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Tambull Missea — , boarding school, 41 Drummoiid place
Turnball P. butohor, 14 Levon Bfc '
Turnbull Patrick, W.S. 34 India St
Turnbuil Patrick, O.A. 81 Princes at; house, SO Northumberland st
Turnbull Richard, carriers' agent, 31 Prince Regent st, Leith
TurnbuU Robert, engineer (Turnbull & Oliver), 823 Leith walk
TurnbuU Robert, wine merchant (Henderson & TxunbuU), 15 East
Claremont at
Turnbull Robert, cork merchant, 12 Sandport st, Leith
Turnbull, Rotberg & Co. shipbrokers & coal exporters, 44 Consti-
tution st, Leith
TurnbuU Walter H. merchant {F. Richardson & Co.), 10 Pilrig at
Turnbull William, smith & edge-tool maker, 51 Duke st, Leith
Turnbull William, accountant (Royal Bank of Scotland), 14 Lana-
downe crescent
TurnbuU William, ahopkeeper, 8 Springfield st, Leith walk
TurnbuU WiUiam, shoemaker, 13 Grindlay st
Turnbull Wm. warehouseman (TurnbuU & Wii3on),30 Mayfield tor
Turnbull WilUam, clerk, 19 Ferry road, Leith
Turnbull 'William, wholesale cbemlst 6. drysalter ;
all kinds of druggists' and grocers' sundries ; ma-
ker of quintessences, baking powder, mixed
spices, calves'-feet jellies, raspberry, spiced and
table vinegrar, &,c.; liquid blue and office inks;
Catberine street court
TurnbuU William & Go. coal & lime merchants, 109 St. Leonard's st
Turnbull WiUiam E. auctioneer (Lyon & TurnbuU;, 16 North Man-
sion House road
Turner & Fitz, drapers & clothiers, 10 Nicolson st
Turner & Henderson, slate, lead, and cement
mercbants ; sole agents for X'rancis &, Co.*s " Iion-
don 9 Elms brand cement," ^7 Hanover street;
sbippin^ office, Carnarvon, If ortb "Wales
Turner Daniel, soUcitor-at-law, 24 George st; house, 18 Hugh
MiUer place [Clerk st
Turner David, draper & clothier, 31 South bridge; house, 65 South
Turner David, draper (Turner & Fitz), 21 Cochrane place
Turner David, sail maker, 11 Dock pi. Leith; house, 10 Albany st
Turner E. spirit dealer, 79 Leith walk
Turner EUzabeth, shopkeeper, 113 Causewayaide
Turner Euphemia, shopkeeper, 5 GUmour st
Turner F. W. slate, See. merchant (Turner & Henderson), Plas
Brereton House, Carnarvon, North WaUs
Turner Francis, bootcloser, 9 Leith st
Turner IsabeUa, china merchant, 35 Thistle st
Turner James, city guide, 26a St James's square
Turner James, printer (James Turner & Co.), 15 Leven terrace
Turner James, lodgings, 27 Walker st
Turner James, hosier, &c. 68 South bridge
Turner James, bookbinder, York lane
Turner James &. Co. engravers, lithograpbers, &,
general steam printers, 27 Xiotbtan road
Turner John, bootmaker, 155 Westport
Turner John, coal merchant & builder, Davidson's mains
Turner Joseph, grocer &, spirit dealer, BlackhaU
Turner Peter, coal traffic inspector, 33 Albany at, Leith
Turner Peter, victual & spirit merchant, 20 Clerk at
Turner Thomas, commission agent, 10 WeUington place, Leith
Turner Thomas, tobacconist, 62 South Clerk st
Turner Thomas, hardware dealer, 4 Drevar place
Turner W. N. bookseUer, 49 Tolbooth wynd, Leith
Turner Wm. m,b. professor of anatomy, 6 Eton terrace
Tui-ner WiUiam, di-aper & hosier, 290 Lawn market
Turner Rev. WiUiam, superintendent of City Mission, 5 St. Andrew
square ; house, 17 Bayfield square
Turner WiUiam, spirit dealer, 198 Canongate
Turner WiUiam, bookseUer, 4 GiUespie crescent
Turpy George, coach proprietor, 8 Park place
Tweeddale James, provision merchant, 27a Pitt at
Tweeddale James, bootmaker, 14 North West Circus place
Tweedie David, farmer, Silverknowes, Davidson's mains
Tweedie James, dairy, 4a Union st
Tweedie Margaret, victual dealer, 24 Brunswick st
Tweedie Peter, clerk, 15 Clarence st
Tweedie Thomas, linen draper, 22 Clerk st ; ho. 10 Buccleueh place
Tyne (The) Plate Co. (South Shields), manufacturers of poUshed
and silvered plate, 93b George st — Ferguson, EUiott & Co. agents
TyreU Walter, goldbeater, 74 Rose st
Tytler George M. secretary (Bank of Scotland), 3 Manor place
North, and Woodhouaelee, Roshjn [36 MelviUe st
Tytler James Stuart, W.S. & N.P. (Lindsay, Howe, Tytler & Co.)
