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Irons Jameg H. superintendent (Caledonian Railway Btation), 2
Cambridge st
Ironside James, cooper, 11 St. John st
Ironside Maif^aret, stationer, 3 Crichton st
Ironsides James, hairdresser, 2 Dairy road
Irvine Alexander F. advocate, 25 Castle terrace
Irvine Charles, bootmaker, C4 NicoLson st
Irvine Francis, confectioner, l-l Clerk st
Irvine Jameg, die &. stamp cutter. 1@ Thistle street ;
houae, 1 Dundas street
Irvine James, clerk, 8 Mulberry place, Bonnington
Irvine James, confectioner, 14 East Richmond st
Irvine James, manager, Carsline park, Granton
Irvine John, spirit dejiler, 31 Fountain bridge
Irvine John, die and stamp cutter, 377 High st
Irvine Robt. clothier (Robert Dudgeon & Co.), IS Gladstone terrace
Irvine Robert, aiialytical chemist, Royeton, Granton
Irvine Stejih-n, farmer, Craigbrae, Cramond
Ii-vine WilliiU!), victual dealer, 67 Main st, Newhaveu
Irvine William, grocer and spirit dealer, 2 Market place
Irvine William, coal agent, 17 Annfield, Newhaven
Irvine William, smith, 4 Eowling-gi-een st
Irving' brothers, trunk and portman^ieau xnakerSf
SOa Princes street; di. &S I^enfield street &. ^3
and SO Bath street, Ghisgow
Irving George, bootmaker, 87 Nicholson st
Irving James, bootmaker, 51 South bridge ; house, 18 Drummond st
Irving Jas. portmanteau malcer (Irving Brothers), 17 Union place
Irving Jessie, apartments, 20 Pitt st
Irving John, wholesale and retail stationer, 15 Howe st; house, 6
West Claremont place
Irving Peter,portmauteau maker (Irving Brothers), 25 Haddington pi
Irving William C. lijien draper, &c. 46 Howe st
Isbistcr Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 8 Cannon st, Leith [Clerk st
Isles Andrew, jun. leather merchant (Andrew Isles & Son). 25 South
Isles v\jidrew & Son, curriers and leather merchants, and manufac-
turers of bookbinding calf, &c. 9 Ot 11 Blair st
Isles James, clothier (Grieve, Oliver & Co.), 2 Buccleuch place
Isles Robt. leather merchant (Andrew Isles & Sou), 17 Archibald pi
Italian Evangelization Society, 4 North St. David st— Alexander
Brown, secretary
Ives William & Co. cane and Windsor chaiimakers, 133 Rose st
Ivory Holmes, W.S. (J. & A. Peddio & Ivory), 14 South Charlotte st
Ivory Thomas, advocate, 23 Walker st
Izatt J. newsagent and confectioner, St. Stephen st
Izatt John, baker and confectioner, 6 Chapel st
J AAP Thomas, stationer, &c, ^'&, Princes st ; house, 8 Montgomery at
Jack Andrew, mason and builder, AVest Newiugtoa place
Jack Andrew, spirit dealer, 38 Norton place
Jack Archibald, jtiwellca-, 17 St. Patrick square
Jack C. S. die and stamp cutter, 15 Blackwood crescent
J'ack Creor^e. couk cutter, 1*10 GUes street, Sieltb
Jack George (G.P.O.), 27 Oxford st
Jack J. tailor, 97 Rose st
Jack George, smith, Davidson's mains
Jack Isabella, linen draper, 92 Fountain bridge
Jack Isabella, stationer & smallware dealer, 10 South Richmond st
Jack James, clothier and tb-aper, 24 Lothi.in st
Jack James, shopkeeper, 74 St. Leonard's st
Jack James H. smith, Dairy Park place
Jack Jane, milliner, 7 East Arthur place
Jack John, dairyman, 2 Haddington place
Jack John, dairyman, 43 St. Leonard's st
Jack John, clerk, 1 Blenheim place
Jack John, spirit dealer, 2 Norton place, South
Jack John, grocer. Summer place
Jack John, coal merchant, Scotland street station
Jack John, grocer. 9 James st, Pilrig
Jack John, jun. shipowner, 48 Lauder road North
' Jack Joseph, hardware dealer, 181 Fountain bridge
Jack Michael, paper maker, spade and shovel manufacturer, wood
merchant and turner, Peggy's Mill, Cramond
