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■WhitecrosB Miss — , milliner, 22 Morrison st
■Whiteford Dorothy, milliner, 22 Dundas st
IXrtalteliead and Co. boslers, %i Princes st
"Whitehead Charlea, bootmaker, 10 Great Junction st, Leith
■Whitehead John, spirit dealer, 88 Constitution st, Leith
"Whitehead John, S.S.C. 15 St Andrew square
"Whitehill, Dalhonsie & Gorton, coal and brick depot, St. Leonard's
Station, and at Leith WaUi Station— WUUam Fisher, agent
"Whitelaw Cornelius, grocer, 18 Beaumont place
Whitelaw George T. treasurer of the Sj-nod, TJ.P. Church, 5 Queen st
Whitelaw Ebcnezor, dairyman, 61 William st
Wbitelflw James, watchmaker, SO West Register st ; house, 30 St.
James's square [5 Scotland st
"Whitelaw John, civU & mining engineer, &c. 118 George st ; house,
Whitelaw Walter, dairyman, 6 Voitch's place
Whitson George, clerk, 16 Valleyaeld st •
Whitson John, tailor, 121 Rose st
"Whitson Mrs. — , lodgings, 6 Montugue st
Whitson Thomas, C.A. 24 St. Andrew square; house, 1 Spenoe st
Whitson Thomas, commission agent. Windmill House
Whittaker Alfred, temperance hotel, 88 New st
TVbitton John C. sheriff's clerk (Sheriff Court), 13 London st
"Whitten Robert H. auctioneer, 4 North Bank st
"Whittet Janet, farmer, Easter Drylaw, Davidson's mains
"Whittey James, broker, 51 St. Andrew st, Leith
Whyte Andrew, stationer (A. Whyte & Son), 4 Bmntsfleld crescent
Whyte Andrew & Son, wholesale and export stationers, and agents
for Milner's safes and cash boxes, 4 North Saint David st
Whyte David, grain merchant, 8 Park st
Whyte David Keith B clerk of records, 6 St. Andrew terrace
Whyte George, baker, 42 Morrison st
Whyte James, saddler (Carfrae &^'hyte),12 AthoU place
Whyte John, traveller. Verbena Cottage, Murrajt st
"Wliyto Miss — , shirtmaker, 14 West Richmond st
Wliyte WiUiam, wholesale hardware merchant and ironmonger, 213
High st ; house, 8 Merchiston crescent
TVhyte William Ritchie, accountant, 6 St. Andrew's terrace
■^Vhytock Alexander, manufacturer (Whytock, Reid & Co.), Easter
Duddingston, Portobello
"Whytock James, spirit dealer, 4 Johnston place
Whytock Miss — , dressmaker, 13 Upper Grove place
Whytock, Reid & Co. upholsterers, cabinet makers, carpet ware-
housemen, &c. 9 & 11 George st, & Rose Court Works, Bells Mills
Wicks Catherine, lodgings, 18 Castle st
Wieland George W. secretary to the North British Railway Com-
pany, 2 Hillside crescent
Wielobyclu D. m.d. 8 George sq [Panton, agent
Wigans & Cosier, hop merchants, 25 North bridge— George A.
Wight & Scott, wholesale provision merchants, 14 Elbe st, L
"Wight Charles, photogiapher, 54 Cockbnm st
"Wight Charles & Sons, bakers, 66 Blacklriars st
Wight Cora, milliner, 29 Hanover st
Wight Cranston, miUiner, 64 Leith st
Wight David, plasterer, 161 Rose st
Wight Elizabeth, apartments, 302 Leith walk
Wight George, flesher, 1 & 3 Albany st
Wight George & Co. drapers, &c. 26 Howe st
Wight James, engineer (James Wight & Co.), 6 Rosebank teii'ace
Wight James, foreman, 13 Arthur st, PUrig place
IVigbt James &, Co. manufacturers by patent
macbinery of malleable iron girders, bridg-es,
roofs &c.; also of rall^sray spikes and fisb bolts,
rivets, screws, screw bolts and nuts, &.C., Albert
kron 'Workc, Albert street, Keith walk. — See <• dvt.