UMPHERSTON & Co. Limited, engineers, founders, boiler makers
&c. 8S Bonnington road, Leith
UnderhiU Charles E. surgeon, 8 Coates crescent
Union Assurance Company Offices— John Laurie, 98 George st
David Todd Lees, 17 Hill st: Lindsay Mackersy, S North Saint
David st ; WiUiam Myrtle, 7 North Saint David st ; Chas. Ritchie,
C.E, 16 Hill st; & Renton & Kerr, 10 St. Andrew square, agents
Union Bank of Scotland, ParUament square— Albert Butter, mana-
ger ; James NorweU, secretary ; John Simpson & John Smith,
accountants. Branches: 64 George st — Jamea M. Gow, agent;
25 Downie place— James Morton, agent; Leith Branch, Bernard
6t~J. A. White and John E. Murray, agents; sub-otfices : 168
Canongate— A. S. Nimmo, agent ; 19 West Maitland st— Thomas
Gordon, agent; Newington— Anthony M. Louch, agent— See
Union Canal Co.'s Offices, 1 PortHopetoun
Union Club, 25 Frederick st
Union Heritable Securities Co. Limited, 18 Queen st — Robert A.
Robertson, secretary — See advertisement
Union Marine Insurance Co. Limited: Office, 26 Constitution at,
Leith— Rose, Martin & Co. agents
United Industrial School (South Grey*8 close) : Office, 87 George
st— Peter Couper, secretary
United Kingdom Anti-Papal League Office, 1 St. James's square
United Kingdom Temperance and General (life) Provident Institu.
tion, 121 Princes st — J. Phin Macritchie, district agent
United (The) Mereantile Agency Office — Cooper, Craig & Craig, 18
St. Andrew square
United Operative Masons' House of Call, 94 St. Andrew square
United Presbyterian Church HaU and Library, 5 Queen at— -D„
W. Morris, librarian
United Presbyterian Church Office, 5 Queen at [fication
United Presbyterian Churches— See Places of WorBhip in C'latti-
Unitcd Service Club, Queen st— Captain Mackie, secretary
Universal Life Asam-ance Office, IB Young st — Macnanghton &
Finlay, 18 Young at
University Club, 127 Princes at — J. TurnbuU Smith, secretary
University Court— John Christison, W.S. secretary
University Coui-t of Curators— -R. B. Johnston, W.S. secretary
University (Edinburgh), South bridge
University General CouncU— Thos. Gilbert, secretary & registrar
University of Edinburgh Endowment Association — John Chris-
tison, W.S. secretary [Cook, factow
University of Edinburgh Factor's Office, 61 North Castle at—John
University Senatus — John Wilson, secretary
University Temperance Hotel, 5 CoUege st — John Ward, proprietor
UphaU Chemical Manure Co. 7 Roxburgh place— Robert Murray,
Upton Thomas, painter, 1 Blenheim place
Urquhart Agnes, refreshment rooms, 180 High st [India plaoe
Urquhart Alexander, shoemaker, 36 North Frederick st ; house, 48
Urquhart Andrew, bootmaker, 51 Arthur st
Urquhart Charles, grocer, 52 Thistle st [garden^
Urquhart David S. agent (North British RaUway), 31 Lanrisioa
Urquhart George, dairy, Easter Hermitage, Restalrig road
Urquhart George, smith. Circus lane
Urquhart James W. bank agent (B. L. Co.), SI Lauder road
Urquhart Jane, draper, 19 West Nicolson st
Urqphart Kenneth, joiner & cabinet maker, S Rose st
Urquhart T. M. shipmaster, 1 Portland terrace
Usher Andrew, wine merchant (Andrew tfsher & Co.), Blackford
park, Oswald road
Usher Andrew & Co. diatiUera, wine and spirit merchants, 23, 24,
and 26 West Nicolson st; distiUery, Sciennes at; maltings and
bonded stores at St. Leonard's
Usher James, brewer (J. & T. Usher), 1 Eaton place
Usher James & Thomas, brewers and maltsters, Park Brewery,
St. Leonard's hiU
Usher Thomas, brewer (J. & T. Usher), 18 Lauder road, Grange
Utterson Mary, stay maker, 30 South Frederick st
Utterston Jane, spirit dealer, 24 Potter row
Utterston Robert, contractor, 26 Bowling Green st, Leith
VACCINE Institution (Central) for Scotland, 28 Clarence st— Wm.
