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Webster & Milne, carvers, gilders & decorators, 4 Charlotte place
Webster & Stoddarfc, emiths, 12 Sandport st, Leith
Webster & Will, S.S.C. 37 Queen at
Webster Ann, dressmaker, 30 South Castle st
Webtter Catherine, greengrocer, 13 Broad wynd, Leith,
Webster David, spirit dealer, 8 Cowgato
Webster David M. traveller, Gblden Acre Cottage, Inverleith row
Webster Elizabeth, lodging bouse. 134 George st
Webster Esther, apartments, 14 Cumberland at
Webster George, sculptor, 18 Queensferry st
Webster George (G.P.O.), 15 Leven st
Webster J. Riddell, advocate, 9 Hope st
Webster James, tea dealer, 11 Dalrymple place
Webster James, collector of North Leith poor rates, Cherry bank,
Newhaven road
Webster Jamea, S.S.C. (Webster & Will), 8 Gloucester place
Webster James G. advocate, 9 Hope st
Webster Janet, apartments, 67 Cumberland st
Webster Janet, grocer, 23 Burns st
Webster John, watchmaker, 4 Salisbury st
Webster John, bii-d dealer, 69 George st
Webster John, clerk of works, 4 Hermitage place
Webster Mrs. — , china & glass dealer, 13 & 14 Coburg st
Webster Thomas, joiner & cabinet maker, 25 Buccleuch st
Webster William, writer, 24 Queen st
Weddell Alexander, coal agent, Dalkeith Colliery Office, Leith ;
bouse, 10 Livingstone place
Weddell James, baker & confectioner, 108 Fountain bridge
Weddell James, inspector, North British RaUway (Waverley station),
67 Montague st
Weddell John, bookbinder, 15 Waverley place
Weddell William, shipmaster, 8 London row, Leith
Weddell William, bookseller, 48 South bridge. & 7 WestNewington
Wedderspoon William, tobacconist, 7 Kerr st, Stockbridge
"Weekly Review XTewspaper 0£&ce, 20 &. 22 St.
Giles street
Weekly Scotsman Newspaper (Saturday), 30 Cockburn st
Weierter Frederick, teacher of music, 23 London st
Weights & Measures Office, 7 Guthrie st— James Anderson, cus-
todier and inspector [pi, L
Weir Absoloni, shipping agent (Weir, Esplin & Co.), Summerfield
Weir David, produce broker and commission merchant, i Bernard
Bt, Leith; house, Elm Villa, Ferry road
Weir Elizabett, draper, 1 East London st
Weir Elizabutb, apartments, 50 Cumberland et
Weir, Esplin & Co. shipping agents, Leith Shipping Company, 2
Commercial st, Leith
Weir George, fruiterer, 9 St. Patrick square
Weir George, traveller, 18 Oxford st
Weir Graham, m.d. 36 Heriot row
Weir Hem-y, teacher of classics, 5 Belgrave crescent
Weu- Isabella, grocer & spirit dealer, 26 St. Leonard's st
Weir James, grocer & spirit dealer, 1 Dean path. Water of Leith
Weir James, iish merchant, 186 Pleasance
Weir John, merchant (Livingston & Weir), 3 Minto st
Weir John, photographer, 50 Canougate
Weir John, ironmonger, 15 Grassmarket ; house, 12 Valleyfieid st
Weir John B. clerk, 3 Howard place, Inverleith row
Weir Joseph, coal merchant (Jos. Weil* & Son), 3 Summerfield pi, L
Weir Joseph & Son, coal exporters, commission agents and agents
for Wishaw Colheries, 2 Commercial st, Leith
^Teir Peter, bootmaker & leg-irin^ manufacturer.'
