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Spalding William, gi-ocer & spirit dealer, 15 Yardlieads, Leith
Spanier Louis, teacher of German, 30 Castle st
Spaven Andrew, customs oflBcer, 2 Allan st, Leith
&paven James, clerk, 18 Hawthorn bank terrace, Leith [teiTace
Spaven. Robert, saddler, 5 South Saint David st ; house, 2 Gladstone
Spears Michael P. printer ('TurnbuU& Spesrs), 5 Pitt 3t
Spears Mrs. ^, dressmaker, 24 Bowling green st
Spoonlative Society of Edinburgh, University
Speed Mrs. —, ladies' nurse, 8 William st
Speedwell Boarding House for Young Women, 18 Chapel st
Spead David, S.S.C. (M'Cracken & Speid),28 Stafford at
Speid John, clerk, 28 Lauriston gardens
Speirs James, manager, 23 Bangor road, Leith
Speller Richard, chemist, 22 Calton hill
Spence Alexander, shopkeeper, 1 East Arthur place
Speoce David, tailor, 2 Salisbury st
Spence Francis, painter & glazier, 13 Great Junction st, Leith
house, 1 Morton st
Spence Henry Eonar, spirit dealer, 2 Grass market
Spence James, grocer, 28 Pleasance
Spence James, f.r.c.s.e. professor of surgery, 21a Ainslie place
Spence James, fruiterer & confectioner, I Broughton et
■Spence James, grocer, 6 South Holvrood st
Spence John, accountant, 14 Spittall st
Spence John, accountant, Avenue villas, Comely Bank
t pence John, architect, 5 Lothian road
pence JohnD. (Scottish Widows' Fund), St. Olaf, York rd, Trinity
Spence John, manufacturer of leather and waterproof goods, 6
Hanover st; house, 12 Caledonian terrace
Spence John G. tailor & clothier, 46 Frederick st; house, 1 Steele's
pkice, Morningside
Spence John M. engineer, 121 Rose st
Spence Joseph, saddler 24 Grass market
Spence Paterson W. G. analytical chemist, 7 Young st ; house, 38
Northumberland st
Spence William, chemist, 86 Howe st
Spencer Christina, apartments, 8 George st, Leith
•Spens William G. resident secretary Scottish Amicable Life Assu-
rance Society, 14 Drummond place [Railway
Spiers & Pond, refreshment rooms, Waverley station. North British
Spiers Andrew, clerk, 25 Rintoul place
Spiers Fonlton, agent, Bank of Scotland, 92 Constitution st, Leith;
, house, 17 Charlotte st
■Spiers Robert, greengrocer, 20 Rose st
Spindler Miss — , teacher of music, 25 York place
Spink Alexander, commission agent, 7 St. Andrew square
Splhk William, S.S.C. 4 Pitt st
Splnks Cbarles, turner &, saw miller, Coatfield
lane, ^eitli; l&ouse, 133 Constitution st, Sieitlti
Spibks Thomas, watch & clock maker, 55 Broughton st
Spittal Helen, teacher of music, 18 West Preston st
Spittal Thomas, janitor, 33 Charlotte square
Spottiswoode Eobt. C.A. (Mansfield <& Spottiswoode),2Inverleithrow
l&prague Thomas Boiid,manager (Scottish EquitableLife Assurance
Society), 29 Buckingham terrace
Springall William, furnace builder, 2 Prospect terrace
Sprot & Wordie, W.R. 10 Drummond place
Sprot Thomas, W.S. (Sprot & Wordie), 10 Drummond place
Squire Jane, apartments, 72 Broughton st
Stafford & Co. merchants, agents & shippers, 13 Frederick st
Staffordshire Fire Insurance Co. Limited, 9 North Saint David st~
J. Smith Muir, agency ii\spector
Stage Jane, academy, 27 Haddington place
Staig William, shipmaster, 165 Ferry ro,id
Stairs William, smaUwaro dealer, 20 Drummond st
Sfcfilker Colin Kay, merchant (Kay & Co.), 72 Northumberland st
Stalker Daniel, spirit dealer, 1 Lauriston st
Stalker David, chronometer & nautical instrument maker, 6 Com-
mercial st, Leith
Stalker H. P. hairdresser, 6 College st ; house, 14 Clerk st
Stallier James, Customs officer, 28 Bangor road, Leith
Stalker Peter, clerk, 16 Walker terrace
