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llennie Mrs. — , apartments, 2 Alva st
Menzies A. joiner, Dairy park, Fountain bridge
•Menzies & Co. ship iv boat builders, mast & block makers & ship
smiths. Wet docks, Leitb
Menzies & Co. Caledonian Distillery, Haymarket
-llenzies & Spence, I\Iaytield seminary, 9a Soutli Gray st
Menzies Andrew, joiner, Dairy park; bouse, 166 Fountain bridge
â– Menzies Archibald, writer, 6 North Saint David st; house, 38
Dublin Bt
-ilenzSes Brothers, drapers, 50 Nicolson Bt
Menifiies Charles D. secretary (Scottish American Investment Co.
Limited), 4 George st ; house, 26 Greeubill gardens
Menzies Duncan, civil engineer and architect, 13 Young st,
Annesley, Mayiield
Menzies, Coventry & Soote, W.S. 22 Hill st
Menzies Fletcher Norton, Esri. secretary (Highland & Agricultural
Society of Scotland), 3 George IV. bridge ; residence, Balmacneil,
BallinUtig, Pertnehire, and New Club, Edinburgh
Menzies James, ironmongev, SO George st ; house, 40 Gillespie ores
Menzies James M. engraver, printer & lithographer, 30 South
Hauover st ; house, 4 East Broughton place
Menzies Janet, hosier & dressmaker, 2 Leggats land
Menzies John, engraver, 52 Grove st
MenziesJchu, house factor, 61 Low Calton ; house, 15 James st, Plirlg
Menzies John, coal merchant (John Menzies & Sons), Summerside
MensicB John & Co. wholesale booksellers, 12 South Hanover st
Mensies John A Sons, coal merchants, spring makers, smiths, &o.
North Junction st, Leith, and Hope Crescent lane, Leith walk
Menzies John S. inspector. Crescent Cottage, Trinity crescent
Menzies John U. commission merchant, lOBernard st, Leith; house,
Seacote House, Seatield
Menzies Misses — , ladies' school, 11 Gilmore place
Menzies Robert, S.S.C. 5 North Saint David st ; house, 22 Dublin st
Menzies Robert, painter, 10 Catherine si [terrace
Menzies Thomas, spirit dealer, 262 Canongate; house, 16 Gladstone
Menzies Thomas, pianoforte te.ieher, 10 South Norton place
Menzies Thos. fancy bazaar, 29 Forrest road; bouse, 19 Salisbury st
Menzies Thomas H. draper (Menzies Bros.), 26 Buccleuch place
Menzies William, surgeon, 3 Lothian rd
Menzies William, corn merchant, 27 (,)uality st, Leith
Menzies William H. draper (Menzies Bros.), 17 Keir st
Menzies William John, W.S. (Menzies, Coventry & Soote), Canaan
Cottage. Grange Loan [agents
Mercantile Heritages Co. Limited, 18 Queen st— J. & R. A. Robertson,
Mercantile Marine Office, Custom House, Leith— John Hutchings,
R.N, superintendent
Mercer & Crombie, l^ce merchants, & muslin & ribbon warehouse,
13, 15 & 17 Nicolson st [9 Brown st
Mercer James, flesher, 8 Ferguson's buildings, Dumbiedykes ; bouse,
Mercer Janet, milliner, 35 Broughton st
Mercer M. dressmaker, 16 St. Patrick square
Mercer Nieol, dairyman. Dean house, Hestalrig
Mercer Thomas, grocer & spirit dealer, 23 Vicl;oria st [rine's pi
Mercer Walter, lace merchant, &c. (Mercer & Orombie), 8 St. Cathe-
Mercer WiUiam, draper, 11 Union place
Merchant Company's Office, 57 Hanover st
Merchant Maiden Hospital Boarding House, 10 Eellevue crescent
Merchants' Hall, 4 Hunter square
Merchants' & Traders' Union, 51 Hauover st
Merchiston Academy, Merchiston— John Rogerson, ll.b. head
Merrilees Fletcher, dentist, 101 George st; house, Jock's Lodge
Merrilees William, coach hirer, 2 Union place, Trinity [pi Trmity
Merrilees William, flesher, 10 Main st, Newhaven; house, 2 Union
Meteorological Society, chambers. General Post Office buildings.