60 Clerk st
Weir R. M. merL-hant (R. M. Weir, Roland & Co.), 17 Royal terrace
Weir R. M., Roland & Co. wine merchants, 129 George st
Weir Richatd, provision dealer, 206 Cowgate and 90 West port ;
htouse, 14 East Adam st [road
Weil- Robert, merchant (Livingston & Weir), 19 North Mansion House
Weir Robert, flesher, 258 Cowgate
Weir Thomas F. S.S.C. 8 Frederick st; house, 9 Grove at
Weir Thomas Graham, m.d. 36 Heriot row
Weir Violet, dairy, 4 Canning place
Weir Wilhiim, boot and shoe maker, 4 Summers place
Weisse Heinrich, teacher of German, 19 India st
Weisse Mrs. — , teacher of music, 19 India st
Wellington Reformatory (depot for goods manufactured by the
inmates)— John Craster, manager, 22 Cockburn st
Weldon Francis, eating house, 17 Coal hill, Leith
Wells David, fishing rod & tackle maker, 11 Leith st
Wells L. & Co. tea and coffee dealers, 41 North bridge
Wells Laurence, grocer, 73 West port
Wells Mary Ann, boarding school, 12 CUfton terrace
Wells William, dentist, 79 Causewayside
Welsh A. & A. fancy repository. IS Forrest road
Welsh, Forbes & Macpherson, W.S. 99 St. Andi*ew square
Welsh Henry, clothier (Holtum & WelshJ, 13 Minto st
Welsh James, egg merchant, 38 St. Mary st
Welsh James, nurseryman (Dickson & Co.), 3 Forth st
Welsh James, fish salesman, 6 Caledonian tei-race
Welsh John, S.S.C. (Welsh, Forbes & Macpherson), IS Arniston pi
Welsh Joseph, tea agent, 7 North St. Andrew st ; ho, 79 Causewayside
Welsh Thomas, baker, 44 Buccleuch st
Welsh Thomas, chemist & druggist, 14 West Newington terrace
Welsh Thomas, confectioner, 15 Blackfriars st
Welsh William, auctioneer, 112 West port and 61 Forrest road
Welsh William M. nurseryman (Dickson & Co.), 25 Pibig et
WemysB James, provision dealer, 14a Scotland st
Wemyss John, auctioneer, Davidson's mains
Wemyss John R. traveller, 4 Pitlochry place
Wemyss Mary, apartments, 13 Pitt st
Wemyss Robert (Union Bank), Banner Lodge, 5 Newbattle terrace
Wemyss Captain Thomas A. b.n. harbour master, Granton
West Charles, grocer, 98 Duke st, Leith
West End Bowling Green, Gilmore place
West End Engine Works Co. engineers and millwrights, West
Fountain bridge— David Thomson, managing partner
West Jessie, dressmaker, 26 Cumberland st
West of England Insurance Offices — Lindsay, Paterson & Co. 63
George st; James Renton, 14 South Frederick st, agents
Western Loan Office, G5 West fort — David Campbell, manager
Westland David M. civil engineer, IS Viewforth place
Westminster & General Life Assurance Company — Alexander Wylie,
ISPicardy place ; John Mackay, 119 George st ; & J. B. M'Intosh,
15 Young st, agents
Westminster Fire Insui'ance Company — David Todd Lees, 17 Hill
st, & Alexander V.ylie, 13 Picardy place, agents
Weston Jane, cbiua merchant, 46 High st
Weston John, bookseller & bookbinder, 2 West College st
Weston Robert, grocer, 321 High st
Weston Thomas, provision dealer, 75 Kirkgate, Leith
Westren Peter, gold & silver smith, jeweller, lapidary, &c. 7 Freder-
ick st ; house, Priustfield road, Prestonfieid
Westwater William, manager, Granton
Wetherstone Hugh, butcher, 2 Howe st
Whan Jessie, dressmaker, 48 India place
Wharton George & Co. scale-beam makers, <S:c. 150 High st
Wharton Grace, fish merchant, 5 Gilmore st
Wheal Remlry China Clay Company — Stenhouse & Co. agents, Wet
docks, Leith
Wheatley Leonard A. bookseller, 11 Torphichen at
Wheatley Robert, engineer, 6 Spring gardens, Abbey hill
Wheeler & Wilson Manufacturing Co. sewing-machine makers, 99
Princes st— Robert Robb, manager
Whigham Elizabeth, draper & hosier, 12 Howe st
Whillas John, wright &' undertaker, 18 High riggs
Whillas William, saddler, 18 Bread st
White Adam, tanner (White, Burns & Co.), 103 Albany st, Leith
