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Smith John, flesher, 47 Kirkgate, Leith
Smif,h John, bookseller & stationer, 1 Antigua et; house, 18
Montgomery at
Smith John, greengrocer, 21 Gilmonr st
Smith John, dairyman, 5 Laurie st
Smith John, pluniber, &c. (David Smith & Sons), 8 Windmill st
Smith John, buUdor, 17 East Preston st; house, 43 South Clerk st
Smith John, clerk, 16 Albany st
Smith John, newsagent, 4 Saunders st
Smitb John &. Co. paper stock mercbants, Brand-
field st, CroTe st
Smith John & Co. essence of co£fee manufacturers, 28 & 82 Forth
St. & 14 ok 16 Union st — Sie advcriisenient
Smith-John & Son, tailors & clothiers, 102 South bridge
Smitb John &. Sons, coal &. coke merchants (bead
office). 67 XiOtnlan road. Branches: IS Nortb-
'Weat Circus place; 2, 'W^est Iffewlngton terrace,
nXorning'side bank. Qepots: KSorrison street &
Haymarket— iSee advertisement
Smith John & Sons, umbrella & parasol manufacturers & furriers,
78 Princes st
Smith John C. advocate, 16 Nelson st
Smith John D. carver and gilder, 21 South Frederick st ; house, 10
Preston terrace
Smith John H. painter, 158 Great Junction st. Leith ; house,
Haddington place
Smith John K. architect, 7 Gardner's crescent
Smith John M. spirit dealer, 169 Causewayside
Smith John S. tailor (John Smith & Son), 66 Clerk st
Smith John Turnbull, C.A. (Mackenzie & Smith), 29a St. Andrew
square ; house, 1 Nelson st
Smith Margaret, provision dealer, 264 Canongate
Smith Marian, apartments, 13 North West Circus placo
Smith Marian & Jessie, eating-house keepers, 51 Morrison st
Smith Mary, provision dealer, 11 East Arthur place
Smith Mary, milliner, 78 Pleasance
Sftiith Blary, shopkeeper, 175 Leith walk
Smith Mary, apartments, 933 Leith walk
Smith Matthew, joiner, Lochrin
Smith Matthew W. bootmaker, 31 Trafalgar st, Leith
Smith Montgomery, tobacconist, 63 Clerk st
Smith Mrs. — , lodgings, 18 Queensferry st
Smith Mrs. — , apartments, 18 Montague st
Smith Mrs. — , apartments, 21 Barony st
Smith Mrs. — , boarding house, 7 Buccleuch place [Morton st
Smith P. B. corn merchant, 21 Constitution st, Leith; house, 6
Smith Peter, bootmaker, 9 Bristo st
Smith Peter S. chemist (T. & H. Smith & Co.), 2 Bellevue terrace
Smith R. & A. K. sm-veyors and valuators, 17 George st
Smitb R. M. merchant, 41 Constitution st; house, 4 Bellevue
crescent, Leith
Smith Ralph A. clothier (Smith & Smith), 24 Raeburn place
Smith Richard, clerk, 3 IWlaitland place, Newhaven
Smith Richard, coal agent,7 St. Leonard's station; ho.57MontagU6 st
Smith Richard P. stationer & newsagent, 125 Nicolson st
Smith Robert, S.S.C. (Beveridge, Sutherland and Smith), 91
Albany st, Leith
Smith Robert, sculptor, Dairy road ; bouse, 2 St.
