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John Thomas, teacher of English, 10 Carlton st
John Watson s Institution, Dean
John Watt's Hospital, Leith links
Johns J. Watson, solicitor and law agent, 41 George stj house,
4 Glengyle terrace
Johns William, shopkeeper, 4 Gibson terrace, Fountain bridge
Johnson Ann, apartments, 3 Comely Green place
Johnson Donald, tailor & clothier, 132 Bonuington road
Johnson J, H. & Day, British and foreign patent agents, 7
St. Andrew square
Johnson Jane, New Ship Hotel, 20 Shore, Leith
Johnson Robert, newspaper dealer, 24 Rose st
Johnson W. D. watchmaker & jeweller, SB Bridge st, Leith
Johnston A. flesher, 123.4 Fountain bridge
Johnston Alexander, flesher, 6 Middle market
Johnston Alexander, gardener, 9 Canning place
Johnston & Co. engravers, printers & stationers, 20 South bridge
Johnston & Rose, joiners, 27 Coburg st, Leith
Johnston & Waters, fieshers, 3 Queensferry st
Johnston Archibald, foreman, Beaver bank, Lower Broughton road
Johnston Archibald, plate chest maker, 34 Castle st
Johnston Charles & Co. tea dealers, 23 St. Patrick square
Johnston Charles ifc Co, beam compass mauufacturere, 2 Howard st
Johnston David, shopkeeper, 6 Admiralty st, Leith [field
Johnston David, grocer & spirit dealer, O'Trafalgar lane, Hillhouse
Johnston David, coal merchant, S St. Leonard's station ; house,
o7 Montague st
Johnston David & Sous, tanners, curriers, and leather merchanta,
Beaver Bank Tan Works, Canonmills
Johnston Elizabeth, apartments. 46 Northumberland st
Johnston George, bootmaker, 2a East Dublin Street lane
Johnston George, painter, 27 Elder st
Johnston George M. cashier, 7 Levon st
Johnston George W. traveller, 16 Caledonian road
Johnston Henry, advocate, 7 Dundas st
Johnston Henry, bookseller, &c. (Waterston and Johnston),
Summerfield Villa, Leith
Johnston J. & E. fruiterers and confectioness, 55 Earl Grey st
Johnston J. H. solicitor, 7 St. Andrew square
Johnston J. T. hosier, &c. 7 St. Patrick square
Johnston James, poulterer, 6 Poultry market
Johnston James, blacksmith and cartwright, Toll cross
Johnston James, chica and earthenware dealer, 16 Westport,
and lo East Adam st
Johnston James, flesher (Campbell & Johnston), 64 South Clerk st
Johnston James, wright, 71 Great Junction st, Leith
Johnston James, temperance hotel 150 High st
Johnston James, fishery officer, 9 Eastfield place, Leith
Johnston James, baker, 4 Fairiungton place, & 6 Glanville place
Johnston James, shipmaster, 12 Hawthornbauk terrace
Johnston James, foreman, 282 Leith walk
Johnston James A. poulterer, 7 Poultry market
Johnston James M. spirit dealer, 48 <^ockburn st
Johnston Janet, apartments, 4 Northumberland place
Johnston John, bootmaker, East Cottages, Granton
Johnston John, ironmonger (Cay & Johnston), 6 Nelson st
Johnston John, flesher, 40 Leven st
Johnston John, confectioner, 2U4 Cowgate
Johnston John, cab proprietor, Gilchrist lane
.lohnston John, ironfounder (Boyce & Johnston), 12 Drj'den st
Johnston John, grocer (S. Johnston & Sons;, 13 West Mayfield
Johnston John, grocer & cork cutter, 18 Barony st
Johnston John, butcher, 12 St. Anthony place
Johnston John L. butcher, poulterer & sausage maker, 180 Canon-
Johnston John M. painter. &c. 47 Charlotte st, Leith
Johnston Joseph, coal agent, 4 Hamburgh place, Leith
Johnston Joseph & Sons, coal merchants, North British Railway,
Leith walk
Johnston Margaret, apartments, 13 Kirk st, Leith walk
Johnston Margaret, smallware dealer, 21 Homest
Johnston Matthew, victualler, 1 Coburg st, Leith
