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Thomson Gordon, cooper and fish curer, 44 Coupor st, Leith
Thomson Henry J. manager, Clydesdale Bank, 1 East Claremont st
Thomson J. G. and Co. wine merchants and agents, 29 St. Andrew
st, Leith [Union st
Thomson J. W. agent for Clapperton, Paton and Co. (Qlasgo^o), 21
Thomson J. Maitland, advocate, 46 Charlotte square
Thomson James, dairyman, High st
Thomson James, chemist (Hannay & Co.), 23 London st
Thomson James, traveller, 9 Livingstone place
Thomson James, dairyman, Powderhall House, Broughton road
Thomson Jaraos, baker, cook and confectioner, 79 George st, TRoSe
st, 207 High Bt, & 6 Teviot place; house, 7 Rose st
Thomson James, hairdi-esser, 15 Catherine at [Princes st
Thomson James, ladies' underclothing and hosiery warehouse, 87
Thomson James, shipowner, 22 Windsor st
Thomson James, dealer in antiquities, 18 Haddington place
Thomson James, grocer, 9 Murdoch terrace
Thomson James, plumber, 11 India place ; ho, 4 Melbourne place
Thomson James, joiner, Upper Grove place
Thomson James, clerk, 9 Leven st
Thomson James, dairy, 6 Arthur st
Thomson James, baker & confectioner, 18 StafTord st
Thomson Jamea, greengrocer, 45 Buccleuch at
Thomson James, foreman, 9 Gibson st, Broughton road
Thomson James, bookseller (Thomson Brothers), 1 Castle bank
Thomson James, shipmaster, 91 Ferry road, Leith
Thomson James, traveller, 61 Prince Regent st, Leith
Thomson James, spirit dealer, 14 Bristo st ; house, Heriot place
Thomson James & Sons, corn merchants, 5 Leven st
Thomson James B. (City Chamberlain's Office), 34 Regent place
Thomson James M. architect, 23 Lauriston gardens
Thomson James W. merchant (W. Thomson & Co.), 22 Windsor et
Thomson Jane, agent, 4 George st, Leith
Thomson Jane, china, glass, &c. dlr, 11 Home st; ho, S Portland pi
Tliomson Jane, £eitli Barm "Works, 72 Tolbooth
wynd, Iieith ; bouse, 3S Bridg-e st
Thomson Janet, shopkeeper, 126 Bennington road
Thomson Jessie, apartments, 63 Constitution st, Leith
Thomson John, traveller, 10 Balfour cit, Leith walk
Thomson John, brewer (J. & J. Morison & Thomson), 7 Carlton ter
Thomson John, grocer, 93 Fountain bridge
Thomson John, grocer & spirit dealer, lU Salisbury terrace
Thomson John, grocer & spirit dealer, 70 Grass market
Thomson John, bookseller & agent, 3 Nicolson square
Thomson John, grocer & spirit merchant, 28 Balfour st, Leith walk
Thomson John, bookseller (Thomson Brothers), Castle terrace
Thomson John, spirit dealer, 74 Samt Andrew st, Leith; house
Prince Regent st
Thomson John, quarry manager, Ramsay Cottage, Craigleith
Thomson John, timber merchant (Huttou & Thomson), Union place
Thomson John, grocer and wine merchant, 73 Hanover st; house,
40b George square
Thomson John, shipmaster, 11 North Fort at, Leith
Thomson John, commission agent, 48 Lothian st
Thomson John, machine maker {D. & J. Thomson), 6 Union st, L
Thomson John, bank messenger, 16 Baltic st, Leith
Thomson John, customs officer, 20Lorne st
Thomson John, cow feeder, 22 Heriot place
Thomson John, farmer, Nether Lennie,Cramond
Thomson John, tu.d. r.n. 8 Millerfield place
Thomson John, dairy & greengrocer, 2 Thomas st
Thomson Joseph, commission agent, 14 Norton park
Thomson Kerr Monerieff, greengrocer, 3 East Sciennes
Thomson, Lauder & Co. wine merchants, 29 St. Andrew st, Leith
Thomson Lawrence, spirit dealer, 16 St. Andrew st, Leith
Thomson Lockhart, S.S.C. 114 George st ; ho, 20 Coates crescent
Thomson M. B. (Registry Office), 18 Forrest road
Thomson Maria, box maker, 1 Merchant st
Thomson Mary, broker, 28 Richmond place
