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Warrack John & Co. commission merchants »& ship owners, 46
Constitution at, Leith [Park, Leith
Warrack Walter, wine merchant {Warrack & Sons), 12 Claremont
Warrack William, wine merchant (Warrack & Sons), 12 Claremont
Park, Leith
Warren John, surveyor (G.P.O.), 4 Mayfield st
Warrender Golf Club, 10 Meadow place
WasB Asa, woollen rag merchant, 63 Fountain bridge
Wasserzug M. picture-frame maker, 84 West bow
Waterloo Hotel, 23 & 24 Waterloo place— John Grieve, proprietor-
See advertieement
Waterloo Rooms & Lyceum, 23 Waterloo place
Waters Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 64 Thistle st
Waters & Mitchell, proprietors and manufacturers of Scott's vege-
table pills, 51 & 5S Lothian st
Waters Henry, fleshor (Johnston & Waters), 26 Grindlay at
Waters Henry, flesher, Crichton place, Leith walk
Waters Robert, basket maker, Drummond st ; house, 12 College st
Waterson E. tobacconist, 70 Lauriston st ; house, 59 Earl Gray at
Waterston A. lodgings, 73 George st
Waterston & Johnston, booksellers and wholesale stationers, 20
Bernard st, Leith
Waterston David, hosier (David Waterston and Son), 6 Chalmers st
"Waterston David &. Son, ready-made linen, general
outfit, hosieryt and glove wareliouse, %Z Creorgre st,
and 13 Arcadei Princes st
Waterston G. Sons & Stewart, manufacturing stationers, book-
binders and account book manufacturers, 56 Hanover st, and 9
Rose st, Newgate st, Lond-yn
Waterston George, stationer (G. Waterston, Sons l& Stewart), 19
East Claremont st
Waterston George, jun. stationer (G. Waterston, Sons & Stewart),
14 St. John's hill
Waterston James, jun. coal merchant, Caledonian Railway coal
depot, and 5 Dean Bank place ; house, 4 West Newingtou
Waterston James H. district auperinteudent (Scottish Permissive
Bill and Temperance Association), 37 Lutton place
Waterston John, stationer (G. Waterston, Sons &. Stewart), 2S
Gaylield square
Waterston Peter, importer of sewing machines, 15 South Frederick
st ; house, 60 George st
Waterston Mrs. — , apartments, 14a Dublin st. lane
Watherston James, builder (John Watherston & Sons), Easter Dairy
House, Dairy road
Watherston John & Sons, builders, 29 Qucensferry st, & Dairy road
Watherston Wm. builder (John Watherston So Sons), 23 Grosvenorst
Watkins & Co. brewers iDiibUn), 4 North St. Andi-ew at— Grainger
and Kennedy, agents
Watling Elizabeth, Watling's Hotel, 10 South St- Andrew st
Watgon Adam, cabinet maker & upholsterer, &c. 23 Union st
Watson Agnes, dairy, 121 Ferry road, Leith
Watson & Clarkson, grain & manure merchants, 85 Constitution 8t,L
Watson Alexander, printer, 2 Rose st; house, 23 South bridge
Watson Alexander, flesher, 5 Union place
Watson Alexander, gardener & florist, 59 Causewayside
WfttBon Alexander, shoemaker, 15 Brown st
Watson Alexander C. manager, 4 Henderson row
Watson & Co. china clay merchants, 31 Quality st, Leith
Watson Elizabeth, milliner, &c. 12 South Castle st
Watson Ehzabeth, shopkeeper, 10 Johnson st, Leith
Watson F. L. clerk, 2 Glenogle place
Watson G. H. teacher of writing, Ac. 13 Rutland square
Watson George, advocate, 3 Forres st
Watson George, cattle dealer, 6 Bangor road, Leith
"Watson G-eor§re, manufacturer of ecclesiastical
and domestic furniture, and funeral conductor,
5 Tollcross
Wa'tson George, shipping agent, 24 Beraard st, Leith
Watson George W. dentist, 4 StafiFord st
Watson Gordon, shoemaker, 5 Carnegie st
Watson Hannah, milliner (Dickson & Watson), 5 St. James's square
Watson Helen, grocer, 96 Grange place, Causewayside
Watson Henry, draper (Henry Watson & Co.), 15 Hope Park ter
Watson Henry & Co. linen & woollen drapers, 241 High st
Watson Isabella, farmer, Cramond bridge
Watson J.J& Co. coal dealers, 37 Yardheads, Leith
Watson J.K. treasurer and manager (Edinburgh Gas Light Co.), 25
Waterloo place, and 65 Constitution st, Leith; house, 14 Black-
ford road
Watson James, C.A. manager (Standard Property Investment Co.
