Wright John, provision merchant (Aitken & Wright), Seafield pi, L
Wright John, tailor, 32 Westport
Wright John, japanner, 104 High st
Wright John, toy dealer, 3 Leggat's land
Wright John, W.S. (Macandrew & Wright), 22 Lennox st
Wright John, professional cricketer, 3 Glen st
Wright John, joiner, 147 Causewayside
Wright John, W.S. 18 Inverleith row
Wright John, S.S.C. (Wright & Johnston), 25 Albany st
Wright Miss — , apartments, 5 M'Kenzie place
Wright P. & R. linen manufactui-ers and drapers, 16 George st
Wright Peter, dairyman, 17 Madeira st, Leith [terraco
Wright Robert, superintendent, collector of Customs, 4 Johnston
Wright Robert, fishing rod and tackle maker, 16 Princes st, 30
Hauover st, and 10 Arcade, Princes st
Wright Robert, cattle salesman, 22 Brougham st
Wright Thomas, brasstinisher, 5 Allison square
Wright Thos. grocer & wine merchant, 84 & 86 North Junction st, L
Wright Thomas, provision dealer, 4 Blackfriars st
Wright Thomas Strethill, physician, 55 Northumberland st
Wright William, grocer, 49 NorLh Fort st, Leich
Writers to the Signet Library, Parliament square
Writers to the Signet Widows' Fund ; collector's office, 61 Castle st
Wyber Agnes, French staymaker, 76 Queen st
Wyber William, dairyman, Bridgend
Wylie Alexander, W.S. (and agent for Edinburgh and Leith Wine &
Beer Trade Association ; also Westminster Fire aud Westminster
and General Life Assurance Companies), 13 Picardy place
Wyhe Andrew H. clerk, 3 Tait st
/Wylie Savid If. chemist and druggist, 1 South
College' St. and Suzubiedykes road; house, 4:
Park st
Wylie George, chimney sweep, James's court, Lawn, market
Wylie James A. ll.b. 12 Archibald place
Wylie James, shipmaster, 13 North Fort st
Wylie Jane, confectioner aud fruiterer, 1 Maitland place; house, 1
Union place, Newhaven
Wylie William M. searcher of records. Register House, Princes st ;
house, 21 Dublin st
Wylhe J. & A. manure manufactm-ers, 39 Constitution st. Leith
Wyllie James H. clerk, 5 Viewforth place
Wylhe John, m.p. surgeon, 9 Howe st
Wyllie M. & C. Berlin wool repository, 23 Earl Grey st,
Wyllie M. & M. wholesale trimming warehouse, 2 North bridge
Wyllie WilUam F. hay & straw dealer, 4 Morrison st
Wyse William, traveller, 73 Pitt st. Bonnington
YARROLL Mrs. D. furrier and feather manufacturer, 12 Roscbill
place, Morrison st
Yarroll John, furrier. Abbey mount
Yarroll Samuel, ostrich feather manufacturer and furrier, 13 North
St. Andrew st
Yeats Miss — , lodgings, Esplin place, Morningside bank
Yelland John, artist, 24 George st ; bouse, 5 Upper Gilmore place
Yeoell Elizabeth, dressmaker, 12a Home st
Yeoman Alexander R. Inland Revenue oflicer, 11 George st. Leith
Yerbury Edward R. photographer, 3 Hanover st ; ho. 13 Paumure pi
York Henry, manager, 17 Scotland st
Yorkshire Insurance Offices— Donald Smith Peddle, 1 George st. &
Mitchell & Baxter, 11 South Charlotte st. agents
Yoi'kston James, teacher of music, 24 Maryfield place
Young Adam, dairyman, S3 Giles st. Leith
Young & Allan, marble cutters, Crichtou place, 22 Leith walk
Young & Barton, brassfounders, 1a Sluub place
Young & Saunders, grocers and wine merchants, 27 Duke st
Young Andrew, china dealer, 37 West port
Yyung Andrew, baker, I Hill place, & 6 North Richmond st
Young Andrew John, advocate, 63 Great Kin g st
Young Archibald, cutler & surgical instrument maker, 53 North
bridge ; house, 3 Alfi-ed place
Young Archibald, advocate, 22 Royal circus
Young Brothers, grocers, 12 Carlton st, & 1 South Clerk st
Young C. & A. wood engravers, 63 North bridge
Young Catherine, giasscutter, 3 South Saint James st
Young Charles, wireworker, 33 St. Patrick square
Young Charles, wood engraver (C. & A. Young), 18 Jordan bank,
Young David, victual dealer, 101 Abbey hill
Young David, bootmaker, 33 Hanovor st
Young David, confectipner, 4 East Dublin st. lane
Young Elizabeth, grocer & spirit dealer, 31 Nelson st
Young Eliza, grocer & spirit dealer, 3 Howe st
Young Gavin, lapidary, 63 North bridge st
Young George, flesher, 13 Victoria place
Young George, cashier, 41 East Claremont st
Young George, merchant (Cooper, Young & Co.), 7 Pibig st
Young George Adam & Co. bible publishers, 14 Nicolson squai'o
Young, Glover & Co. commission agents & merchants, 1 Salaman-
der street
Young Henry D. currier & leather dresser, 62 High st
Young Isabella, apartment, 1 Albany st, Leith
Young J. & Co. slaters, 28 Gavfield sq. & 48 Great Junction st
Young J. & D. ironmongers & coada-lamp mBkers, 22 Greenside et

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