Thomson Mary, milliner, 1 Cumberland st
Thomson May, ladies' nurse, 41 Broughton at
Thomson Mrs. — , greengrocer, 1 St. Anthony st
Thomson Mrs. — , apartments, 1 Queeusferry st, Leith
Thomson BIrs. — , embroiderer, 6 Bro^vn st
Thomson Mrs. — , baker, 54 Charlotte st, Leith
Thomson Mra. ~, apartments, 1 AthoU place
Thomrjon Mrs. — , apartments, 11 Elm row
Thomson Miss — , milliner, 52 Cumberland st
Thomson Mitchell, timber merchant (Mitchell Thoujson and Co.),
7 Carlton terrace
Thomson Mitchell and Co. timber merchants, 12 Queen st, ai^d at
Grauton Harbour
Thomson Murray, baker, 89 West Nicolson st
Thomson Peter, baker, 21 Sandport st, Leith
Mhomson Ptter, photographer, 90 South bridge
Thomson Peter, superintendent of works, 7 Gillespie plaoe
Thomson R. H. & Co. wine merchants, 130 Constitution st, Leith
Thomson Robert, grocer (W. & R. Thomson), 6 Claremont place
Thomson Robert, tobacconist, 13 Bristo st
Thomson Robert, ll.e. teacher of classics, 12 Rutland square
Thomson Robert, cooper, 144 Pleasance; house, 12 Gifford park
Thomson Robert, monumental sculptor, Dairy road
Thomson Robert, tobacco manufacturer (Thomson & Porteous), 2
Hamilton villas, Joppa
Thomson Robert, ll.b. 12 Rutland square
Thomson Robert, baker, 123 Rose st ; ho, 18 Frederick st
Thomson Robert, chemist, 40 Dublin st ; house, 23 London st
Thomson Robert, provision dealer, 149 Fountain brid<^e
Thomson Robert, dairyman, 19 Leven st "^
Thomson Robert, grocer, 5 James st
Thomson Robert, New Zealand Meat Depot, 150 Fountain bridge
Thomson Robert D. wine merchant and gi'ocer, 23 South Saint
Andrew st, and 5 Morningside bank
Thomson Robert, grocer, &c. 41 North Junction st, Leith: house,
59 Prince Regent st
Thomson Spencer C. manager, Standard Life Assiu'ance Compftuy
10 Chester street
Thomson Thomas, music seller (Townsend, Son and Thomson),
47 Great King at
Thomson Thomas, spii'it dealer, 143 High st
Thomson Thomas, corn dealer, 11 St. Catherine's place
Thomson Thomas, hnen & woollen draper, 185 Pi'inces st; house, 9
St. Bernard's crescent
Thomson Thos, grocer & spirit dealer, 40 South Back of Canongate
Thomson Thomas, W.S. (Thomson, Dickson, and Shaw), Spyl.aw
bank, Juniper green
Thomson Thomas, smaUware dealer, 26 Richmond place
Thomson Thomas, silk mercer, &c. {M'Gregor, Robertson and Co.)i
The Yews, Currie
Thomson Thomas A. stockbroker, accountant, and agent for the
Royal Bank of Scotland, 22 Yorli place
Thomson Thomas B. Servants' Register Office, 18 Forrest roa^
Thomson Thomas G. cooper, 35 Ferrier st, Leith
Thomson W. merchant (A. B. Fleming & Co.), 13 Lindsay place
Thomson W, grocer & wine merchant, 8 Leggat's land; house, 17
Lutton place
Thomson W. A. accountant, 25 St. James's square
Thomson W. & T. grocers & spirit dealers, 5 Lord Russell placb
Thomson W. Burns, surgeon & superintendent of Medical Mission-
ary Training Institution and Dispensary, 5 St. John st; house, 1
Ramsay gardens
Thomson W. L. tailor & clothier, 82 Rose st
Thomson William, tailor & clothier, 102 Duke st, Leith
Thomson William, watch maker, 1 St. Giles st
Thomson William, M.n. surgeon, 6 Mansfield place
Thomson Wm. seed merchant (W. Thomson & Co.), 26 Nelson st
Thomson William, bootmaker, 16 Catherine at
Thomson William, watchmaker, 61 Earl Grey st
Thomson William, wright, 8 Roaehill place fat, L
Thomsou William, coal merchant, 24 Sheriff brae; house, 37 Madeira
Thomson William, mason, 7 West Newington place
Thomson William, mason, 2 Grove st [mill st
Thomson William, brewer (J. & J. Morison & Thomson), 5 Wind-
Thomson William, merchant (W. Thomson & Co.), 23 Great King st