Husband, m.d. superintendent
Valentine John, warehouseman (J. Valentine & Co.), 8 Seton pi
Valentine John <& Co. wholesale warehousemen, 2 Chambers ^t
Valerie James, shopkeeper, 66 South Back of Canongate
Vallance Alexander W. joiner, 26 South Back of Canongatd
Vallance Andrew, taUov, 12 West ToUcross
Vallance Archibald, confectioner, 5 Calton at
VaUance Henrietta, Berlin wool dealer, 29 George IV. brldg«;
house, 18 Buccleueh place
VaUance James, traveller, Garlung place
Vallance John, coal merchant, 3 Port Hamilton
VaUance John, carver and gilder, 24 Preston st. West
VaUance Thomas, grocer and baker, 30 Potter row
Vallance WiUiam, confectioner, 79 George st and IS Hanovfflf 0t>
house, 17 Rose st
VaUance WUliam, grocer and spirit dealer, 116 Westport
Vr.ilancG WilUam F. artist, 1 Mound pi ; house, 3 SummerhaU flq
V^loation Office (Lands) of the Borough, 10 Hanover st
Va:ace John, brassfounder, 99 Grass market ; house, 9 Glen st
Vandepeear James, grocer, Echo bank
Varrachi Joseph, confectioner, 10 Canongate
Vass Helen, shopkeeper, 62 Madeira st, Leith
Vauvert de Main Auguste, French Consul, 54 Bernard st, Leith;
house, RueseU place. Trinity
Veitch A. & J. cabinet makers and upholsterers, 4 Ladyfield place,
St. Anthony's place
Veitch A. D. depute clerk of justiciary (Gener-il Regieiar House),
24 MelviUe terrace
Veitch & Douglas, grocers and spii-it dealers, 160 Pleasance
Veitch Andrew, wine and spirit merchant, 4 Cowgatehead
Veitch Archibald, tailor and clothier, 5 Salisbury st
Veitch Catherine, private hotel, 120 and 122 George st
Veitch Christopher, merchant (Christie, Veitch & Co.), 49 Ydck pi
Veitch David, engine model maker, 143 Constitution st, Leith
Veitch Eliza, apartments, 1 Darnaway at [terrace
Veitch IsabeUa, spirit dealer, 3 Cumberland st ; house, 15 Gladstoap
Veitch James, smaUware dealer, 86a East Crosseauseway
Veitch John, grocer & spirit dealer, 1 Elm row
Veitch John Spence, Scottish register for servants (TavendalA &
Veitch), 6 South Castle st
Veitch Miss — , confectioner, 9 North Pitt st; ho. Dean Bank ter
Veitch R. hay & straw dealer, 90 Abbey hiU
Veitch Robert A. S.S.C. & aheriff-clerk depute, 88 Constitution gt;
houae, 38 RankeiUor st
Veitch Thomas, wine & spirit merchant. High Calton
Veitch Thomas, boot & shoe maker, 162 Cowgate
Veitoh WiUiam, cabinet & upholstery wareroom, 71 Lothian road
Veitch WiUiam, cooper, 23 Port Hopetoun
Veitch WiUiam N. spirit dealer, 1 Johnston plaoe
Verney Richard, dairyman & greengrocer, 4 Grange pi, Causewayside
Vernon Jobn S. jeweller, watclimalcer, A. optician^
5^ Xseltli street; house, 13 Iiotliian road
Vert WiUiam, tobacconist, 119 Nicolson st; houae, 4 Buccleueh at
Vertuo Duncan, h.e.i.o.s. 8 Eton terrace
Vertue George, merchant (WilUam Vertue & Co.), 4 St. Colme st
Vertue WilUam & Co. wine merchants, &c. 8 Constitution st, L
Vesey Jessie N. tobacconist, 6 Fox st, Leith
Vessie David, bookbinder, 8 WindmiU st
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