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Smaill William R. clotliier, 93 Southbridge ; house, 15 Buccleuch st
Small &. Son, bird and animal preservers, 33a
George street
Small Angus, painter & glazier, 60 Brougliton st
Small 3}avld, ^lass stainer, murano pi, Xielth walk
Small Debt Court, Town Hall, Leith
Small Debt Court (City), County buildings
Small Debt Coui-t (for the City & County of the City), Koyal Exchange
Small James, boot & shoe maker, 65 East Crosscauseway
Small James, bookbinder, Swinton row
Small John, basket manufacturer, S3 Hanover st, and 46 George st ;
house, 108 Rose st
Small Leonard, collar maker, GO Buccleuch st
Small Robert, inspector of schools, S Bernard st
Small Robert, bird stulFer (Small & Son), 9 Grindlay st
Small Thomas, tlesher, l'J5 Rose st
Small William, underclothing & baby-linen 'warehouse, 1 Chambers
st ; house, 4 Bernard terrace
Small William P. commission agent (Gregg & Small), 4 Bernard ter
Smart Alexander, shopkeeper, 5 Potter row
Smart &. Sons, bootmakers, 1 Queen st
Smart Andrew, m.d. and surgeon, 24 Melville st
Smart Andrew, baker, 114 Westport
Smart E. grocer, 17 West Montgomery st
Smart E. spirit dealer, 27 Richmond place
Smart Francis, boot & shoe maker, 1 Quality st, Leith
Smart George, gi'ocer & spirit dealer, 15 Carnegie st
Smart J. & R. fleshers, 27, 30 & 31 Mtddle market
Smart James, bootmaker, 4a Tennant st, Leith
Smart James, flesher (J. & R. Smart), Liberton park, Liberton
Smart John C. flesher, 20 A 21 Middle market [Hillside
Smart John, landscape painter, 4 Picardy pi ; ho, 13 Brunswick st,
Smart John, bootmaker (Smart & Sons), 36 Queen st
Smart John, S.S.O. (Morton, Neilson & Smart), 11 Windsor st
Smart John, law clerk, 14 George IV. bridge
Smart Mary, trimming "warehouse, 7 Main st, Newhaven
Smart Miss — , capmaker, 31 South bridge
Smart Misses ~, milliners, 6 Brighton st
Smart Mrs. — , draper, 7 Maitland at, Newhaven
Smart Robert, billiard room proprietor, 17 South Saint Andrew st
Smari Robert, bootmaker (Smart & Sons), 8 London st
Smart Robert, flesher (J. & R. Smart). 32 South Clerk st
Smart William, turner, 12 Bernard close, Cowgate
Smart William, baker, 2 Elder st
Smeall James, boot & shoe maker, 5 Deanbank place
Smeaton & Miller, dressmakers, 50 India place
Smeaton George, d.d. professor of theology. New College; house, IS
Mansion House road
Smeaton William, missionary, 61 Clerk st
Sraellie Alexander, painter, 45 London st
Smellie Alexander, clerk, 13 Arthur st, Pilrig st
Smellie Heniy, grocer & spirit dealer, 80 Crosscauseway
Smellie John, clothier & outfitter, 56 Bernard st, Leith
Smellie Peter, agent, 7 North Saint Andrew st; house, 7 India st
rimelUe R. agent, London Printing & Publishing Co. Limited, 6
Roxburgh place
Smellie William J. superintendent (G.P.O.), 24 Warriston crescent
Smibert Robert, engineer, 4 Bowling Green st
Smiles James, chemist (T. & H. Smith & Co.), 1 Henderson row
Smith A. C. umbrella manufacturer (John Smith & Sons), 16 Gil-
lespie crescent
Smith A. Gillies, C.A. 46 Castle st ; house, 5 Lennox st
Smith Adam, gi-ocer & spirit dealer, 32 Trafalgar In, Hillhousefleld
Smith Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 100 Bennington road & 41
Giles et ; house, 47 North Fort st, Leith
Smith Alexander, umbrella maker, 21 Howe st
Smith Alexander, corn factor & commission agent, 15 Bernard st,L
Smith Alexander, brewer (William Younger & Co.), Willow Brae
House, Jock's Lodge
Smith Alexander, m.d. 10 Palraerston place