Limited), Melbom'ne place; house, 2 St. Andrew terrace
Watson James, revenue ofBcer, 6 Pilrig st
Watson James, teacher, 1 Palmerston road
Watson James, dairy, 5 & 7SRacburn place [lotte sq
Watson James, manager (Scottish Provident Institution), 45 Char-
Watson James, sliipowner, Stanley road, Leith
Watson James, fish salesman, &c. Fish market, and 1 Gilmour st;
house, Dean Bank Lodge
Watson James, wilting master, 54 South bridge; ho,15 South Clerk st
Watson James, tailor & clothier, 52 Grove st
Watson James, traveller, 4 Upper Grove place
Watson James (Register House), 34 East Preston st
Watson James, flesher, 47 Alva place
Watson James, manager, 5 Gladstone terrace
Watson James, teacher, 9 Racburn place
Watson James, coal merchant, 109 Kirkgate & Binnies close, L
Watson James M. corn merchant (Watson & Clarkson), 11 LaurisLon
Watson Jane, apartments, 113 Princes st
Watson Jeremiah, boot and shoemaker, 129 Nicolson st
Watson John, traveller, Salisbury villas, St. Leonard's hill
Watson John, drysalter, 6 and 7 Potter row
Watson John, tailor, 22 Duncan st, Newingtou
Watson John, shipmaster, 68 Madeira st, Leith
Watson John, butcher, 5 Coburg st, Leith
Watson John, collector and receiver-general of stamps and taxes,
12 Waterloo place ; house, 27 Minto st
Watson John J. draper, 10 Comely Green place
Watson John W. gas surveyor, 16 Brougham st
Watson John Sime (Register House), 65 Cumberland st
Watson, Leybourne & Co. corn factors, 74 Constitution st. Leith
Watson Margaret, apartments, 71 Clerk st
Watson Margaret, apartments, 22 South Clerk st
Watson Margaret, milliner & draper, 12 Kirkgate, Leith
Watson Margaret, dairy, 6 Grindlay st
W^atson Margery, milhner, 5 Nelson st
Watson Mary Ann, apartments, 23 Duke st
Watson Mary Ann, grocer, 54 Primrose st
Watson Morrison, m.d. f.r.c.p.e. anatomist, 28 Ann st
Watson Patrick H. physician, 16 Charlotte square
Watson Peter, oil and colour merchant, 176 Canongate
Watson Rebecca, confectioner, 6 Richmond st
Watson Robert, boot & shoemaker, 48 St. John's place
Watson Robert, grocer & wine merchant, 22 Cowper st
Watson Thomas, dairyman, Windlestrawlee, Ferry road
Watson Thomas, baker, 167 Rose st
Watson Thomas, smith, 3 Nottingham place
Watson Thomas, tailor & clothier, 30 St. James's square
Watson William, house carpenter, Albert st, Leith walk
Watson William, traveller, 8 Hope st
Watson William, grocer, 152 Cowgate
Watson Wm. teller (Commercial Bank of Scotland),6 Douglas creact
Watson William, tailor, 194 Rose st
Watson William agent (Bank of Scotland), branch, Merohistou
Watson William, agent, 2 Lothian road
Watson William, ll.d. m.p. Lord Advocate, 6 St. Colme st \
Watson WiUiam, city missionary, 8 Glenogle terrace
Watson William, joiner, 4 Murano place
Watson William & Sons, joiners and builders, 90 Fountain bridge
Watson William R. (Register House), 15 Gladstone terrace
Watson's Co. of Porters, 31 (Quality st, Leith
Watson's (George) College Schools ("for young ladies), 5 Geoi^e
square ; (for boys), Archibald place ; boarding house, Home
Lodge, Viewforth ; A. Kirk Mackie, S.S.G. secretaiy and solici'
tor; John M'Laren, 138 Princes st, treasurer
Watson John, Hospital, Dean
Watt Agnes, apartments, 11 Kirk st, Leith walk