North bridge— Alexander Buchan, secretary
Meters & Weighing Office, 2 Dock place, Leith
Methuen James & Co. fish curers, 10 Bernard st, Leith [st
Methven Henry W. nurseryman (Thomas Methven & Sons), 36 Pilrig
Methven John, nurseryman (Thomas Methven & Sons), 36 Pihig st
Methven Thomas, ironmonger (Low & Methven), 12 Glen st
Methven Thomas, nurseryman (Thos. Methven & Sons), 36 Pilrig st
BXetbven Tbomas &. Sons, naraei-ymen, seedsmen
and florists, IS Princes st; uurjerles, Xieitb
^valk and Inirerieit>i rovr
Metropolitan Cemetery Co. 137 Princes st— J. 4 W. Pollard A sees
Mewhort Barbara, draper, 34 West Richmond st
Mewhort James, bookseller. 3 Elm row
Meyer Albert H. carver & gilder, 12 Teviot place
Meyer Charles, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 20 St. John's hill;
house, 57 Montague st
Meyerowicz A. Nioolay, teacher of German, 27 York place
Michael & Cohen, watchmakers & jewellers, 102 South bridge
Michael Jacob, working jeweller & watchmaker, 73 Nicolson st
Michio & Co. bakers, 1 Maitland st, Newhaven
Michie Henry, bootmaker, 1 Haddington place
Michie Robert, baker (Michie & Co.), 1 Maitland st, Newhaven
Middlemass Andrew, clothier (Macdonald, Middlemass & Wood) 12
Queen's crescent
Middlemass George, apartments, 6 South Clerk st
Middlemass James, watchmaker & jeweller, 11 Lothian road
Middlemass James & Co. clothiers, shirtmakers, outfitters and
pulpit robe makers, 16 South bridge
Middlemass Robert, biscuit manufacturer, 20 West Preston st, and
77 Causewayside ; bouse, 25 Findhorn place
Middlemass Robert, Edinhurgh Hotel, 36 Princes st, and Duualas
Hotel, 34 & 35 St. Andrew square
Middlemass Thomas, furniture broker, 21 St. Andrew st, Leith
Middlemass Thomas, watchmaker, 11 Lothian rd
Middlemiss John, apartments, 25 Charlotte square
Middletou Archibald, spirit dealer, 65 Thistle st
Middleton David, grocer & spirit dealer, 22 South St. James st
Middleton H. D. milliner, 84 St. Leonard's st
Middleton John, m.d. surgeon, 1 West Adam st ; ho, 4 St. John st
Middletou John, draper & clothier, 6 College st
Middleton Joseph, bootmaker, 130 Ferry road, Leith
Midland Railway Co. 9 Princes st — Edmund Bell, agent
Midlothian Coast Artillery Volunteer Hall, 30 Grindlay st
Midlothiah Liberal Interest Registration office, 8 Frederick at—
T. P. Weir, S.S.C. agent
Midlothian Rifle Volunteers, head quarters, Leith
Mielisch Heinrich, Skandenavish Hotel, & coffee house, 12 Sandportst
Milburn George, surgeon, 25 St. Patrick square
Miles James, inspector of poor, 60 North Fort st
Miley Thomas, hat manufacturer, 27 George IV. bridge
Military Barracks, Leith Fort
Mill Ebenezer, S.S.C. andN.P. 61 Princes st; house, 12 -ithoU pi
Mill .James, grocer & spirit dealer, 16 William st
Mill John, shopkeeper, Bennington bridge. Bonnington
Mill Matilda, eatinghouse keeper, 70 Broughton st
Mill Robert, hairdresser, 193 Pleasance
Mill Robert, slater and glazier, 198 Pleasance
MCtllan &. Co. tailors and army clotbiers, 130a
G-eorge street — tSee arfvrriiaenteitt
Millan Robert, clothier (Millan & Co.), 8 Royal circus
Millar Adam, jeweller and watchmaker, 36 Leith st ; house, 8
Broughton place
Millar Alexander, draper (Millar Brothers), 18 Livingstone place
Millar Rev. Alexander, secretary, Scottish Coast Mission, 24 Gil-
lespie crescent
Millar Alexander, baker, 46 North Fort st, Leith
Millar, Allardice, Robson & Innes, W.S. 8 Bank st
Millar & Eryc, searchers of records, 2 Queen st_
Millar Andrew & Son, watchmakers, 5 West Nicolson st ; house,
5 Lutton place
Millar Ann, dressmaker, 57 Montague st
Millar Archibald, engineer & machinist, 18 Potter row; house, 2
Woodhead place