Smith Alexander, baker, 1 Primrose st, Leith
Smith Alexander, solicitor (Inland Revenue), 1 Rillbank terrace
Smith Alexander, painter & paperhanger, 15 Gladstone place
Smith Alexander, butcher (Morton & Smith), 4 Caledonian road
Smith Alexander, fruiterer, 89 Howe st
Smith Alexander, tailor & clothier, 30 Frederick st
Smith Alexander, apartments, 11 Albany st
Smith Alexander M. teacher, 7 St. Vincent st
Smith Alexander M. {British Linen Co.'s Bank),l Victoria pi, Trinity
Smith Alexander W. teacher of singing, Bellvilla, 4 West Castle rd
Smith & Alexander, commission merchants, 2 Bank st, Leith
Smith & Bowman, chemists, 3 Duke st
Smith & Brown, wholesale stationers, engravers, printers & ticket
writers, 31 North bridge, and Amphion place, 40 & 42 North Back
of Canongate
Smitli & Co. lamp oil merchants, 89 George st
Smith &, Craigrie? desigrners, draughtsmen, engra-
vers, litliogrrapliers, printers, stationers, illumi-
nators, &.C. (patronised by HerESajestyJ, 5 Blder
st -See udmr!isrmeni
Emltb &. 3>ewar, auctioneers and valuators, 79
Georgre st
Smith & Forrest, albn.men manufacturers, Abattoir Works, 61
Fountain bridge
Smith & Smith, tailors & clothiers, 6 Frederick st
Smith & Swan, grocers & spirit dealers, 99 High st
Smith & Young, toy warehouse, 15 South Richmond st
Smith Andrew, grocer & spirit dealer, 106 High st; house, 15
SaUsbury st
Smith Andrew, spirit dealer (Inkster & Smith), 15 Salisbury st
Smith Ann, broker, 25 St. Andrew st, Leith
Smith Ann, draper, 31 Clerk st [road
Smith Archibald, coal merchant (John Smith & Sons), 6 West Castle
Smith Charles, joiner, 8 Salisbury pi; house, 7 West Newington pi
Smith Charles, baker, 1 North Richmond st. & 89 High st
Smith Charles, writer, 31 Panmure place
Smith Christina, apartments, 10 Annfield, Newhaven
Smith D. & Co. maltsters, 1 India buildings, Victoria st, & at Dunbar
Smith D. Howard, solicitor, 36 Hanover st ; ho. 22 Gillespie crescnfc
Smith Daniel, corn & hop merchant, 1 India buildings, Victoria st ;
house, 37 Lauder road. Grange
Smith David, picture engraver, 3 East Register st; house, 19
North Richmond st
Smith David, manager North British Insui'ance Co. 64 Princes st ;
house, 10 Eton terrace
Smith David, slater, 39 Leven st
Smith David, shipowner, 10 Osborne terrace
Smith David, wine & spirit merchant (David Smith & Co.), 8
Bennington terrace
Smith David, insurance agent, 37 Charlotte square
Smith David, corn merchant, 16 East Mayfield
Smith David, plumber (David Smith & Sons), 3 Windmill st
Smith David, fruiterer, 19 Forrest road
Smith David &■ Co. wine & spirit merchants, 14 Quality st, Leith
Smith David & Sons, plumbers & gasfitters, 20 West Crosscauseway
Smith David W. writer for the press, 20 Oxford st
Smith E. greengrocer, Blackford place, Morningside
Smith Edward, clothes dealer, 22 St. Mary st
Smith Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 67 Rose st
Smith Euphemia, lodgings, 103 George st
Smith Frederick T. S. clerk. 14 Nelson st
Smith G. & A. shawl manufacturers, 108 South bridge
Smith George, dairy keeper, 3 Northumberland place
Smith George, spirit dealer, 108 Canongate
Smith George, shawl manufacturer (G. & A. Smith), 1 Minto st
Smith George, dairyman, 29 Richmond place
Smith George, cabinet maker, 49 Lotliian st
Smith George, confectioner, 35 Bridge st, Leith
Smith George, architect, Burley Lodge, York road, Trinity
Smith George, wine & spirit merchant (Lawson and Smith), 7
Antigua st, Leith
Smith George, slater & plasterer, 51 Great Junction st, Leith