Watt Alexander, contractor, Whitfield lane, Leith walk
Watt Andrew ^ Sons, saddlers, X South Saiat
Bavld st
Watt D. W. hairdresser, 6 Great Junction st, Leith
Watt David W. tailor, 30 Great Junction st, Leith
Watt Elizabeth, apartments, 124a Princes st
Watt Ellon, china & earthenware dealer, 5 it 8 Lowmarket st
Watt George, jun. ivory, wood, and bone turner, 29 New st
Watt Geoige, draper & stationer, 44 North Fort st, Leith
Watt Henry Y. spirit dealer, 54 Tolbooth wynd, Loith
Watt Hugh, S.S.C. 9 York place
Watt Institution & School of Art, Chambers st
Watt J. & J. aerated water mauufactm-ers, 14 Canning plactf
Watt James, glass & china dealer, 44 St. John's place
Watt James, saddler (A. Watt & Sons), 9 James st, Portobello
Watt James, clerk, 8 Morningside bank
Watt James, wine merchant (John A. Bertram & Co.), 5 James
place, Leith [place, Leith
Watt James, jun, wine merchant (John A. Bertram & Co.), G Jamea
Watt Jane, baker, 16 Riddle's close, & 69 Shore, Leith
Watt John, confectioner, 15 Canning place
Watt John, shipmaster & superintendent, Granton harbour
Watt John, teller, lU Drydeu place
Watt John, traveller, 4 Livingstone place
Watt Mary Ann, smallware dealer, 92 Main st, Newhaven
Watt Matthew John, surgeon dentist, IS South Charlotte st
Watt Miss — , dressmaker, 24 Earl Grey st
Watt Mrs. — , apartments, 13 Lutton place
Watt N. c.E. 7 St. Andrew square
Watt Peter, grocer & spirit dealer, 105 South Back of Canongate
Watt Peter, grocer & si>irit dealer, 19 Haddington place
Watt Peter, gardener, 1 St. Bernard's place
Watt Robert, contractor, 12 Bangor road, Leith
Watt Robert, watchmaker, 5 North Pitt st
Watt Robert, joiner, Elm Cnttage, Bainfield
Watt Thomas, smith, 4 Swinton row
Watt Thomas, boot closer, SO Hose st
Watt Thomas, saddler (A. Watt & Sons), Eshiel House, Eskbank
Watt William, officer of Edinburgh Merchant Co., 4 Hunter's sq
Watt William, greengi-ocer, 235 Leith walk
AVatters George, jjrinter, 14 Salisbury st
Wattcrs Robert, basket & brush manufacturer, 12 South College st
Watts Henry, stationer, &c. (Carlisle & Watts), East Preston st
Watt's Hospital, 87 Duke st, Links
Watts Nicholas, c.E. 7 St. Andrew square
Watty Charles, inspector, Holyi'ood Palace
Wauchope David Baird, wine merchant (Wauchope,Moodie& Hope),
8 North Manor place
Wauchope, Moodie & Hope, wine merchants, 14 Constitution st, L
Waugh George, ham curer, 110 Nicolson st
Waugh George, engraver, 1 North Saint James st
WaugrEi J'ames, wholesale ^ retail 'nrzne &. spirit
mercbant, 19 VTest Riclimond st. Sl 1 Pleasance;
bouse, 15 Cumin place, Grange
Waugh James, commission agent, 12 Leith Street terrace
Wangh John, china and rag and metal merchant, 86 South Back of
Waugh Robert, hosier, glover, &c. 24 West Maitland st
V/eatherhoad Margaret, apartments, 71 Clerk st
Weatherley Mrs. — , drcs^malicr, 24a Earl Grey st
Weatherley Mrs. — , apartments, 6 Forres at
Weatherstone James, corn merchant, 47 Bridge st, Leith
Webb Joseph, flesher, 19 Richmond place
Webster A. messenger-at-arms & macer of Lyon Court (Webster &
Gardiner), 1 Nelson st
Webster A. R. surgeon, 13 Warriston crescent
Webster & Gardiner, messengers-at-arms, 2S St. James's square

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