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Hunter Robert, grocer & spirit dealer, 6 East Eichmond st
Hunter Roiert, merchant (J. Dahymple & Co.), 1 Fingal place
Hunter Samuel, builder & sculptor, 209 Leith walk
Hunter Thomas, surgeon, 5 Mansion House road
XCunter Tbomas, wbolesale brot &. sboe factor &,
commission ag-ent, 42 Morrison st
Hunter Thomas, clerk, 18 West Claremont st
Hunter Thomas, baker. 11 Leven st
Hunter Thomas M. teacher of music, 33 Alva st
Hunter W. S. seed, cak« & manure merchant, 76 Constitution st, L
Hunter William, bookbinder, 28 Queen st
Hunter William, joiner, cabinet maker & undertaker, 21 Leven st
Hunter William, house agent, 8 Panmure place
Hunter AVilliam, clerk, 15 Pitt st, Bennington
Hunter William, spirit dealer, 9 Adam st. East
Hunter William & Co. clothiers & outfitters, 96 South bridge & 1
Tolbooth wynd, Leith
Hunter William F. advocate, 1 Ainslie place
Hunterian Society, 23 Frederick st— T. G. Stevensou, agent
Huntly Brothers, coal e-xporters, 3 Dock place, Leith
Hurry John, secretary to the Scottish Fire Insurance Co. 31 George
st; house, 56 India st
Hurst John, baker & confectioner, 34 Argylc pldce
Hurst William, grocer & baker, Jock's Lodge
Husband WilUam, m.d. & surgeon, 28 Clarence st
Hush James, provision dealer, 8 Bread st
Hush James, fish salesman, 10 Brunswick st
Hush John, fishmonger, 10 Brunswick st
Hutcheson James, clerk, 20 Pitt st
Hutcheson James, wood turner, 37 Niddry st
Hutchings John, R.N. superintendent Mercantile Marine Office,
Custom House, Leith ; house, 4 Smith's place
Hutchinson & Rogers, timber merchants, 65 & 67 Great Junction
st, Leith
Hutchinson Arthur H. merchant (Hutchinson Brothers), Broom-
vale by Lasswade
Hutchinson Brothers, timber merchants, Middle Dock gate, Leith
Hutchinson Marshall H. chemist, &c. 146 Duke st. Leith
Hutchinson William, commission agent, 40 Quality st, Leith; house,
29 Clarence st
Hutchison Alexander, joiner, 6 Beaverbank place
Hutchison Alexander, boot & shoe maker, 41 Tolbooth wynd, L
Hutchison Alexander, advocate, 7 Greenhill terrace
Hutchison & Co. tea, wine & spirit merchants, 35 Bernard st, Leith
Hutchison & Son, cement merchants, 59 Grove st
Hutchison Andrew, smith, 118 Kirkgate, Leith
Hutchison Ann, greengrocer, 22 Duke st
Hutchison Charles, teacher, 6 Claremont place
Hutchison D. & Son, plasterers, &c. 59 Grove st
Hutchison David, collector, 34 Gillespie crescent
Hutchison David S. boot & shoe maker, 37 Water st, Leith
Hutchison Isabella, dairy keeper, 1a Scotland st
Hutchison Jas. T. wine, &c. merchant (Hutchison & Co.), 38 Royal ter
Hutchison Jemima, apartments, 13 East Preston st
Hutchison John, r.s.a. sculptor, 3 Thomas st
Hutchison John, shopkeeper, 2 St. Leonard's lane
Hutchison John, merchant, 3 Eastfield, Leith
Hutchison John, writer, 20 Pitt st
Hutchison Margaret, grocer, 74 Northumberland st
Hutchison I\Iary, pawnbroker, S3 Richmond place
Hutchison JIary Ann, suiallware dealer, 153 Pleasancc
Hutchison Robert, wine, &c. merchant (Hutchison & Co.), of Car-
lowict Linlithgowshire, & 35 Bernard st, Leith
Hutchison Robert, builder, 13 Mcrchiston avenue