Savld's place
Smith Robert, tanner, Silver MiUe ; house, Cumberland st
Smith Robert, surveyor (R. & A. K. Smith), 84 Gillespie crescent
Smith Robert, coal dealer, 2 Orchardlield
Smith Robert, provision dealer, 8 Arthur st
Smith Robert, brassfounder, 7 "Thomas st
Smith Robert, customs officer, 91 Albany st, North Leith
Smith Robert A. S.S.C. (Mason & Smith), 7 Brougham place
Smith S. tailor and clothier, 18 North bridge
Smith Samuel, bootmaker, 66 St. Leonard's st
Smith Thomas, corn merchant and commission agent, 94 Con-
stitution st, Leith
Smith Thomas, goldsmith (Marshall & Sons), 46 Queen st
Smith Thomas, surgeon, Heriot Hill House
Smith Thom.ts, S.S.C. 14 South St. Andi-ew et ; house. Oriel
Cottage, Eskbank, Dalkeith
Smith Thomas, coal dealer, 29 St. Leonard's st
Smith Thomas, lodgings, 37 Gillespie crescent
Smith Thomas, joiner. Upper Grovo place
Smith Thomas & Henry & Co. chemists, &c. 21 Duke st
Smith Thomas O. drysalter, 11 Grass market
Smith Thomiis R. agent for John Edmondson, railway ticket
printer, 377 High st
Smith Thomas S. tailor & clothier (Smith & Smith), 61 Clerk st
Smith W. B. gelatin >/ manufacturer, 22 Bangor road, Leith
Smith W. H, coal mci chant (John Smith & Sons), 2 Rosbei^ cros
Smith William, IL.D. manager (English and Scottish Law Life
Assurance Association), Lennox Lea, Currie
Smith William, teaclaur of writing, 43 Northumberland st
Smith William, baker, 495 High st
Smith William, bootmaker, 71 Tolbooth wynd, Leith
Smith William, woollen draper, 267 High st ; ho. 21 Lauriston st
Smith William, coal dealer, Pitlochry place
Smith William, cashier, 25 Merchiston place
Smith William, baker, 72 Fountain bridge
Smith William, grocer, 12S Westport
Smith William, draper, 8 St. Leonard's st
Smith William, dairyman, 190 Bonnington road
Smith William, clerk, 25 Leith walk
Smith WtUiam, watchmaker, 168 High st
Smith William, chemist. 1 Deanhaugh [Upper Gray st
Smith Wilham, dairyman and gardener, 1 West Mayfield, & 26
Smith William, contractor, Silver mills
Smith William, fiesher, 10 Westport
Smith William A. c.E. 11 Charlotte square
Smith William & Sons, builders, 17 East Preston st
Smith WilUam C. advocate, 62 Queen st [walk
Smith M'illiam C. merchant (Smith & Alexander!, 4 Hope st, Leith
Smitb, Wilson & Co. chemists, 50 Charlotte st, Leith
Smiths &. Co. lamp manufacturers and oilmen to
Ker Majesty, g-asfitters, brassfounders, and tin-
plate workers, 39 George street
Smyth Charles Piazzi, professor of practical astronomy, and
Astronomer Royal for Scotland, 15 Royal terrace
Snadden Henry, coal merchant, Heriot hill and 27 Bill place
Sneddon James, teacher of music, 13 Gladstone terrace
Sneezum Alfred C. stationer (W. & J. Milne), 40 Gillespie crescent
Snider Geo. H. taUor, 1 West Arthur place and 46 West Richmond st
Suody Andrew, S.S.C. 51 Constitution st. L & 26 Gayfield square
Snow Frank, butcher, 16 Middle market ; ho. 17 South St. James st
Snow John, flesher; 16 South St. James st
Snow John, jun. flesher, 6 Middle market and 10 Clifton terrnoe
Snowden Walter, traveller, 112 Gilmore place
Society for Industrious Blind, Nicolson Bt
Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 4 North St. David Bt
Society forPrevention of Pollution of Rivers in Scotland,87 George st
Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 107 Princes st
Society for the Benefit of Sons and Daughters of Ministers and
Missionaries of the Free Church of Scotland, 4 North Saint
David st— Alexander Brown, secretary
Society for the Employment of Women, 87 George at— Phcebo
Blyth, hon. secretary ,, .. „ ,
Society for the support of ;Gaehc Schools— Thomas Martin, C.A.
