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Legget Robert, tanner, skinner, and wool morchant.Water of Lelth;
house, 11 Belford terrace, Dean
Legget Thos. confectioner, 7 Glows buildings, Dean at. Stockbrldge
Le Harival Augusto S. teacher of French, 11 Forrest at
Leighton James, law clerk, HPanmure place
Leighton Joseph, shopkeeper, 33 North Richmond at
Leishman Charles, gardener, Seafield
Leishman George, macer of court of session, 21 Brougham at
Leishman Isa, confectioner, 6 Cockburn st
Leishman James, hatter, 185 Pleasance
Leishman the Misses — , day school, 26 Grange road
Leishman Richard, baker, 174 Fountain bridge
Leishman Richard, shopkeeper, 2 Hamilton place, High riggs
Leishman Robert, grocer & spirit dealer, 227 Canongate
Leishman Stewart, apartments, 17 Barony st
Leitch George D. boot & shoe maker, 49 Cockburn st
Leitch John, turner, 63 Grove st
Leitch John, umbrella maker, 14 Victoria at
Leitch John, traveller, 9 Norton place
Leitch Peter, clerk, 52 Madeira st, Leitch
Leitch Thomas, spirit dealer, 68 Buccleuch st
Leitch William, eerated water manufacturer, 17 Picardy place
Leith & Newcastle Steam Packet Co. 16 Bernard st, Leith— James
Carrie & Co. agents
Leith Biscuit Factory, Bennington road — Edwd. Greig, manager
Leith (Board of Trade) Navigation School, 2 Commercial street,
Leith — J. Bolam, master
Leith Burghs Pilot Office, 72 Constitution st, Leith
Leith Candle Co. 90 St. Andrew st, Leith
Leith Chamber of Commerce, 55 Constitution st, Leith
Leith Commercial List Office, 36 Shore, Leith
Leith Com Exchange, 49 Constitution st, Leith
Leith Com Market and General Exchange Co. Limited, 49 Con-
stitution st, Leith — Thomas Dowie, secretary
Leith Council Chambers, Constitution st, Leith
Leith Dock Committee Office, Custom House, Leith
Leith Exchange Reading Rooms, Constitution street
Leith Fort, Leith
Leith Hall, ISTolbooth wynd
Leith Heritages Company Limited, 13 Queen st — J. F. Moflfatt, C. A.
Leith High School, St. Andrew's place. Links — William Mao-
donald, m.a. rector
Leitli Hospital, Mill lane, Leith
Leith, Hull, and Hamburg Steam Packet Co. 16 Bernard st, Leith
—James Currie & Co. agents
Leith James, chemist, 14 Union place
Leith Public Institute, 58 Tolbooth wynd, Leith
Leith Public Institute and Library, 58 Tolbooth wynd, Leith— Geo.
Glen, superintendent
Leith Religious Tract Society, 58 Kirkgate, Leith
Leith Royal Music Hall, Riddles closo, Leith
Leith Shipping Office for seamen. Custom House, Leith
Lennard George, shipbroker (Lennard, Whitehead & 00.1,158 Trinity
Lennard George, clerk, Commercial st, Leith
Lennard, Whitehead & Co. shipbrokers, 2 Commercial st, Leith
Lennie E. optician, spectacle maker, and manufacturer of mathe-
matical instruments, &c. 46 Princes st
Lennox & Fergus, plasterers, 2G Torphlchen st
Lennon John, surgeon, 238 Canongate
Lennox John, joiner, 8 Richmond place & 15 Lothian st
Lennox Miss — , dressmaker, 17 West Nicolson st
Lennox Wm. coachbuilder (Glen & Lennox), 3 Saint David's ter
Lermont James Richardson, sui'ter (G.P.O.), 7 Caledonian road
Leslie Alexander, civil engineer (J. & A. LesUe), 12 Greenhill ter
Leslie Andi'ew, house superintendent, Royal A3ylum,Morning6idepl
Leslie George, butcher, 75 Northumberland st
Leslie James, civil engineer (J. & A. Leslie), 2 Charlotte square
Leslie James & Alexander, civil engineers, 72a George at
Leslie John, clerk, 6 Howe st
Leslie John, civil engineer, 51 Montgomery st
Leslie John, stationer, 4 Tarvit st
Leslie Thomas, shopkeeper, 20 Cobui'g st, Leith
Lessels Henry, boot & shoemaker, 61 Canongate