Hutchison Susan, milliner, 20 College st
Hutchison Mrs.William, lessee of Crai^ Park Quarry,21 Port Hamilton
Huth Frederick, engraver & lithographer, 23 St. James's square
Hutson Margaret, apartments, 30 Rankeillor st
Hutton & Thomson, saw & timber merchants, Leith walk
Hutton .Archibald, spirit dealer, 1 East Register st
Hutt^Hi David, merchant, 1 Nicolson square
Hutton Edward, accountant, 120 Gilmore place
Hutton James, grocer, 3 Maitland st, Newhaven
Hutton James, academy, 1 Nicolson square
Hutton James C. teacher of singing, 88 Nicolson st
Hutton Jessie, private day school, 12 Sciennes
Hutton John, silversmith, 63 North bridge
Hutton John, clerk, 9 Blenheim place
Hutton John P. goldsmith & watchmaker ,34 Princes st; ho.l7 Lutton pi
Hutton LilHas, teacher of pianoforte, 1 Nicolson square
Hutton Peter, saw miller, &c. (Hutton & Thomson), 223 Leith walk
Hutton Miss — , boarding & day school, 197 Fen-y road
Hutton Mrs. — , apartments, 7 Livingstone place
Hutton Robert, file cutter, Simpson's court, Greenside row
Hutton Robert & Son, pawnbrokers, 209 High st
Hutton Tbomas, boot & shoe maker. Water st, Leith
Hutton Walter, spirit dealer, 1 St. Andrew square, Newhaven
Hutton William, house painter, 35 Dundas st
Hutton WilUam, joiner & timber merchant, 35 Raukeillor st ; house,
4 St. Leonard's st
Huxtable Alfred, teacher of music, 8 Great Stuart st
Hyam B. tailor, clotbier. and outfitter, i.2.i <& 126
Klgb st, and 1 Hunter square
Hyam David & Co. flate Alfred Davies & Co. of London^, im-
porters and factors, 48 North bridge
Hyman Robt. glass merchant and glazier, 25 East Crosscauseway,
and 55 Lothian road
Hynde Thomas & Co. tailors and drapers, 13 Union place
Hyslop James (Register ifouse),4Deau Bank teiTace
Hyslop James M'Adam, m.d. surgeon-major, 22 Palmerston place
IML.VY George, fish merchant, 8 South College st
Imperial Life and Fire Assurance Office — Murray & Falconer, 141
George st ; David Scott, 4a North Saint David st; D. Campbell,
Clydesdale Bank; J. Maokie, 21 St. John st ; R. B. Mm-ray, 8
Bonnington terrace ; — Silvie, 13 Gladstone terrace, and Dr. J.
Pouglas, 6 Howard place, agents
Imperial Marine Insurance Company (of Iilver-
pool), 53 Bernard st, aeltb— Jas. na'Inroy, agent
Imperial Union Assurance Company, 26 Frederick st— James
MarchbanU, agent
Improved Edinburgh Property Investment Building Society, 12
George IV. bridge— Alexander Hay, secretary
Imrie David, stationer & newsagent, 4 Dairy road
Imrie Henry, confectioner, 55 Forrest road
Imrie Henry, confectioner, 65 South bridge
Imrie James D. pawnbroker, 55 South bridge
Imrie John, spirit dealer, 1 Dock place, Leith
Imrie Margaret, stav maker, 170 Fountain bridge
Imrie Robert B. fScbttish Widows' Fund), 11 Scotland st
Inch Alexander, contractor & coal merchant, Lochrin
Inch & Riddell, seed merchants, 1 Victoria st
Inch David, flesher, 3 Howard st
Inch Robert, seedsman (Inch & Riddell), 1 Crawford st
Inches Robert K. goldsmith (Hamilton & Inches), 41 York place
Independent Chapels— .See P(<ices of Worship
Industrial Schools— See Academiei, Classification
Infants' Schools— .See Academies, Classification