49 Castle at. assistant secretary
Societyfor the ReUef of the Destitute Sick, 160 High st [Queen st
Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge, 49
Society in aid of Mora^-icn Missions, 138 Princes st
Society of Advocates, Parliament square
Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, Royal Institution
Society of Solicitors before the Supreme Courts, Parliament aqaare
Society of Writers, Signet Library, Parliament square
Slider Louis, artist, 31 Panmure place
Solicitors-at-Law Hall, Sheriff Courts buildings, George IV. bridge
Solicitors of Supreme Courts HaU & Library, Parliament House
Somervail Alexander, stationer and dressing case maker, 78
George st ; house, 28 India st
Somerville Alexander (Inland Revenue), 2 Saxe Coburg pWoe
Somerville & Crombie, engineers and machine makers, Gilmore
Park, Fountain bridge
Somerville & Craig, hosiers & glovers, 85 Princes st
Somerville jUlison, apartments, 8 Gardner's crescent
Somerville Archibald Miller D. clerk, BessviUe, South Gray st
Somerville George, engineer (Somerville & Crombie), 3 Brougham pi
SomerviUe Henry, foreman, 6 Eastfleld, Leith [Leonard's st
SomerviUe Hugh, spirit dealer. 21 Richmond place; house, 4 St.
Somerville J. cSt T. dairymen, 96 Causewayside
Somerville James, mason, 13 Jamaica st
Somerville James, shopkeeper, 40 Water et. Leith
Somerville James, S.S.C. 3U Saint Andrew sq ; ho. 23 Blacket pi
Somerville James, butcher, 28 St. Andrew st
Somerville Jane, leather mi-rchaiit, 129 Westport
Somerville John, wine merchant (John Somerville & Co.), 11
Regent terrace
Somerville John, jun. timber merchant (Hutchinson Ss Rogers), 9
Regent terrace
Somerville John, hosier, glover, and shirt maker (Somerville &
Craig), 1 Scotland st
Somerville John, merchant (Mitchell, Somerville & Co.), 8 Windsor
st [gent ter. Dunstan, Trinity, L
Somerville John, jun. merchant (Mitchell, SomervUle & Co.), 9 Ke-
SomervUle John & Co. wine & spirit merchants, 4i7 Quality st. li
Somerville Mrs. — , dressmaker, 10 Mansfield place
Somerville R. & Co. drapers and outfitters, 68 Bridge st
Somerville Robert, bookseller & library, 19 Spring gardens ; house,
3 Claremont place
Somerville William, grocer & spirit dealer, 211 Canongate
Somerville William, miUiner, 23 South Frederick st
Sommerville Adam, dairyman, 43 St. Leonard's st
Sommorville George, traveller, 173 Leith walk
Sommerville Margaret, apartments, 28 India st
Soate George Gibson, W.S. 22 HiU st ; house, 58 Castle st
Soppit David, architectm-al modeller, 6 Glen at
Sordon James, slipper manufacturer, 15 High School yards
Sorensen M. & Kidd, merchants, 53 Constitution st, Leith .
Souness Adam, merchant (J. & A. Souness), 1 Catherine place
Souness J. & A. timber merchants, Cemetery road, Warriston
Souness Janet, greengrocer, 6 Summers pi
Souness James, merchant (J. & A. Souness), Ormiston
Sounnesa Robert, grocer & wine merchant, 509 Lawn market
Souter Alexander, foreman. Royal Park terrace, Meadowbank
Souter James, dairyman, Roseliall Dairy, Dalkeith road
Souter John, provision dealer, 6 Catherine st
Souter Miss — , dressmaker, 10 Caledonian crescent
Souter Peter, messenger, 10a George st
South bridge Pawnbroking Co. 35 South bridge, & 55 Niddry st—
James D. Imrie, manager
South Leith Parochial Olfice, Great Junction st
South Leith Workhouse, Great Junction st, Leith
Southern Cemetery, Grange road
Bontter &. Son, toy &nd fancy goods merchants,
£.02 Princes st
Soutter James, jun. Importer ot toys and fancy
goods, 32 &. 132 Princes st; bouse, 3 Rutland pi
Soutter E. greengi'ocer, 54 North Pittst
Soutter James, toy, &c. merchant ( Soutter & Son), 5 AthoU place
Souyris Aplonia, dressmaker, 30 South Frederick et
Sow'erby John, baker. Fox lane, Leith
Spalding Barbara, draper, 167 Leith walk
Sowersbv George, baker, 92 Bonnington road, 91 Kirkgate, and at
14Fox'st, Leith
Spalding John, grocer, 20 Cochrane place, Leith
Spalding Miss — , dressmaker, 4 Drumdryan st
Spalding Mrs. — , ladies' nurse, 34 Castle st
Spalding Thomas, W.S. 13a Hanover st ; house, 22 Leamington ter

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