Lesaels John, architect, 50 George st ; house, 21 Heriot row
Lethem Isabella L. tobacconist, 71 Shore, Leith
Lethem John, merchant (J. Lethem & Co.), 5 Bonnington terrace
Lethem John & Co. provision merchants and ham curers. 16, 17, &
IS Timber bush
LettcBS Patrick, broker & china dealer, 46 Niddry st
Levine Henrietta, dyer, cleaner, & corset maker, 41 George st
Levy Henry, gilder on glass, 25 Salisbury st
Lewis Agnos. glass and cliina dealer, 35 Clerk st
Lewis & Alexander, working jewpllers, 3 East Register st
Lewis David, treasurer (Heriot's Hospital), 32 Fimihorn place
Lewis Edward, surveyor to the Board of Trade, Custom House,
Leith ; house, 27 Spring gardens, Abbey hill
Lewis George, jeweller (Lewis & Alexander), 26 Oxford st
Lewis James, grocer and wine & spirit dealer, 34 Hanover st
Lewis James, grocer and wine & spirit merchant, 177 Canongate
and 59 Pleasance
Leybourn Josepli, traveller, 8 Gardner's crescent
Leyde Otto Theodor, artist, 3 Douglas crescent
Liberton Mary, apartments, 6 Pitt st
Lichenstein George R. teacher of music, 2 Great Stuart 3t
Liddell George, baker, 12 Home st
Liddell Jane, apartments, 15 College st
Liddell John, clerk, 12 Society Chambers st
Liddell M. milliner, 87 St. Leonard's st
Liddell Robert, optician & level maker, 16 Teviot place
Liddell W. H. leather merchant, 141 West port
Liddle & Johnston, coach builders, 95 Nicolson st, and 16 West
Nicolson st ^
Liddle & Wood, paint & varnish manufacturers, 47 Regent arch
Liddle Bruco, spirit dealer, 37 New st
Liddle George, eating house, 8 Richmond st
Liddle Jessie, eating house, 36 High st
Liddle John, coach builder (Liddle & Johnston), 14 Temple at
Liddle Robert, plumber, 114 Constitution st, Leith
Lidgate John, S.S.C. 10a George st ; house, 10 Rankiellor st
Life Association of Scotland (incorporated by special Act of ParUn-*
ment), 82 Princes st — John Eraser, manager; Robt. Rainie, aeo
Ligertwood James, foreman, 91 Ferry road, Leith
Ligertwood William, builder, 4 Carberry place
Light John B. pawnbroker, 240 Canongate
Lightbody J. & G. marble merchants & tile layers, 83 Lothian road
Lightbody James, dairj-man, 2 Freer st
Lightbody W. M. marble merchant (J. & G. Lightbody), ISGilmore p|
LiUie Thomas, baker, 1 Bread st
Lillieo I\Iargaret, baker, 73 Montgomery st
Lind & Orr. milliners, 5 West Lauriston place
Lind Andrew, tailor & hosier. 1 1 Dock place, Leith
Lind James, baker& confcctiun'-r, 240 & 242 Leith walk
Lind Robert, boot & shoe niaU*.j-, 1 Union place and 7 St. Patrick Bt
Lindesay James & Sons, wiuo merchants, 33 Quality st, Leith
Lindsay Alexander, clotliior & outfitter, 20 North bridge
Lindsay Alexander, dairyman, 4 South Holyrood st
Lindsay Alexander, dairyman, 11 Slirub place, Leith walk
Lindsay & Aitken, dressmakers, Salisbury place
Lindsay & Douglas, plumbers & gashtters, Br tnghtou market
Lindsay &. G-ilmour, chemists, 11 Elm ro\7
Lindsay * Prentice, C.A. and actuaries, 55 Castle st
Lindsay & Son, grain merchants, 31 Cowgate
Lindsay Andrew, manager (Professional and Civil Service Supply
Association, Limited}, 2 Barony st
Lindsay Charles, plumber (Lindsay & Douglas), 47 Great King at
Lindsay David, commission agent, 4 Springfield st
Lindsay George, victual and hay & straw dealer, 76 Causevraysido
Lindsay George, manager, 171 Constitution st, Leith
Lindsay, Howe, Tytler i; Co. W.S. 82 Charlotte square
Lindsay J. & Son, fruit merchants, 20 Market st, & Queen's dock, L
Lindsay James, fruit merchant (James Lindsay & Son), Drydea
Bank, Loanhead
Lindsay James, juu. fruit merchant (James Lindsay & Son), Blacket