Johnston Mrs. — , grocer & spirit dealer, 19 Howe st
Johnston Misses — , milliners, 5 Haymarket terrace
Johnston Mrs. ~, stavmaker, 17 Arthur st
Johnston Patrick, broker, 186 Cowgate
Johnston Peter, builder, 5 Gray's court
Johnston Peter, fishmonger, lOHome st
Johnston Peter, coach builder (Liddle & Johnston), 10 Home nt
Johnston Robert, shopkeeper, 24 Rose st
Johnston Robert, grocer, 10 Calton st
Johnston Robert, baker, &c. 21 Greenside st, and 2 Warriston pi
Johnston Robert, S.S.C. 26 Dublin st
Johnston Robert, victual dealer, 51 North Hanover st
Johnston Robeit. accountant, 8 Thistle st
Johnston Robert, grocer, &c. (Buchan & Johnston), 9 Eastfield pi
Johnston Robert, painter, 47 Charlotte st, Leith
Johnston Robert, flesher (Johnston & Waters), 4 Queensferry st
Johnston Robert Bruce, W.S. (Graham, Johnston, & Fleming), IS
Royal circus
Johnston Robert Fleming, W.S. (Richardson & Johnston), Goshen
bank, Mornmgside
Johnston S. milliner, 29 ColUns place
Johnston S. & Sons, grocers & spirit dealers, 47 Nicolson st
Johnston Thomas, wine & spirit merchant, 1 Princes st, 07 North
bridge, & 19 Hanover st
Johnston Thomas, glass A china dealer, 18 West Richmond st
Johnston Thomas, agent, 1 Hermitage hill
Johustou Thomas, working jeweller, 18 St. James's square
Johnston Thomas & Co iironmongers,;brazier8,&c, 10 Charlotte st.L
Johnston Thomas & Son, cabinet makers & upholsterers, joiners &
wood letter cutters, 60 Rose st
Johnston Thomas S. f.b.g.s. publisher (W. & A. K. Johnston), 9
Ciaremont crescent
Johnston Thomas H, tailor, 25 North bridge
Johnston Thomas S. foreman, 7 Arthur st, Pilrig st
Johnston Thomas S. coal merchant, Caledonian goods station, L
(^ohnstpn TV . gardener, West Salisbury place
JoSinston VJ". &, A, JC. ^eo^rapbers, engrravers, and
printers to the Queen, publisiiers, litliogrrapliers,
letterpress printers, stationers, bookbinderSp and
agents in Scotland for the ordnance and geo-
logical surveys, ft St. Andrew square
Johnston Walter, baker & confectioner, 25 Bread st
Johnston AVilliam, foreman, 10 Albany st, Leith
Johnston William, tea dealer, 11 Melville place
Johnston William, commission agent, 10 Broughton place
Johnston William (G.P.O.) 17 Pilrig st
Johnston William, smith, 6 St. James place
Johnston William, china dealer, Ifi? Fountain bridge
Johnston William, dean of guild & city ofiicer, 10 City chambers
Johnston William, surveyor of buildings, 28 Dundas st
Johnston William & Co. poulterers, 3 Poultry market and 60 Queen
Johnston William C. S.S.C. (Wright & Johnston),25 Albany st [st, L
Jolmstone A. C. corn factor and grain commission agent, 40 Quality
Johnstone Adam, solicitor to the North British Railway Co. 1 West
Register st; house, 15 Inverleith row
Johnstone Professor Alexander, New Veterinary College, East
London st ; house, 7 Gayfield square
Johnstone Andi'ew, tailor & clothier, 46 St. John's placa
Johnstone, Doig & Co. merchants, 1 Assembly st
Johnstone George, teacher of dancing, 22 Elder st
Johnstone Hugh, clothier, 25 Cloth bridge
Johnstone, Hunter & Co. publishers, 4 Melbourne place
Johnstone Isabella, apartments, 143 Constitution st, Leith
Johnstone James, grocer & spirit dealer, 9 Gillespie place
Johnstone John, dining rooms, 10 Dowuie place
Johnstone John, m.a. teacher, 28 Oxford st
Johnstone John B. dining rooms, 11 North Bank st
Johnstone Robert, advocate, 17 Nelson st
Johnstone Robert, coachbuilder, BeHevue; house, 4 East London st
Johnstone Robert C. t-lerk 18 West Claremont st
Johnstone Thomas, carver & gilder, 23 Downie place