Jack Mrs. — , apartments, 53 Frederick st
Jack Peter, dairyman, Bridgend, Dalkeith road
Jack Samuel, bootmaker, 7 Barony st
Jack Stewart, slater, 5 North Bank st
Jack Thomas, grocer. 3 South Elgin st ; house,? James st, Pilrig
Jack Thomas, linen draper, 17a Bristo st [House rd
Jack Thomas 0. publisher, 117 Causewayside; house, I Mansion
Jack William, traveller, 3 Gayfield place
Jackson Alexander, physician, 24 India st
Jackson Helen, apartments, 35 Albany st
Jackson John, share and insurance broker, 9 North St. David st;
house, 19 Howard place
Jackson John, tanner, 65 Wostport
Jackson John, spirit dealer, 32 Cockburn st
Jackson John, corn factor (John Jackson & Co.), 1 Cobden road
Jackson John & Co. corn factors & commission agents, 81 Bernard st
Jackson Margaret, shopkeeper, 13 Abbey strand
Jackson Peter, cab proprietor, 13 Teviot place
Jackson Peter & Thomas, giocers and spirit dealers, 1 Howard st
Jackson Robert, dairyman, Maryfield
Jackson Sarah, grocer and spirit dealer, 6 Raeburn pi [Viewforth
Jackson Thomas, wheelwright (Thos. Jackson & Sou), Rose villa,
Jackson Thomas & Son, wheelwrights & van makers, Gilmore park
Jackson Thomas & Sons, plumbers, &c. 31 Dundas st,& 37 Howe st
Jack^^on William, ironmonger, 7 Lothian st
Jacicson William, fiesher, 213 Cowgate and 14 High market
Jackson William, joiner, IG Maryfield place
Jackson Vi'iUiam, organist and teacher of music, 9 Pentland terrace
Jackson William, wright (Thomas Jackson & Son), 16 Valleyfield st
Jackson WiUiam butcher, Stockbridge market
Jacob Fri^dcrick, bricklayer, 11 Wardie avenue
Jacob Willram, tinsmith, gaslitter & ironmonger, 83 Leith wnlk
Jacobsen it Stesnberg, corn factors and commiGsioQ agents, 20
Constitution &t,LeUli
Jacobseu Fred, merchant (F. Jacobsen & Co.), 19 Merchiston ter
Jacobsen Frederick & Co. merchants, 89 Constitution st, Leith
Jacobsen Peter {Jacobsen & Steenberg), Danish vice-consul, 20
Constitution st, Leith; house, 17 Summerside place
James & Sou, bootmakers, 102 George st
James John, bootmaker (James & Son), 44 Castle st
Jameson &. Patorson, masons, Ac. 53 Torhickeu sfc
Jameson Andrew, advocate, 3 St. Colme st
Jameson Andrew & James, painters, &c, 50 North Pitt st
Jameson Augustus G. profisdor of music, 7 Tantallan place
Jameson James, artist and photographer, 50 fsorth Pitt st
Jameson John, fishmonger and ice merchant, 60 Noi-th Casile st ;
house, 58 North Castle st
Jameson Robert, fruiterer, 79 Queen st ; house, 12 Darnaway st
Jameson William, mason (Jameson &. Paterson),8 RosehiUplaca
JamiesoD Alexander, C.A. 8 Charlotte st
Jamieson & Co. tailors & clothiers, Chambers st
Jamieson & Jeukinson, brewers & maltsters, 263 Cowgate
Jamieson Andrew, tailor, 19 Fleshmarket close
Jamieson Andrew, toy dealer, 53 London st
Jamieson Charles, eating house, 13 Broughton st
Jamieson David, dairyman, 199 Cowgate [head place
Jamieson David M. tailor & clothier, 42 Nicolson st ; house, 5 V/hiio-
Jamieson George, steamboat owner, 2 Shore [Melville st
Jamieson George Auldjo, C.A. (Lindsay, Haldane & Jamieson), 58
Jamieson Henry, joiner & carpenter, 5 Hope st
Jamieson Hugh, stationer & tobacconist, 295 High st
Jamieson James, brewer (Jamieson & Jenkiuson), 263 Cowgate
Jamieson James, photographic artist, 3 Brunswick pi, Lothian rd
Jamieson' James Auldjo, W.S. (Tods, Murray & Jamieson), 14
Buckingham terrace
Jamieson James, surgeon, 6 Buccleuch place
Jamieson James T. S.S.C. secretary to the Board of Examiners
under the Law Agents' Act, 1873, 65 Princes st; house, Belletield
House, Trinity