Lindsay James, cooper (W. Lindsay & Co.), 2 Claremont place
Lindsay James, grocer & spirit dealer, 3a Haddington place
Lindsay James, W.S. (Molville & Lindsay), 22 Regent terrace
Lindsay James, lurry builder (Osoler & Lindsay), 23 Fox st
Lindsay, Jamieson & Haldane, C.A. 24 St. Andrew square
Lindsay Jane, baker, 73 Kirkgate, Leith
Lindsay Jane, linen draper, 2 Tynecastle terrace. Dairy road
Lindsay John, letterpress printer, Strichen's close, 104 High st
Lindsay John, coal merchant, Haymarket station & Thomas St
Lindsay John, confectioner, 29 Dean st
Lindsay John Kyle, S.S.C. (H. & A. Inglis), 24 Blackford road
Lindsay Margaret, dressmaker, 17 Drumdryan st
Lindsay Michael, watchmaker, 5 Dublin st
Lindsay, Paterson & Co. W.S. 63 George st
Lindsay Robert, painter & glazier, 28 St. Leonard's Bt
Lindsay Robert, chemist, 11 Elm row
Lindsay Robert J. W.S. (Rhind & Lindsay), 5 Pilrig st
Lindsay Thos. Steven, C.A. (Lindsay & Prentice), 10 Chalmer'e ores
Lindsay W. Bruce, secretary (Shotts Iron Co.), 35 Constitution st.L
Lindsay W. N. corn merchant, 18 Bernard at, Leith; house. Aim
ville, Newhaven road
Lindsay William, manager, Globe Parcel Express, 38 Dublin st
Lindsay William, reporter, Court of Session, 11 Brandon st
Lindsay William & Co. basket makers and coopers. 111 George st,
and Canonmills Cooperage
Lindsay William & Son, coopers and stone merchants, Glenoglerd
Liugard John, coal merchant, St. Leonard's station
Linkie John, book edge marbler, &c. 12 Blackfriars Bt
Linklater James, shipmaster, Grantou
Linklater James S. & Co. provision merchants, commission agents,
ship owners, &c. Commercial wharf, Leith
Linklater W. bootmaker, 7 Drummond st
Linkston Margaret, grocer, Cramond
Linton Adam, china & glass merchant, Trafalgar st, Leith
Linton Andrew, cork cutter, 87 High st ; house, 5 Roxburgh st
Linton Frederick T. C. superintendent (Edinburgh and Leith Gaa
W^jrks), 10 Baltic st
Linton John, m.d. 60 George square
Linton Ralph T. pharmaceutical chemist, 6 Nicolson st
Linton Thomas, dairy, 20 Bowling Green at, Leith
LipmanA. lurr-cr, 13 South Clerk st
Lisle George, butcher and gamo dealer, 75 Northumberland st
List Alfred John, justice of peace tiscal and chief constable for
the County, and fiscal for the Burgh of PortobcUo, County build-
ings ; house. 34 Grange road
List JIarion, apartments, 27 Hamilton place
Lister David, grocer, 4 Washington place, Dairy road
Lister Richard William, traveller, 15S Causewayside
Liston David, professor of Oriental languages, 7 Argyle place
Liston George, house agent, 30 St. Andrew sq ; house, 18 Fettes row
Litster Hannah, hosier, 137 Rose st
Litster John, meal and fiour dealer, 6 Grass market
Litster Thomas, newsagent, 76 Pleasance
Little Henry, shopkeeper, 59 Trafalgar lane, Leith
Little John D. builder (Stevenson & Little), 16 Dryden place
Little Joseph, bath proprietor, 12 Nicolson square
Little Peter, cooper, 20 St. John's hill
Little Richard, bootmaker, 93 Junction st, Leith
Little Robert, plumber & gasfitter, 12 Hamilton place
Little Sisters of the Poor, 43 & 45 Gilmore place
Little William, smith & ironmonger 43 North Pitt st
Littlefair Joseph, tailor and clothier, 77 Rose st
Littlejohn Barbara, tobacconist, 52 Home st
Littlejohn George, joiner, 80 South Back of Canongate
Littlejohn Henry I>. m.d. 21 Royal circus
Littlejohn Thomas, confectioner, 31 & 38 Leith st
Liverpool & London & Globe Insurance Co. district office, 102 O. o;-ga
st— A. P. Purves, W.S. agent
Liverpool Victoria Legal Insurance Co.— Samuel Reeves, G West
Montgomery st, agent
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