White Alexander, grocer A spirit dealer, 39 Dundas st
White Alexander, joiner & builder. Dairy road
White Alexander, spirit dealer, 19 & 10 Commercial st, Leith
White Alexander, fishmonger, 4 Coburg lane
White Andrew B. cabinet maker & upholsterer, 2 Picardy placs
White & Eagle, engravers, lithographers, & printers, 26 George st,
& 12 Thistle st
White & Taylor, milliners, 8 Lothian st
White Ann, apartments, 18 Lothian st
^\^liite, Burns &. Co. tanners, skinners, and wool
merchants, Bonningtou
White Campbell, painter & paperhanger, 18a Dundas st
White Cathcart, advocate, 65 Castle st
Wliite Charles, butcher, 19 Buccleuch st
White David, bootmaker, 22 Prince Regent st, Leith
White David, spirit vaults, 161 High st
White Elizabeth, confectioner, 52 Richmond st. West
White G. house agent, 5 Nicolson square
White George, coal merchant, Moray st
White George, dau*yman, Stewartfield, Bennington
White H. J. shipmaster, 21 Bangor road, Leith
White Henry, London Hotel„ 2 St. Andrew square
White James, customs officer, 1 Hawthornbank place, Leith
White James, plumber & gasfitter, 40 Momson st
White James, stock and share broker, 61 Princes at ; house,
Auchgeal House, Dean
White James, dairy, 19 Abbey hill
White James, traveller, 31 Princes st
White Jane, dressmaker, 44 Howe st
White Janet, apartments, 17 Bangor road, Leith
TVliite Jessie, apartments, 21 Fettes row
\WT2ite Jolin (successor to "W. B. n'ackenzie),
manufacturer of iiand-kuitted Shetland wt?ol
shawls, veils, hosiery, underciothingr, &.C-. tbe
Shetland T^arehouse lO Frederick st ; house/
34 ZVEanor place— .Vt- adverthemerd
White John, shipmaster, 15 North Fort st, Leith
White John, grocer & spirit dealer, 5a Buccleuch st
Wliite John, jaweiler & pawnbroker, 6 Brunswick at, & 805 High at
White John, contractor, 27 Dah-y road
White John, baker, 13 Duke st
White John, merchant (Seater, White & Co.), Fort st
^Vhite John, cabinet maker, 100 Gilmore place [Leith st
Wliite John, plumber and gasfitter, 10 South St. Andrew st, and 40
White John A. agent (Union Bank of Scotland), 28 Bernard et, L
White M. & M. milliners, &c. 8 Spittal st
White Margaret, confectioner, 24 India place
White Margaret, grocer, 14 Moray st
Wliite Margaret, disUe Terrace Motel, Castle terrace
White Mary, smallware dealer, 41 Prince Regert st
White, Moir & Co. commission merchants, 30 Bernard st, Leith
White Mrs. — , saddler, 24 Calton hill
White Nicholas, cabinet maker, upholsterer, auctioneer, & house
agent, 19 & 65 Leith walk, Leith
White Richard, tea merchant (R. White & Co.), 5 Brunton place
Wliite Richard & Co. wholesale tea merchants, 14 Eroughton st
White Robert, dairy, 217 Canongate
White Robert, grocer & spirit dealer, 276 Leith walk
White Robert, boot and shoe warehouse, 159 and 161 Pleasance •
house, 151 Pleasance *
White Robert, engraver (WTiite & Eagle), 3 Abercromby place
White Sarah, glove cleaner, 4 North St. Andi-ew st; ho. 22 Duke at
White Thomas, S.S.C. 114 George st; house, 3 Drummoud place
White Thomas & Co. tobacco-pipe manufacturers, 87 Canongate
White William, coal merchant, Leith walk Statioa ; ho. 16 Moray st
^RT^hite 'William woollen draper, clothier, men's
mercer, and hatter, 12 South Frederick streets
house, BergereviUe, Dean
White William, boot & shoe maker, 7 Couper st, Leith
White William, clerk, 7 Elizafield, Bennington
White William, manager, 10 Oxford st
White William, tanner (White, Burns & Co.), 95 Ferry road, Leith
White "WiUiam, wholesale tea merchant (R. White & Co.), 42 York ul
^Vhite William, grocer & spirit dealer, 497 Lawn market, and Grass
WhitecrosB John, dairyman, 1 Cochran terrace, East London terrao

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