Wight James S. merchant (Wight & Scott), 8 Hermitage place
Wight John, M.D. dentist, 81 Princes st
Wight John R. architect (Hardy & Wight), 26 Hamilton pi
Wight Robert, butcher, 6 High market & 7 Brighton st
Wight Robert, merchant (Wight & Scott), Claremont ^ark, L
Wight Robert, hide, skin & tallow broker, 61 Fountain bridge
Wight Robert, jun. merchant (Wight & Scott), 7 Annandale st
Wight Robert, shopkeeper, 256 Leith walk
Wight T. Cranston, miUiner, 64 Leith st
Wight William, accountant, 21 Oxford st
Wightman Christina, toy & fancy bazaar, 109 Leith walk
Wightman Elizabeth, apartments, 22 West Preston st
Wigbtman 3, 6l Son, pianoforte dealers and music
warebouse, Xi George street
Wightman David, musicseller (J. Wightman & Son), 6 St. "Vincent st
Wightman John, greengrocer, 7 Elder st
Wightman John, musicseller (J. Wightman & Son), 32 Warriston cres
Wightman John, plumber & gasfitter, 16 South Saint David st;
house, 1 Noi-th St. James st
Wightman John Seton, advocate, 7 Darnaway st
Wightman Margaret, butcher, 17 Calton st
Wighton Miss — , teacher of music, 2 Hope Pai-k crescent
Wilde John, law agent, 29 Brougham st
Wilkes A. tobacconist, 59a Bristo st
Wilkie Alexander, coach proprietor, 23 Bristo st
Wilkie Alexander John, coal merchant, Caledonian station, Leith ;
house, 52 North Fort st [field st
Wilkie & Paul, brassfounders, gasfitters, &'C. Grove Works, Braud-
Wilkie David (G.P.O.) 18 West Claremont st
Wilkie David .T. traveller. 93 Broughton st
Wilkie Geori-'e D. grocer & spirit dealer, 10 Trafalgar st, Bonnington
Wilkie James, silversmith, 29a Cockbnrn st
Wilkie James, dentist, 11 Montague st
Wilkie James, clerk, 5 Middleby st
Wilkie James, dairy, 22 Charles st
Wilkie Jessie, confectioner. 4 Romiliy place
Wilkie John, grocer & spirit dealer, 5 Northumberland pi
Wilkie John, brassfounder (Wilkie & Paul), 40 Gilmore pi
Wilkie Mrs. — , confectioner, 239 Canongate
Wilkie R. & J. coach hirers, 109 Abbey hill
Wilkie Robert, bookbinder, 94 South bridge
Wilkie Thomas, agent (Royal Bank), Granton & Tjlexrharen
Wilkie William, baker, 6 Huntly st
Wilkins Frederick M. casliier, 29 Lutton place
Wilkinson David, baker, 52 St. Mary st
"Wilkinson Francis, traveller, 16 Melville terrace
, Wilkinson James, furniture broker, 6 Greenside row
I Wilkinson Jane, dressmaker, 16 tit. "Vincent st
WUkinsou John, physician, "Viewbank "Villa, Viewforth
Wilkinson John, baker, 72 Grassmarket
Wilkinson John, spirit dealer, 11 Grass market
"Wilkinson Mary, lodgings, 67 Hanover at
Will Robert W. S.S.C. (Webster & WiU), 27 Albany st
Williams Alexander, baker, 13 Comely Green place
WiUiamB & Norgate, foreign booksellers and publishers, 20 Soutb
Frederick st
Williams John B. baker, 135^ Comely Green place
Williams Thomas, grocer & wine merchant, 10 Admiralty st, L
Williams W. tailor, 8 North bridge
Williams William, spirit dealer, Jocks Lodge
Williams William, f.e.s.e. principal & professor of veterinary medi-
cine & surgery. New "Veterinary College, East London st ; house,
24 London st
Williamson Alexander, vellum & parchment maker, 86 Nortb Pitt st
"WiUiamson Alexander K. traveller, 11 Albert place
Williamson Andrew, confectioner, 49 Glover st
WUliamson Andrew, cashier, 72 South Clerk st
Williamson Andrew, traveller, 113 Leith walk
"Williamson B. & A. newsagents, 221 Leith walk
Williamson Catherine, greengrocer, 64 East Crosscanseway
WiUiamson Charles, merchant & shipowner, 21 Bernard st, Leith;
house, 10 Carlton terrace
Williamson D. W, engraver on wood, 4 North bridge
'Williamson Savid, cook, confectioner, and teacber
of cooking- &. pastry, 1.6 Dundas st