Stalker Robert, painter (Sutherland & Stalker), 14 Paumure iilace
Stalker Thomas, hairdresser 9a Clark st
Stalker William, china, glass & marine store dealer, 38 Sandpoi-t st, L
Stamp & Tax Offices, fo Waterloo place
Stampa & Bell, pocket-book makers, 6 Bristo place
Standard Bank of British South Africa Limited (London), 4 Thistle
court— James Balfour, agent
Standard ]Life iLssurauce Cosnpany (established 1825),
3 Georg-e st— Spencer C Tliomsoa, manager;
Tbomas Robertson, secretary. Agents ; Watt & Ander-
son, 9 York place ; Philip, Laing & Munro, 140 Princes st ; George
Andrew, 3 Hope st; Andrew L. Fj'fe, National Bank, Tollcross ;
A. M. Fraser, National Bank, 144 Princes st; William Taylor, 12
Gladstone terrace ; John T. Peacock, 65 South Clerk st ; Thomas
A. Thomson, 3 Pitt st; Andrew Saugster, jun. 13 Montgomery st;
John Donaldson, National Bank, Haymarket; John Moodie,
National Bank, 7 Leith walk ; and George Thomson, 40 Gillespie
crescent — See ndverlisemen t
Sta'udard Murine Insurance Co. Limited, 18 Bernard et, Loith —
Seater, White & Co. agents
Standard Property Snvestment Co. Sdimited lO
acelbourne place— James '^7'atsoea, C.i^. manager
— See adverthtynoit
Standrig Colliery Office, 2 Port Hopetoun— William Booth, agent
Stanfleld John, builder, Dumbiedykes lane
Stanton Clark f>oulptor, i&.^.S.ik. Ramsay lane;
bouse. 22 FindHorn pSace
Star Life Assurance Co. 77 George st— John Deans, agent
Starforth John, architect, 87 York st
Siark Adam, ironmonger (A. Stark & Co.), 1 Park et
Stark Adam & Co. wholesale ironmongers, watch & clock material
dealers, 2 & 3 Bank st
Stark & Bruce, fiour merohanta, 1 Yardheads, Leith
Stai-k G. & J. roumongers & tinplate workers, 24 & 26a Earl Groyst
Stark James, physician, 21 Rutland et
Stark Jane, apartments, 42 Lothian st
Stark John, storekeeper, 24 Bernard st, Leith
Stark John, marble merchant (J. Stark & Co.), 96 Duke st, Leith
Stark John, traveller, 55 South Clerk st
Stark John, agent for Arthur & Co. warehousemen {Qlasgoic),^^
North bridge; house, 8 Queen's crescent
Stark JTolin &. Co. plain &. enamelled slate and
marble manufacturers, 140 Sieith walk — See advt
Stark Thomas, tobacconist, 81 West port
Stfli'k W. C. clothier & outfitter, 74 High st ; house, John's place
Starling Harriet, apartments, 24 Euccleuch st
Stealns Xan&es &. Co. tea mercbaBts {London), ft
Picardy place — "William Bell, a^ent
Steam ^avig-ation Company (CS-eneral), 21 "V^ater-
loo placcp :Sdinbur^h, and ftS Sernfird st, lieitli--
Kobert Sinclair, ag'ent
Stechan Louis, carver and gilder, 14 Elm row
Steedman Adam, confectioner, 9 South College st, & 24 Cockburn st
Steedman Alexander, dairy, 3 Washington place
Steedman & Son, bill posters, 16 Johnston terrace
Steedman Henry, bookbinder, 9 Veitch's square
Steedman John, gi-ocer, 17 North West Circus place
Steedman Mrs. — , laundress, 6 Veitch's square
Steedman William, ^ine merchant & grocer, 1 Charlotte st, Leith,
and 4 Leith walk
Steedman William, smith & steelyard maker, 19 South Back of
Canongate; house, 48 St. Mary st
Steel, Coulson & Co. brewers &. maltsters; maltings, South Back of
Canongate; and also at Greenhead Breweiy, Glasgoio
Steel David, chemist and druggist, 25 Lothian road
, Steel Ebenezer, house agent, 16 Royal Exchange
Steel George (City of Glasgow Bank), 21 Seton place, Grange
Steel James, bootmaker, Canaan lane, Morningside
Steel James, builder & lessee of Wishaw Quarry, 4 Torphichen st
Steel James, spirit dealer, 110 Rose st
Steel James, grocer, 33 Duke st, Leith
