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Tod Alexander, miller (A. & R. Tod), St. Mary's Mount, Peehlei
Tod Alexander, flesher, 118 Pleasanoe ; house, 2 Crichton st
Tod Alexander, miller {Tod Brothers), 30 Drummond place
Tod Alexander & Robert, millers and corn merchants, Leith Flour
Mills, Leith
Tod & Thomson, Oil and Cake Mills, Citadel, Leith
Tod Andi-ew, agent for J. W. Campbell & Co. (Qlasgoiv}y 54 North
bridge ; house, 12 MoUendo terrace
Tod Andrew G. miller {John Tod & Co. Glasgow), 18 Picardy place
Tod Bros, millers & corn merchants, Stockbridge Mills, Stockbridge
Tod D. audit clerk {N.B.R.), 8 Stanhope place
Tod George, bookbinder, 2 Annandale st; house, 802 Leith walk
Tod George, china dealer (.T. & G. Tod), 8 Horse wynd
Tod George, clerk, 4 East Eyre place, CanonmiUs
Tod H. & H. W.S. 46 Castle st
Tod Henry, W.S. (H. & H. Tod), 80 Drummond place
Tod J. & G. china dealers, 98 Fountain bridge
Tod J. & J. wholesale grocers, 34 Mitchell st
Tod James, engraver {Mould & Tod), 16 Royal terrace
Tod James, farmer, Gorgie mains, Murrayfield
Tod James, .china dealer (J. & G. Tod), 52 Amphion place
Tod James, apartments, 27 Nelson st
Tod James, engraver & lithographer, 8 Elder st
Tod James R. commercial traveller, 90 Hillhouse field
Tod John, builder, Leslie place ; house, 48 Dean st
Tod John, engraver, 8 Thistle st
Tod John, grocer and spirit dealer, 45 Cumberland at
Tod John, Hesher, B5 Tolbooth wynd, Leith
Tod John H. C.A. 4.5 Frederick st ; house, 11 Manor place [cres
Tod John Wharton, W.S. {Tods, Murray & Jamieson), 8 Belgrftvift
Tod Richard, draper, 21 Tolbooth wynd, Leith
Tod Robert, miller (A. & R. Tod), Clerwood, Corstorphine
Tod Robert, miller (Tod Brothers), 80 Drummond place
Tod Susan, staymaker, 27 Nelson st
Tod William, miller {Tod Brothers), 15 Drummond place
Tod William, traveller, 52 Broughton st
Todd Charles, shipmaster, 25 Pitt st. Bonnington
Todd David, cattle agent {Murray & Todd), 18 St. Patrick square
Todd David, dairy, Dean House, Restalrig
Todd David, dairy, 12 Dahy Park terrace
Todd James, dairy, .Jock's Lodge
Todd John, grocer and spirit dealer, 45 Cumberland st
Todd John, joiner, 34 Arthur st [square
Todd John J. agent to Brown, Todd & Co. {London), 80 St. Andrew
Todd Jonathan, painter, &c. 26 Buccleuch st
Todd Robert F. corn merchant. West bow ; ho. 86 Lauriston place
Todd Robert M. {Chi-istall & Todd), 15 Tantallon place
Todd William D. traveller, 21 Broughton st
Tods, Mm-ray & Jamieson, W.S. and N.P. 66 Queen st
Tofts Mary, pawnbroker, 117 Canongate
Tolbooth Parish Home for Girls, Dumbiedykes road
Tolleth Thomas, baker and grocer, 19 and 45 Broughton st, and
37 Brunswick st [st, & 4 Oalton hill
Tomlinson William, temperance hotel and dining rooms, 3 Calton
Toole J. O. china merchant, 193 Canongate
Topping Alexander John, grocer and spirit dealer, 1 Poplar lane, L
Topping Andrew, foreman, 5 Carlton hill
Topping George, customs officer, 24 Woodbine terrace [place, L
Torbain Thomas, draper, &c. (Brown, Samuel & Torbain) 2 Wellington
Torrance Alice, baker, 10 Gillespie place
Torrance Archibald, farmer. Green bank, Mornlngside
Torrance E. grocer, 22 Yardheads, Leith [rd
Torrance Henry, machine maker, 20 St. John's hill ; house, 2 Lothian
Torrance John, seal merchant & contractor, & horse dealer, St.