Williamson David, traveller, 5 Mulberry place, Bonnington
WiUiamson David White, teacher of writing & drawing, 17 Scotland st
Williamson George, fruiterer & gardener, 2 Baxter's place
Williamson Geo. accountant (City of Glasgow Bank), 10 Comely bank
Williamson George, tinsmith, 36 Pleasance
WiUiamson Helen, apartments, 23 Pier place, Newhaven
'Williamson Henry, J:jlner, Venetian blind maker
and undertaker, 56 Potter row
WUliamson James (G.P.O. ), 20 Livingstone place
WilUamson James, taUor & clothier, 10 Nicolson st
WiUiamson James, taUor, 23 Glover st
WilUamson James, pa\vnbroker, 98 Rose st
WiUiamson James, wine merchant (W. Shiela & Co.), Brighton place,
PortobeUo [Causewayside
WUliamson James, hosier & draper, 21 West Preston st ; house, 61
WiUiamson James & Co. wooUen warehousemen and agents, 178
High st
W^ilUamson Jane, gi-ocer & spirit dealer, 186 Nicolson st
Williamson John, gi-ocer, 18 Livingstone terrace
WiUiamson John, grocer & spmt dealer, 59 High st
WiUiamson John, greengrocer, 1 Forth st
Williamson John, grocer & spirit dealer, 84 Westport & 3S Bristo st
Williamson John, coal merchant. Rose lane and St. Leonard's sta-
stions ; house, 3 Adam st
WiUiamson John R. civU & mining engineer, 12 St. Andrew square ;
house, 46 George square
WtUiamson Margaret, shopkeeper, 6 George st, Leith
WilUamson Margaret, dressmaker, 1 Malta Green place
WiUiamson Mary, mUliner, 1 Brougham st
WUUamson Mrs. — , bookseUer, 1 Spittal st
WiUiamson Peter, brushmaker, 1 Dalrymple place
WiUiamson Thomas, horse dealer, 72 Haymarket teiTace
WiUiamson Thomas, commission agent, 8 Bernard st, Leith
WUUamson Thomas, m.d. surgeon, 28 Charlotte st, Leith
WiUiamson Thomas, agent, 116 Causewayside
WiJUimson Thomas, china dealer, Washington place. Dairy road
WiUiamson W. hoop merchant, Ac. (Andersons & WilUamson) 4
Hermitage terrace
WUUamson WiUiam, tailor, 19 Riddle's close, Leith
WiUiamson WiUiam B. grocer & spirit dealer, 64 Westport
WiUs Euphemia, apartments, 282 Leith walk
■WiUs Peter, provision dealer, 291 Canongate
Wilson A. & G. fishing tackle manufactm-ers, 108 Rose st
WUson Adam, horse dealer, 4 Grass market
WUson Adam, butcher, 17 Brougham place
Wilson Agnes, tobacconist, 48 Great Junction st, Leith
Wilson Alexander, dairyman, Peirsfleld Cottage
Wilson Alexander, wine <S spirit merchant, 20 South Clerk st
WUson Alexander, traveUer, 3 SaUsbury terrace
WUson Alexander, traveUer, 13 James st
WUson Alexander, spirit dealer, 1 Bristo Port lane
WUson Alexander, corn merchant, 108 Ferry road
WUson Alexander, grocer, 30 Dairy road
Wilson Alexander, grocer, 17 North West Cirous place
WUson Alexa,nder, seed merchant & commission agent, 10 QuaUtv
st; house, 2 Lmdsay place, Leith -v-"-!
WUson Alexander & Co. drapers, 427 Lawn market
WUson Alexander M. clerk, 1 Annandale st
Wilson & Dunlop, W.S. 14 HUl st
S-!f S t Gardner, commission agents, 15 South Saint Andrew st
Wilson & Nelson, baby linen warehouse, 32 Leven st
Wilson & Son, pianoforte wareroom, 35 George IV. bridge
WUson Andrew, tailor, 16 Brougham st """ge
Wilson Andrew, dentist, 21 Youngst
Wilson Andrew, coal merchant, 36 Wright's bouses
pX^^sf ™' '"™^°'' °' *""'• ^* "'"toflo" place; house, 3
Wilson Andrew, merchant (WUson,. Brandt & Co.), Lanre^Ba^nk"
WUson Anclrew, spirit dealer, 6 HiU place ; ho. 22 St. Patrick sq
WUson Andri
Tir,-i.™ » , ■?'■?■ J'^'^'""'' ™ "natural history, US Gilmore Dlacs
Wi son Andrew, fish dealer, lis Fountain bridge """<"^'' »"'"=»
Wilson Andrew, capmaker, 19 Niddry st
WUson Andrew, S.S.C. & N.P. 9 Union st
WUson Andrew, writer (Bank of Scotland), Lawrence VUla, MtiJ^

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