Johnstone William, jun. merchant (Johnstone, Doig & Co.), Kings-
wood, Burntisland
Johnstone William D. watchmaker, 33 Bedford st, Leith
Joint-btock Companies Registry Oflice, Exchequer chamberg,
Parliament square
Jolly John, tailor & clothier, 8 North bridge
Jonas Maurice, skin dealer, 9 Barony st; house, 12 New Broughton
Jones Ann, dairy, 88 St. Andrew st, Leith
Jones Francis, deputy controller (G.P.O.) 78 Lauriston placa
Jones Frederick (British Linen Co. Bank). 2 Mayfield terrace
Jones John T. confectioner, 13 Brunswick st
Jones M. A. milliner, 59 Thistle st
Jones Peter, shopkeeper, 2 Taylor place
Jones R. :\L & Co. wine merchants, 33 Quality st, Leith
Jones Robert, portrait painter, 6 Spring gardens
Jones Thomas W. W.S. 37 Dublin st [terrace
Jopp Charles, civil engineer, 30 St. Andrew square; house, 3 Royal
Jordan John, merchant (James Miller & Sons), 125 Constitution 3l, L
Joss John, gardener, Merchiston Bank Gardens, Morningside
Judicial Statistics & Prisons Department Otfice, 19,St. Giles st
Junner Jno. Clark, W.S. (Ferguson & Junner), Windsor pi, Portobcllo
Jupp And. musical instrument maker, 59 Lothian road, & 48 Leith st
Jupp Henry, musical instrument tuner and teacher of music, 32
Kirkgate, Leith, and 111 Nicolson st
Juridical Society, 40 Charlotte square
Jurisprudence, Journal of, T. & T. Clark, 38 George st
Justice of Peace Offic, City, Royal Exchange— Robt.Morham, clerk
Justice of Peace Otlice for Countv, County Hall
Justice of Peace Small Debt Court (for the City, and for the City &
County of the City), Royal Exchange
Justice of Peace Small Debt Court (for the County of Edinburgh),
County buildings
Justiciary Oliice, 44 Register House
KAULFUSS Francis Joseph, glass engraver, 7 Queen's place
Kay Alexander, shopkeeper, 2 Arthur st
Kay Alison J. apartments, 22 Forest road
Kay & Co. wine and spirit dealers, S9 Jamaica st [Canongate
Kay and M'Farlaue, engineers and ironfounders, 51 South Back oi
Kay Andrew, manager, 16 Gillespie crescent
Kay Archibald, flesher, 8 Calton st
Kay David, grocer, 138 Duke st, Leith
Kay George, plumber & gasfitter, 129 Pleascance
Kay George, provision dealer, 36 Argyle place
Kay James, engineer (Kay & M'Farlane), Lochend's close
Kay James, boot & shoemaker, 19 Dean at
Kay James, merchant (TurnbuU & Kay), 6 Mansfield place
Kay John, merchant (TurnbuU & Kay), 15 Leopold place
Kay John, lleyher, 2 Tennant st, Leith
Kay Mary fruiterer, 13 West Newington
Kay Mrs. — , bootmaker, 38 Alva st
Kay Misses ~, dressmakers, 51 Broughton st
Kay Miss ~, milliner, 19 Rintoul st
Kay Robert, Uriion Hotel, 1 St. Anthony place; ho. 14 Lothian road
Kay Robert, collector, 2 Montague st
Kay Robt. & Sons, wine& spirit merchants, 1 &2 St. Anthony place
Kay Thomas, lodgings, 46 Grindlay st
Kay Thomas & Son, plumber & gasfitters, 34 Alva st
Kay William, bookseller A stationer, 4 Bank st, & 1 Lindsay place
Kay William, builder, East London st
Kay William, wine merchant (Kay & Co.), 72 Northumberland st
Keane Michael, spirit dealer, 22 Thistle st [233 High fit
Keating Edward, smith and shoe heel and toe-plate manufacturer,
Keating Patrick, shopkeeper, 32 Pleasance
Iveay Anne, milliner, 27 Bread st
Keay John, lithographer, 27 Bread st
lieddie David, joiner, 10 Chuich st
K'-^dflie George, grocer & wine mcivliant, 153 Canongate
Keddie Jane, victual dealer, 19 Hart st
Keddie John, spirit dealer, 202 Rose st
Keddie John, bootmaker, 33 George st; houBc, 52 Broughton st

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