Jamieson John, tailor & clothier, 13 & 15 St. Mary st
Jamieson John, tailor & clothier, 24 Tolbooth wynd & 4 Nicolson st;
house, 3 Laverick Bank road, Trinity
Jamieson Mary Ann, apartments, 8 London st
JamicHon ^Misses — , boarding school, 3 Westerhall
Jamieson Neil, clerk, 25 Pitt st, Bennington
Jamieson Peter, grocer & spirit dealer, 1a Pilrig st [Morningsida
Jamieson Robert, fruiterer, 147 Princes st; house, 10 Strathearn pi,
Jamieson Kobort &. Co. wholesale coffee and spice
merchants, £3 Forth st
Jamieson William, fruiterer, 57 North Hanover st ; house, 39
Brunisfleld place
Jamieson WiUiam A. m.b. physician, 26 Rutland st
Jardiue Alexander, grocer & wine & spirit dealer, 2 & 4 South Rich-
mond st; house, 17 Gladstone terrace
Jardiue Charles, watchmaker, 29 Bristo st
Jardiue D. horse dealer, George square lane
Jardine Henry, S.S.C. 21 Leopold place
Jardiue John,* fruiterer, 126 Ferry road, Leith
Jardine Mrs. — , dressmaker, 21 Brougham st
Jardiue Peter & Son, job and post masters and coach proprietors,
17 Dublin street lane ; offices, 2 York place and 17 Oublin at— See
Jardine Robert, provision dealer, 8 Catherine st
Jardine Thomas, baker, 25 Brougham st
Jardiue Thomas, spirit dealer, 62 Abbey hill
Jardine William A. C.E &■ surveyor, 19 Queen st
Jarvis Marion, cork cutter, 6 Lothian st [street lane
Jefi'ery John & Edmund, cabinet makers & joiners, 129 North Roao
Jeffrey Alice, milliner, 33 Richmond st, North
Jeffrey Daniel, slater & chimney sweep, 34 St. Patrick square
JelTrcy David, postmaster. Blackball
Jeffrey David, brewer (John Jeffrey & Co.), 14 Randolph crescent
Jeffrey Isabella, shopkeeper, 7 Washington place, Dah-y road
Jeffrey John, grocer. 111 St. Leonard st
Jeffrey John, spirit dealer, 119 High st
Jeffrey John, brewer (John Jeffrey & Co.), 23 Chester st
Jeffrey John, stationer, 114 Fountain bridge
Jeffrey John & Co. brewers, Heriot Brewery, 29 & 31 Grassmarket
Jeffrey John & Son, gardeners, 60 Dean patli. Dean
Jeffrey John H. cabinet maker, 5 Walker terrace. Dairy road
Jeffrey John J. spirit deali^r, Main st, Newhaven
Jeffrey Thomas, furniture dealer, 23a Howe st
Jeffrey Thomas, m.a. teacher of classics, 36 George square
Jeffrey Thomas, baker, 25 Thistle st
Jeffrey William A; Son, drapers, 43 Tolbooth wynd, Leith
Jeffrey William T. cook & confectioner, 1 Brougham place
Jenkin Fleming,, professor of engineering, 3 Great Stuart st
Jenkins E. W. teacher of music, 19 Arthur st, Pilrig st
Jeukinson A. china merchant and glass manufacturer, depot for
Minton's china, 10 Princes st ; glass works, Maryfield; house,
55 York place
Jeukinson David, spirit dealer, 42 Abbey hill
Jeukinson Wm. merchant (Jamieson & Jeukinson), 1 Archibald pi
Jenkiuson William, spirit dealer, 17 Broughton st
Jeukinson William, tailor, 1 Blackwood crescent
Jenkinson William & James, wine, spirit, and ale and porter stores,
80, 81 & 82 St. Andrew st, Leith
Jenner Chas. silk mercer (C. Jenner & Co.),EasterDuddingstonLodg6
Jenner Charles & Co. SCennington &. Jenner , silk
mercerjs, general drapers and carpet \^are-
housemen, ^7 &. 48 Princes st, & 2 to 1^ South
Saint Bavid st
Jews' Synagogue, Richmond court
Jol)Son -Margaret, spirit dealer, 14 Commercial place, Leith
Jobsou Robert, spirit dealer, 11 Coal hill, Leith
Jockel & Son, butchers, 60 Queen st
Jockel christian &, Son, Frankfort and Serlin
wareliouse, embroidery, tapestry, upbolstery ^
iurniture saloons. US &eorg-o st
Jookel Conrad, butcher (Jockel & Sou), 56 Queen st
John Knos'B Houso, 45 High at

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