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Sto^ciman Roben. H ''ontracter & ooal merchant (Jolin Menzies &
Sous), 94 Pitt st, Bonnitigton
Knsaell Agnes, groci-r A spirit dealer, Fox st, Leith
Russell Agnes, pawnbroker, 8 St. James square
Russell Alexander, U.S. (RussoU & Nicolson), 9 Shandwick place
Bnssell Alexander, coal merchant, 3 St. Leonard's st; house, 20
Montague st
Bussell & Cranston, painters & paperhangers, 40 Argyle place
Eussell & Mui-ray, slaters, 5 Old Church wharf
Eussell & Nicolson, C.S, U George st
EuBsell & Ramsden, wool brokers, 84, 90 & 98 Great Junction at, L
Russell & Simpson, portmanteau, bag & brush makers, 97 Princes st
Russell Andrew, shopkeeper, 7 Annlield, Newhaven
Kussell Archibald, slater, 176 Fountain bridge
Russell Brothers, ironmongery & seed warehouse, 1 Bridge st, L
Russell E. & R. bakers, 41 Bridge st, Leith
RusseU EUzabeth, shopkeeper. 32 Sand port, Leith
Russell Isabella, china dealer, 45 Carlyle place
Russell George, manager {Equitable Loan Co. )» 5 Windsor st
Russell George G. commission agent, 7 North Andrew st
Russell J. wine, &c. merchant (W. & J. RusseU), 19 Summerside
place, Bonnington
Russell James, spirit dealer, 37 North Richmond st
Russell James, baker, 9 Mulberry place, Newhaven road
Russell James, carpet warehouseman (Robt. Grieve & Co.),50CastlG st
RusseU James, baker, 96 St. Andrew st, Leith
Russell James, greengrocer, 4 & 5 Portland place, Leith
Bttssell Jane, dairy keeper, 4 Tynecastle terrace, Dairy road
RusseU Jane, dressmaker, 1 SciVnnes Hill place
RusseU John, farmer, Saugbtonhall mains
Russell John, fancy warehouse, 18 South CoUege st
Russell John, woolbroker (RusseU & Ramsden), 45 East Claremont st
RusseU John, clerk of works, 10 Brougham place
Russell John R. ironmonger (RusseU Brothers), 5 Ebenezer mount
RusseU Joseph, merchant (Ferguson, Davidson & Co.),S2 Regent ter
RusseU Mary, miUiner & dressmaker, 8 Portland place
RuaseU Mary, baker, 2 Pitt st
RusseU Miss — , lodgings, 2 Pirniefield place
RusseU Mrs. — , ladies' nurse, 20 Balfour place
RusseU Richard, engine fitter, 2 Glen st
Russell Robert, taUor, 11 Broad st
RusseU Robert, currier, 10 High st ; house, 24 Brougham place
RusseU Robert, agent (Sugden, Son and Nephew, London), 6
Pitlochry place
RueseU Ro'bert, agent (Commercial Bank of Scotland), 30 Grass
market ; house, 13 Cumin place
SusseU Robert, manager, 168 Leith walk
RusseU Robert, shopkeeper, 10 Lapicide place, Leith
Russell Robert R. clerk, 3 Danube st
RusseU Robert S. wholesale jeweUer, 19 Teviot place
Russell Thomas, coppersmith, 26 Sheriff brae, Leith
RusseU Thomas, grocer, HUlhouse field, Leith
RusseU Thomas, grocer, 42 AVest Richmond st
Russell Thomas, brusli and portmanteau and door
mat maker, lO ITorth Bank st
RusseU Thomas, currier & leather dealer, 345 & 847 Cowgate
Russell Thomas iS; Co. wholesale ironmongers, 6 Hunter's square,
and 13 Blah- st; and wholesale watch dealers and jeweUers, 16
George IV. bridge
RusseU W. (Commercial Bank), 6 West Preston st
RusseU W. wine, &c. merchant (W. & J. RusseU), 20 Summerside
place, Bonnington
Russell W. & J. wine <& spirit merchants, 22 Quality lane, Leith
Russell William, silk mercer (Cowan & Strachan), 49 Lauder road
RusseU WiUiam, dairyman, 28 Queen st, Leith, and Easter Her-
mitage, Restalrig road