Leonard's st, & at 90 East Crosscauseway; bouse, 138 Nicolson st
Torrance Joseph, gardener, 6 Moray st
Toi-rance 'rhomas,t6pirit dealer, 192 Pleasance
Torrance William, clock maker, 10 Gladstone terrace
Torrance William, coal merchant, 25 Cumberland st
Torre P. D. <St, Co. carvers, gilders, silverers. picture
liners, looking' glass mamufactmrers, and plate
glass mercbants, 33. Iieitb st
Torre Paul Delia, looking glass manufacturer (P. D. Torre & Co.),l
Qavfleld place
Torrie &Brodie, accountants & stockbrokers, 88 George st
Torrie R. Jameson, stockbroker (Torrie & Brodie), 2 Glenflnlas st
Torry & Pitoaim, W.S. 13 Heriot row
Torry Helen, greengrocer, 78 Queen et
Torry John, writer (Torry & Pitcairn), 18 Heriot row
Tosack James, shopkeeper, 17 Potter row
Tosar Adolfo & Co. wine merchants, 40 Quality st, Leith—
George Calder, agent
Tosh John, architect, 8 Wardie avenue. Ferry road
Tosbach Adam, grocer & spirit dealer, 2 St. Patrick st [uington
Toshach Alexander, merchant (Tosbach & Clark), 7 Pitt st, Bon-
Toshach & Clark, provision & general merchants, & Swedish agents,
42 Constitution st, Leith
Tough Anthony M. B. agent Union Bank of Scotland (Branch), New-
ington ; house, Inverleitbfleld, Ferry road
Tough John, missionary, 84 Clerk st
Tough WUliam, fruiterer, 20 Thistle st
Tough WilUam, greengrocer, Broughton market
Tough William, builder, Allan terrace, Causewayside
Tower Signal House, 2 Shore, Leith
Towert John, bootmaker, 367 High st
Towert WUliam, photographer ,29 St. Patrick sq; house, 8 Buccleuch pi
Town & County Heritable Trust Limited, 42 Castle st— Murray &
Romanes, C.A. managers
Town Clerk's Office (council department). City chambers
Town Clerk's Office, 19 Charlotte st, Leith
Towuseud Ann, teacher of music, 6 Blenheim place [heim pi
Townsend Geo. F. music seller ( TowuBond, Son & Thomson), (5 Blcn-
Townsend Mark (Inland Revenue Office), 37 Grove st
Townsend, Son & Thomson, pianoforte, harmonium & music ware-
rooms, 9 and 10 Greenside place
Townsend WUliam, professor of music, 6 Blenheim place
Tracy M. lieutenant Royal ArtiUery, 67 Montgomery st
Trades Maiden Hospital, EUlbank House Meadows
TraU J. A. W.S. and LL.B. (M'NeiU & Symes), 50 Great King st
Traill A. C. ironfounder (R. TraiU & Co.), 282 Bonnington rd
Traill Alexander, engraver, 68 North bridge
TraUl Alexander, hosier, 13 Lothian st
TraiU Alexander A. teamerchant (Traill & Fletcher), 4 Peel tor
TraiU & Fletcher, wholesale tea, coffee, fruit & apice merchants &
drysalters, 81 St. Andrew sq, and Clyde st. lane
Traill George W. accountant (Standard Life Office), 28 London st
Traill John, dining rooms, 5 and 6 Greyt'iars pi ; house, 18 Kier st
Traill Robert &. Co. Ironfouaders, 'Vulean Foundry,
Bonnington road, Iieltb
TraUl Robert C. merchant (Thomas Dishington 4 Co.;, 29
Warriston crescent
Training Home for Friendless Gii-ls of Good Character,? Lauriston In
Training Institution for Schoolmasters and Schoolmistresses of the
Episcopal Church in Scotland, Lochrin House
Tran John, gardener. Trinity hill
Traquair & Dickson, W.S. 17 Young st
Traquair Eliza, greengrocer, 14 West Nicolson at
Traquair Ramsay H. ai.D. Keeper of Natural History Museum ;
house, 28 Upper Gray st
Traquair WUliam, Jun.'S.S.C. 80 Clarence st
Trayner John, advocate, 10 St. Colme at
Traynor John, rag merchant, 44 Cowgate
Tregllgas "W. C, tailor, clothier, babit mialter,
batter and sbirtmaker, 7 Soutb Saint Andrew st
Tremaino John (Inland Revenue Office), 2 Hawthornbank tor, L
Trench IsabeUa, lodging house, 12 Salisbury st
Trestrail Henry P. (H.M.C), 7 Kirk st, Leith walk
Trever WUliam, bootmaker, 15 St. James's square
"Trimble George, civil engineer, 7 Malta terrace
Trinity Hospital, Leith
Trinity House, 99 Kirkgate, Leith