Smith George, ll.d. ("Daily Review" Office), Serampore House,
Napier road
Smith George, m.b. & cm. 93 Ferry road, Leith
Smith George, solicitor, 18 Clarence st
Smith George Bell, S.S.C. 37 Charlotte st
Smith George H. m.d. 80 Great Eing st
Smith George S. clerk (G. P.O.), 4 East Preston st
Smith Georgina, lodgings, 9 Montague st
Smith Harriet, gi'ocer & spirit dealer, 41 Bonnington road
Smith Harry W. printer (Smith & Brown), 20 Grange road
Smith, Henderson & Co. tobacco pipe manufacturers, 146 Canongate
Smith J. A. (British Linen Co. Bank), 5 Dick place. Grange
Smith J. & A. dressmakers, 173 Causewayside
Smitli J*. &. Son, wire- workers and wire-elotb
manufacturers, and importers of Frencli burr
stones and millstones, 2X9 Hl^li st
Smith J. & W. B. cut-glass manufacturers, Bangor road, Leith
Smith J. Duncan, S.S.C. & N.P. 62 Frederick at; ho. 29 Windsor st
Smith J. G. shopkeeper, 9 Janefield place, Leith
Smith J. Irvine, shorthand writer, 21 Northumberland st
Smith James, baker, 26 Duke st
Smith James, tailor & clothier, 1 Lothian st ; ho. 11 East Preston st
Smith James, chaplain House of Refuge, 29 Lutton place
Smith James, dairy, 10 Bristo st [causeway
Smith James, plumber, &c. (David Smith & Sons), 26 West Cross-
Smith James, jun. commission agent, 36 Constitution st
Smith James, 16 Junction st, Leith [place, Leith
Smith James, commission agent (James Smith & Co.), 3 Hermitago
Smith James, clerk, 5 Summerhall square
Smith James, shipowner, 64 Bernard st, Leith
Smith James, grocer, 25 Union place [head
Smith James, lamp manufacturer ( Smiths & Co.), Murray field, Loan-
Smith James, grocer, 29 Bath st
Smith James, house agent, 3 Keir st
Smith James, draper & stationer, 1 Comely Green place
Smith James, grocer & spirit dealer, 25 Hercles st
Smith James, grocer & spirit dealer, 6 Craigside place
Smith James, fancy bazaar, 3 Spittal st
Smith James, grocer, 249 Cowgate
Smith James, clerk, 2B Dundas et
Smith James, traveller, 8 East London st
Smith James, clerk, 27 Oxford st
Smith James, fruit & potato merchant, 32 North Port st, Leith
Smith James, brassfounder, St. Stephen st ; ho. 6 Spring gardens
Smith James, merchant (Donald R. Macgregor&Co.),5Vanburgh pi
Smith James, grocer, 20 Brunswick st
Smith James & Co. commission agents, 50 Constitution st. Leith
Smith James H. auctioneer (Smith & Dewar), 52 Blackett place
Smith Jane, dressmaker, 13S Nicolson st
Smith Jane, dressmaker, 3 West End place. Dairy road
Smith Janet, shopkeeper, 24 Leven st
Smith Janet, lodgings, 15 Leven st
Smith Janet, dairy. 2 Portland place
Smith John, schoolmaster & session clerk, Cramond
Smith John, tobacconist, 7 Cowgatehead
Smith John, flesher, 1 Cowgatehead
Smith John, phvsician, 20 Charlotte square
Smith John, smith &, wheelwright, 87 Abbey hill
Smith John, manufacturer of pickles, &c. 32 Forth st
Smith John, surgeon & dentist, 11 Wemyss place
Smith John, accountant (Union Bank of Scotland), 2 Inveleith ter
Smith John, wireworker (J. Smith & SonK 65 York place
Smith John, architect, 7 Gardner's crescent
Smith John, clerk, 5 West Montgomery st
Smith John, tailor, 24 Trafalgar lane, Hillhousefleld
Smith John, cut-glass manufacturer (J. & W. B. Smith), 19 Union at
Smith John, shopkeeper, 60 Thistle st
Smith John, grocer. 17 Kirkgate, Leith [pi
Smith John, umbrella manufacturer (John Smith & Sons), 1 Seton
Smith John, jun. umbrella manufacturer (John Smith & Sons), 80
Gillespie crescent

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