Millar Brothers, commission merchants, 13 & 14 Quality st, L
Millar Brothers, drapers & hosiers, 17a Queen st
Millar David, dress, mantle & millinery warehouse, 34 South bridge;
house, Milton Cottage, Cumming place
Millar David, merchant (Millfir Brothers), 12 Comely bank
Millar David, tailor, 18 Bristo st
Millar George, mason, 2 Heriot terrace
Millar George, victual deal-jr, 23 Causewayside
Millar H. & R. turret clock makers, 6 Castle wynd, Johnston ter
Millar Helen, artist in hair, 43 George at
Millar Hugh, clockmnker ( H. & R. Millar), 87 Forrest road
Millar Isabella, apartments, 173 Leitb walk
Millar J. & R. drapers. 43 Broughton st
Millar J. D. printer, 8 Elderlit
Millar J. H. B. glass engraver, Easter road ; ho. 47 Maryfleld place
Millar James, coach hirer, 3 Barony st
Millar James, m.d. 2 Chalmer's crescent
Millar James, toy warehouse, 21a London st
Millar James, manager. Marine Cottage, Newhaven
Millar James, confectioner, 49 Lothian road; house, 48 India st
MUlar James, cork mauulacturer, 108 Kirkgate, Leith
Millar James, tailor, 14 Nicolson square
Millar James, plasterer, Gilmore park ; house, 8 Glen st
Miliar James, fruiterer & greengrocer, 3 St. Andrew sq, Newhaven
Millar John, soUcitor, 9 Hope Park terrace
Millar John, clerk, 830 Leith walk
Millar John, commission agent, 145 Constitution st, Leith
Miliar John, traveller, 12 Eastfleld, Leith
Millar John, confectioner & baker, 1 North Saint Andrew at
Millar John, clerk, 11 Lutton place
Millar SoTaia, wliolesale confectioner 68, 70 &. 72
Suke street; retail sbop, 7 Klrkgate, S^eitb —
Ste iiflrertisfment
Millar John & Co. china & glass warehouse, 2 South Saint Andrew
st; liouse,l Bast Brighton crescent, Portobello
Millar John W. commission agent, 4 Bank st, Leith; house, 12
Bonnington terrace
Millar Mrs. — , artist in hair, 48a George st
Millar Miss — , dressmaker, 87 Forrest road
Millar Patrick, draper (Millar Brothers), 17a Queen at
Millar Robert, clockmaker (H. & R. Millar), 16 Spittal at
Millar Thomas, traveller, &c. 19 Bernard st, Leith
Millar Thomas, baker, 28 Great Junction st. & 18 Prince Regent at, L
Millar Thomas, clerk. So Paumure place
Millar Thomas, farmer, Briggs, Cramond
Millar Thomas, baker, 106 Rose st. & 37 Brunswick st
Millar William, smith, Thomas st
Millar W.Uiam, hay, corn, &c. merchant, 8 Newport st
Millar Wilham, traveller, Duncan place, Leith
Millar Wihiam, shipbroker (Cowan &. Co.), 18 Dock at, Leith
Millar Wilham, clerk, 28 Cumberland st
Millar William F. merchant (Millar Brothers), 12 Comely bank
Millar WilUam White, S.S.C. & S.L. (Millar, AUardice, Robson &
Innes), & commissioner tor taking affidavits before Supreme
Courts in England, & law agent for the Town Council and city of
Edinburgh, 8 Bank st ; house, 16 Regent terrace
Miller Alexander, surgeon, 15 Shandwick place
Miller & Burt, flre-wood merchants, Gilmore park
Miller & Co. ironfounders, London road
Miller & Co. Berlin wool warehouse, 123 Nicolson st
Miller & Donaldson, grocers & spirit dealers. 114 Canongate
Miller &. Herbert, eng-ineers Si. boiler makers,
Heriotfleld IVorks, I.eitlli walk
Miller &. Bichard, typefounders to Her SJajesty
for Scotland, and manufacturers of printingr
materials, Reikies court, micolson street— See
Miller Andrew, army surgeon, 23 North Junction st, Leith
Jliller Andrew, shopkenper, 37 Arthur at
Miller Andrew, coal merchant, Caledonian i North British Rail-
way station, Leith
Miller Benjamin, keeper of Queen Mary's Rooms, 16 Johnston ter
Miller Benjamin, bootmaker, 21 Main st, Newhaven
Miller D. R. ahirtmaker, 86 South bridge ; house, 10 East Adam st

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