RusseU William B. hairdresser, 15 Union place
RusseU WiUiam T. surveyor, 2 Queen st; house, 8 Lothian road
Russian Consulate, 68 Constitution st, Leith— Peter Macdougall,
Rutherford Alexauder, goods manager (North British Railway Co.),
59 Forrest road
Rutherford & Co. wine & spirit dealers, 5 & 7 Leith st ; 80 Niddry st;
30 Bristo st ; 75 & 90 High st ; 3 Drummond st ; 36 Shore st ; and
66 Bernard st, Leith; counting house, 30 Niddry st
Rutherford & Co. bootmakers, 70 George st
Rutherford & Mackay, veterinary surgeons, 10 Bread st
Rutherford Andi-ew, clerk, 33 Albany st, North Leith
Rutherford Andrew, manager (Edinburgh & Leith Loan Office), 13
Montgomery st
Rutherford Charles D. tobacco manufactm'er (John Lees & Co.), 9
Chalmers's crescent
Rutherford David, builder, 3 Upper Gray st
Rutherford David, plumber (More & Rutherford), 31 Broughton st
Rutherford George, baker, West Lauriston place, & 96 High st
Rutherford George Y. wi-iter, 40 North Richmond st
Rutherford J. & Co. builders & joiners, Gilmore park
Rutherford James, tinsmith, 16 Haymarket terrace
Rutherford James, baker & confectioner, 132 Kirkgate, Leith
Rutherford Jane, fishing-tackle maker A toy dealer, 41a Princes st
liutherford Janet, fishmonger, 9 Broughton market ; house, James
place, Newhaven
Rutherford John, W.S. 14 Albany st
Rutherford John, spirit dealer, 7 Market st
Rutherford John, joiner, 2 Elder st
Rutherford Oliver, writer, 7 Gillespie place [Bread st
Rutherford Richard, veterinary surgeon (Rutherford & Mackay), 12
Rutherford Robert, tea merchant, 8 Brighton st; house, 14 MelviUe
st, PortobeUo
Rutherford Thomas, flesher. 27 Clerk st
Rutherford Walter, inspector of slaughter houses, 6 GiUespie st
Rutherford Wm. spirit dealer, 38 Shore, L ; ho, 30 St. Leonard's st
Rutherford WiUiam, joiner, 5ti Potter row
Rutherford William, corn victual dealer, 94 Crosscauseway; house,
39 Montague st
Rutherford WiUiam, spirit dealer, 8 Bonnington road
Rutherford WiUiam, m.d. Institute of Medicine, 22 Melville Ht
Eutherfurd Andrew, advocate, 18 Great King st
Rutherfurd John, W.S. 14 Albany st
Ruthven John, grocer & spirit dealer, 2 Duncan st
Ruthven Sime, shopkeeper, 7 Spring gardens, Abbeyhill
Rutter Joseph, officer to the Juridical Society, 40 Charlotte eqnare
Ryan Anthony, fishmonger, 14 West Nicolson st
Ryder John, confectioner, 7 Dumbiedykes road
Ryrie Mrs. — , spirit dealer, Haymarket
SABBATH AUiance Office, 6 St. Andrew square— Rev. J. Roberts,
Saddler James, insurance agent, 18 Montague st
Sadler Gavin C. bootmaker, 9 Wilkie place, Leith
Sadler John, assistant professor of botany, Experimental Cottage,
Botanical gardens, Inverleith row
Safety Swimming Bath & Hot Water Baths, North Pitt st
Sailors' Home & Refreshment Rooms, 13 Dock place, Leith
St. Andrews Work Society, 19 Thistle st
Saint Anthony Loan Office, 15 St. Anthony place — Robert Kinnl-
burgh, manager
Saint Anthony's House Boarding House, 140 Great Junction st —
John Shedden, master
Saint Catherine's Convent, Lauriston gardens
St. Clair John, musician, 13 South Frederick st
St. Cuthbert's Co-operative Association Limited, 1 and 8 St. Cuth-
bert's place — Robert French, manager
St. Cuthbert's Free Gardeners' HaU, Chalmer's close
St. Georges HaU, 7 Randolph place
St. Georg-e's Hotel, 17 and 23 Geor§re street— H.