Trinity Station (raUway), Trinity— WilUam Wright, Btatiou maater
Tripp WUliam, spirit dealer, 21 Fox st, Leith
Trotter Alexander, teacher of wi'iting, arithmetic, bookkeeping and
mathematics, 59 George st
Trotter IsabeUa, teacher of music, &c. 59 George st
Trotter Margaret, apartments, 2 West Cu-cua place
Trotter Misses — , dressmakers, 1 Lothian road
Trotter Richard, shoemaker, 1 Crolt-an-Righ, AbbeyhiU
Trotter Robert, taUor & clothier, 11 Davie st
Trotter Robert, draughtsman, 9*7 Leith walk
Troup Alexander 0. clerk, 16 West Claremont st
True Frederick Robert, paper stock & metal merchant, 4 Annnndalo
st ; house, 1 Taylor place
Truefltt Frances, portrait, animal & landscape painter, 66 Princes st
Truofitt Peter, photographic artist, 65 Princes st
Truefitt WUliam, artist, 18 Duncan at
Truman, Hanbury & Buxton, brewers (London), 67 Conatitution st,
Leith— Sanderson & Morrison, agents
Tuff Jane, shopkeeper, 9 Shore, Leith
Tuke John Batty, physician, Saughton HaU Asylum ; house, 20
Charlotte square
Tullis James, grocer & spirit dealer. 111 Kirkgate, Leith
TuUis Robert & Co. paper manufacturers & wholesale stationers, 7
George st — James Hunter, manager; miUs, Auchmuiy and Bothcs,
TuUo James, merchant (Thornton & Co.), 9 Sciennes hiU
TuUocb M. & J. dressmakers & smaUware dealers, 8a Coburg st, L
TuUoch Margaret, victual dealer, 32 Dean st
TuUoch WiUiam (G.P.O.), 107 Nicolson st
TuUoch WUUam, spirit dealer (Dewar & Co.), 69 Kirkgate
TuUy Andrew, grocer & spirit dealer, 21 & 183 Canongate
Tunna Jessie, shopkeeper, 18 South Saint James at
Tunnie James, clothier & draper, 2 Clanalpine buildings
Tunny James G. photographic artist, 11 SaHsbury place and IS
Maitlaud st
Tupman James, shipbroker (Ward & Tupman), 16 Portland place. L
Turcan Charles Jameson & Co. corn factors & commission agents ,
90 Constitution st, Leith
TurnbuU A. W. (Benhar Coal Co.), 72 Haymarkot tenrace
Tumbull Adam, goods agent North British Railway, Leith; house,
12 Dryden st
Turnbull & Kay, coffee, spice, &c. merchants, Gayfield square
TurnbuU &, Oliver, engineers, millwrigbts, bridge
and v7aggon builders, Sieitb vralk
Turnbull & Spears, letterpress printers, 21 George st
Turnbull & WUson, woollen, &c, warehousemen, 60 South bridge
TurnbuU Andrew, merchant (TurnbuU & Kay), 4 East Broughton pi
TurnbuU David, W.S. & notary pubUc, 5 South Charlotte st; house,
13 Belgrave crescent
Turnbull EUison, confectioner, 12 Chapel st
Tm-nbiUl Frank W. clerk, 42 Argyle place
Turnbull George, confectioner, 11 Washington place, Dah-y road
TurnbuU George, coUector, 54 Pilrig Model buildings
TurnbuU George V. steamship owner, 44 Constitution st, Leith ;
house, 26 Drummond place
Tm-nbuU J. taUor, &c. {Taylor & Turnbull), 25 South Clerk st
TurnbuU J. & J. W.S. & N.P. 68 North Frederick st
TurnblUl J. Ruthorfoord, physician & sm'geon, 29 Castle terrace
Turnbull James, printer (TurnbuU & Spears), 28 Scotland st
TurnbuU James (Inland Revenxie), Eildon Lodge, BosweU road
TurnbuU Jamea, agent, Scottish Temperance League, 3 West
Preston st
Tm-nbuU James, jun. writer, 9 Lonsdale terrace
TurnbuU John, clothier {Taylor & TurnbuU), 25 South Clerk at
Turnbull John, photographer, 14 Nicolson st
TurnbuU John, merchant (Forrest & TurnbuU), 22 Miuto st
Turnbull John, grocer, 139 Kirkgate, Leith
TurnbuU John, W.S. (J. & J. Turnbull), 49 George square
TurnbuU John, agent (National Bank of Scotland), 25 Bernard st,
Leith ; house, 25 Buckingham terrace
Turnbull Margaret, daii-y keeper, 8 Bernard st, Leith
TurnbuU Mrs. — , boarding & day school, Bellovue Villa, Ferry road
Turnbull Mrs. — , apartments, 22 Lutton place
TurnbuU Mrs. — , apartmenta, 26 Bast Preston st

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