Steel Jolin, heritable property & insurance a^ent,
Soyal £l£Cliang-e
Steel William, shoemaker, 11 Falcon place, Morningside
Steel William, bootmaker, 11 Kirkgate, Leith
Steele A. "W. pboto^rapbic fine art gallery and
picture frame n&aker, ^5 Bernard st, lieith
Steele John, cojil & firewood dealer, 139 Groat Junction st, Leith
Steele John, ironmonger, tinplate worker, &cAl Cockburn st ; house,
16 Upper Gray st
Steele William, teacher of classics, 27 Clarence st
Steele William, S.S.C. and agent to the Guarantee Society {London},
61 Frederick st ; house, 13 Inverlcith terrace
Stcell Gourlay, r.s.a. portrait & animal painter, 4 Palmerston place
Steell Gourlay, jun. artist, 8 Mary's place
Steell Sir John, R.S.A. sculptor to Her Majesty ; studio, 9 Randolph
place ; bronze foundry, Grove st ; house, 24 Greenhill gardens
Steell William, architect, 9 Randolph place ; house, 18 Clarence st
Stcen John C. head master of the Edinburgh Ladies' Institution,
30 & 37 George square [25 Pitt st, L
Steenberg Alfred, commission agent, &c. (Jacobson & Steenberg),
Stein Andrew, clerk, 21 Oxford st
Stein Charles, sen. Peruvian consul, 17 Baltic st, Leith
Stein Chas merchant (Cbas. Stein & Sous), Edin Holme, Merchiston
Stein Charles & Sons, corn factors, 17 Baltic st
Stein Jolui, house factor, Lochrin, Home st
.Stenhouse Alice, shopkeeper, 1 Church lane
Stenhouse Alison, dairy. Echo bank
Stenhouse & Barclay, grocers & spirit dealers, 15 West Newingfcon ter
Stenhouse Andrew, furniture broker, 46 & 50 Pleasance [Docks, L
Stenhouse Andrew iX George, shipping & forwarding agents, Wet
Stenhouse George, brewer, 16 East Norton place
Stenhouse George L. messenger, Granton Lodge, Granton rd
Stenhouse James, farmer, Davidson's Mains
Stenhouse John, spirit dealer, 5 St. Mary's st ; house, 15 St. John's st
Stenhouse John, commission agent, 22 Pitt st
Stenhouse Robert, bottle merchant, 103 Rose st
Stenhouse Thomas, merchant (A. and G. Stenhouse), Jessfleld
House, Newhaven rd, Leith
Stephen David, grocer & spirit dealer, 12 Yardheads, Leith
.Stephen David, clerk, 3 Caledonian rd
Stephen John, telegraph engineer & electrician, Deanbank
Stephen Mrs. — , milliner, 4 Montague st
Stephen Robert, baker, 19a Loudon st
Stephen Thomas, trimming merchant, 76 Princes st
Stephens Francis A. clerk, 320 Leith walk [st, L
Stephens William Walker, soap maker (W. Taylor & Co.), Salamander
Stephenson Frederick, chemist, 16 Howe st; house, 10 Gilmore pi
Stephenson John B. chemist & druggist, 71 George st; house, 8
Belford terrace
Stephenson William, round A spiral turner, 166 Rose st
Sterne William D. E. teacher of drawing, 6 Wilkie place
Steuart Archibald, W.S. 17 India st ; hoi^se, 6 Ann st
Steuart Charles, AV.S. 3 Albyn place
Steuart Charles, jun. W.S. (J. C. & A. Steuart), 8 Doune terrace
Steuart Charles E. C.A. 1 Belgrave crescent
Steuart George, accountant (Commissioners of Northern Light-
houses), 3 Forbes road
Steuart J. C. & A. W.S. 17 India st
Steuart James, W.S. (J. C. A A. Steuart), 8 Doune terrace
Steuart John, W.S. 16 Northumberland st
Steven Archibald, victual dealer, 17 Cheyne st
Steven David, plumber, 15 Howe st
Steven David, glass merchant, 3a Bristo place
Steven Jas. & Son, coal merchants. Prospect ter ; house, 48 Ai-thm- st
Steven Robert, W.S. 35 George IV. bridge ; house, West
Colington House
Steven W. F. manager, 14 Henderson row
Steven William, wine and bonded store merchant and agent for
Findlater & Co. brewers {Dnblin.), 27 Commercial st, Leith

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