Thomson William, grain merchant, 10 Stafford st
Thomson William, baker, 130 Kirkgate, Leith
Thomson WilUam, grocer (Crighton it Thomson), 17 Lutton place
Thomson William, plumber, 141 Ferry rd, L; house,37HillhouBQfield
Thomson William, shipmaster, 61 Prince Regent st, Leith
Thomson William, bookkeeper, 7 Madeira place, Leith
Thomson William, drysalter (W. Thomson & Co.), 12 St. John sB
Thomson WiUiam A. miller (Tod & Thomson), 7 Bonnington pluce
Tbozusoxi>SJ^UUam&, Co. drysalters and salt snauu-
facturers, 24 Sheriff brae, XiCitb
Thomson William & Co. seed merchants, 16 St. Giles st
Thomson William & Co. ship brokers and commission merchants,
and agents for the " Allan Line" of steamers, 63 Constitution st;^ L
Thomson Wm. Archibald, accountant, 276 Bonnington road
Thorburu Alison, milliner, 16 South Clerk st
Thorburn Annie, apartments, 61 Montgomery st
Thorburn Francis D. spirit dealer, 7 Lindsay pi; house, 4 Bristo pT>rt
Thorburn George, inspector, Taaphall, Ferry road, Leith
Thorbm-n James, turner, 34 Nicolson st [L
Thorburn John H. merchant (John Hay Thorburn & Co.),l John's pi,
Thorburn John Hay & Co- commission merchants, 21 Bernard st,L
Thorburn John L. grocer, 106 West port; house, 6 Forrest road
Thorburn Robert & Son, builders, 19a Buccleuch st
Thorbm-n W. D. advocate, 19 Albany st [st, L
Thorburn William, baker, 11 Bernard st, L ; house, 46 Coustitutiop
Thorburu William, baker, 72 Leonard st
Thorburn WiUiam, stonemason, 19 Buccleuch st
Thorburn WiUiam, grocer and spirit dealer, 31 Argyle place
ThornhiU & Co. hat manufacturers, 38 South bridge st, and GlasffQW
ThornhiU George, hat manufacturer (ThornhiU &, Co.), 3 MoUondo
Thornton &. Co. waterproofers and India rubber
niannfacturers,wiioiGsa2e and export warehouse-
men, 2 Hanover st
Thornton &. Co.
Robert V. tailor aiid elotliiar, X03 SoutSt
bri^g:e? house. Mayville, Trinity
Tiaoiason Samuel, clerk, 1 Dyuuba st
waterproofers and India rubber
naanufactureis; retail establishment, 7S ^riuces
st ; also at Leeds and Belfast
Thornton David, muson, St. Cuthbert'a lane
Thornton George, India rubber manufactui-er (Thornton & Co.),
Woodville, Hattou place, Grange
Thornton WiUiam, baker, 51 Canongate, and Dumbiedykes roiid
Threipland WiUiam, proprietor of swimming baths, North Pitt st
Thriepland Richard, newsagent, 4 Swinton row
Thrift Agnes, smaUware dealer, 46 High st; house, 55 Pleaaance
Thwaites Wm. Kelso, S.S.C. 3 Frederick st ; house, 12 Howard place
Thyee 6?i Tait, sills anercers, grenea-ai drapers,
laceuien, hosiers, hatters, shirtmaiters, baby-
linen and ladies' underclothing manufacturerss
trimming: merchants, shaixrl and mantle w^are-
housemen, carpet dealers, &.c. 37 £sOthian ro.ad
TUyne (St. Tatt, wholesaie warehousemen, 4:6,'"so,
32. &. S-K ^rlndlay street
Thyue James, merchant and manufacturer (Thyne & Tait), 21
GreenhiU gardens
Thyne John, fleshcr, Stockbridge market ; house, 21 Danube st
Thyne M. T. butcher (W. Thyne & Sons), 6 Spring gardens
Thyne WilUam, stationer, 24 St. James's square
Thyne WiUiam & Sons, butchors, 4 Spring gardens
Tierney Patrick, smaUware dealer, 34 S.outh liichmond st
Tierney WiUiam, tailor & clothier, 39 iiernard st ; house, 10 Sliove,L
TiUbrook Laban, magnetic physician, 37 Great Junction st, L,:ith
TiUie Jane, newsagent, 10 North Wc?t Circus place
Tindal John, W.S. (MelviUo & Lindsay), 9 Derby st, Trinity
Tiulin Jane, lodging house, 57 Queen st
Tinto Janet, provision dealer, 16 Citadel, Leith
Tipping John, clerk, 13 East Adam st
■ Tod Alexander, nuUtr (Tod Brothers), 15 Drummoiid place
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