"Woore, proprietor
St. Margaret's Convent, Whiteliouse loan
St. Margaret's Co-operative Stores— J. GUbert, mngr, 86 Abbey hiU
St. Mary's Orphan Home, 3 Buccleuch place
Saintou P. hairdresser, 74 George st
Sale Henry, Imperial Hotel, 19 Market st
Salmond James, traveUer, 8 Gladstone terrace
Salmond John & Co. grocers & bakers, 131 Rose st
Salomon Clara, stay & corset maker, 33 George st ; ho. 2 Nelson st
Salomon Henry & Co. bootmakers, 89 Princes st
Salter WiUiam, japanner, 89 Great Junction st, Leith
Salton Lime Office, 31 Bernard st, Leith— Robert Taylor, agent
Salvesen Christian, ship broker, &c. (C. Salvesen and Co.), Catherine
bank, Newhaven road
Salvesen Christian & Co. commission merchants, ship brokers, and
coal exporters, 29 Bernard st, Leith
Sampson Cusandu B. agent, East Coast RaUways, 4b Pilrig st
Sampson Miss —, boarding school, 11 Oxford terrace
, Samson Frederick, draper, 32 Queensferry st
Samson Jane, fish mei chant, 20 Duke st, Leith
Samuel A. butcher, 76 Abbey hUl
Samuel Alexander, draper, &c. (Brown, Samuel, and Torbain), U
Restalrig tenrace, Leith
Samuel James, flesher, 2 Trafalgar st, Leith
Samuel John, joiner, 25 Leven st
Samuel Peter, hosier (Knox, Samuel and Dickson), Norton Cottage,
Windsor place, PortobeUo
Sandeman Sutherland, governor. South Leith Poorhouse, 172 Great
Junction st, Leith
Sandeman WUliam B. coUector of shore dues, Park End Villa,
Ferry road, Leith
Sanders William, m.d. 11 Walker st
Sanderson Alfred, m.d. surgeon, St. Martin's Lodge.Wardie crescent
Sanderson & Lawrie, oilmen, grocers, tea dealers, and wine mer-
chants, 20 Hanover st
Sanderson & Morrison, wine and spirit merchants, and agents for
Truman, Haubury, & Buxton (Londo7i}, 57 Bernard st, Leith
Sanderson & Muirhead, builders, New Broughton
Sanderson & Son, goldsmiths, jeweUers, seal engravers, and lapi-
daries, 92 Princes st
Sanderson Andrew, commission agent, 22 Buccleuch place
Sanderson Archibald, grocer, 49 liii-kgate, Leith, and 1 Burns st
Sanderson Arthur, wine and spirit merchant (Robertson, Saudei'son
and Co.), 8 Baxter's place, Leith walk
Sanderson Edwin, engi-aver, 34 North bridge
Sanderson Elizabeth, fruiterer, Drumdryan st
Sanderson George, dairyman, 8 Richmond place
Sanderson James, grocer, 14 Morrison st
Sanderson James, provision merchant {Sandersons & Pateraoh),
8 Smith place, Leith
Sanderson James, m.d. 41 Manor place
Sanderson John, jeweller (Sanderson & Son), 11 West Mayfielcl
Sanderson John, builder (Sanderson & Muirhead), 15 Hart st
Sanderson John, newsagent, 148 Canongate
Sanderson Mark, provision merchant (Sandersons & Paterson),
Windlestrawlee, Wardie
Sanderson Mark, spirit dealer, 21 Chapel lane, Leith
Sanderson Matthew, bird & animal preserver, 27 Thistle st [walk
Sanderson Matthew B. merchant (Sanderson & Morrison), 146 Leith
Sanderson Mrs. — , lodgings, 130 Princes st
Sanderson Robert, artist, 6 Forrest road
Sanderson Robert, flesher, 2 Richmond terrace, Dairy road
Sanderson William, rectifier A British wine manufacturer, 9 Quality
St. Leith; house. Spring Bank, Ferry road
Sandersons &, Paterson, wholesale provision
mercbants, 96 Constitution st, Iieitb
Sandford Daniel, clerk, 5 Arthur st, Pilrig st
Sandilands Jiargaret & Co. eating-house, 6 St. Anthony's place
Sandilands William, commission agent, 1 Balfour st, Leith walk
Sandison James, house agent, 66 Pitt st, Bonnington
Sands WiUiam J. W.S. 5 South Charlotte st ; house, 3 AthoU crescent
Sandy George, greengrocer, 27 London st
Sang & Barker, wholesale druggists, 24 Baronv at
Sang David, W.S. (Adam & Sang), 9 Brandon at
saugrB.Bnaslie, civil engineer, aSSoiennes ; bouee,
2 Fing-al place
Sarg Edward, civil engineer and actuary, 15 Sciennes; house, 2
Fingal place
Sang George, S.S.C. (Adam & Sang), 28 Drummond place
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