Infirmary (Royal), Infirmary st
Inglis Agnes, City Tavern, 69 Oockburn st
Inglis Andrew, foreman, 87 Albany st, Leith
Inglis Andrew, flesher, 19 Middle market „„.,,_,, ,
Inglis Archibald, belt and brace manufacturer, 3 Sibbalds place
Inglis Archibald, M.D. 33 Albany st
Inglis Christina, grocer and spirit dealer, 233 Great Junction st
IngUsDavid, grocer and spirit dealer, 207 Cowgate
Inglis H. & A., W.S. 16 Queen st ^ ., , J°™™^y ^l*"^
Inglis H. Herbert, W.S. 8 North Saint David st; house, 30 Aber-
IngUs Harry MaxweU, W.S. of Loganbank, 8 North Samt David st ;
house, 11 Coates creecent , ■, ^j. a 44
Inglis Henry, W.S. (H. & A. Inglis, of Torsonce), 1 Gt. Stuart st
Inglis .James, baker, 69 Haymarket terrace ,„ „ ,. v 1
Inglis James M. plumber, gasfltter & brassfounder, 12 bahsbury pi
Inglis Janet, spirit dealer, Davidson's mains , „„ , , , ,
Inglis the Right Hon. John, Lord Justice-General, 30 Abercromby pi
IngUs John, miller & corn merchant. Junction Steam Mills, West
Bowling Green st ; house, lionnington brae
Inglis John, tailor & clothier, 8 Spittal st _..,,.
Inglis Joseph, grocer & provision dealer, 9 St. Patrick st
Inglis John, bootmaker, 4 Sibbald place
Inglis John, tailor & clothier, 16 Princes st
Inglis John, tea dealer, 16 Drumdryan st
Inglis Joseph, grocer & spirit dealer, 1B8 Pleasance
IngUs Maggie, draper, 120 Fountain bridge
Inglis Peter, farmer. East Pilton Ferry road
Ingles Robert, publisher (Gall & Inglis), 10 Dick place. Grange
Inglis Robert, baker, 457 Lawn market
Inglis Robert, coal merchant, 15 Manderston st
Inglis Thomas, grocer, 88 Lothian st
IngUs WiUiam, dairy, 25 Abbey hill
Inglis WilUam, civil engineer, 21 West Maitland st
IngUs WiUiam, engraver, 63 Princes st ; house, 4 Glengyle ter
Inglis WilUam, traveUer, Ediua Cottage, 164 Leith waUt
Inglis WilUam, pubUsher (W. & R. Chambers), 12 Dick pi, Grange
Inglis WiUiam & James, shoemakers, 16 Queeusferry st
Ingi-am George, clerk, 41 Great King st
Ingram Jane, Shetland warehouse, 4 Clerk st
Ingram Mrs. — , miUiner, 41 Great King st
Inkster & Smith, grocers & spirit dealers, 320 Lawn market
Inkster Joseph, grocer(Inksler & Smith), 6 Montague st
Inland Revenue Office (dept. of taxes), Waterloo place
Inland Revenue Office (Stamps & taxes), Waterloo place
Inland Revenue Office, Custom House, Leith
Innes Alexander Taylor, advocate, 70 Northumberland st
Innes & Grieve, grocers, Italian warehousemen and wine mer-
chants, 9 Waterloo place, and Regent Arch Vaults _. _
Snnes &. Xbom, modellers and sculptors, 59 Tor-
pbichen street
Innes David, confectioner, 128 Canongate
Innes Gilbert, greengrocer, 4 Trafalgar st, Leith
Innes James, coal merchant, James court. Lawn market
Innes John, S.L. soUcitor for the Scottish Trade Protection Society
(MUlar, AUardice, Robson & Innes), 40 Blacket place
Innes John Brown, W.S. (Mackenzie, Innes & Logan), 11 Moray pi
Innes Peter, plasterer, 65 Frederick st
Innes R. & Co. shipbuUders, 1 Old Church st
Innes Robert, modeller (Innes & Thom), 21 Launston place
Innes Robert, grc.eer & wine merchant, 6 India place
innes Robert, portrait painter, 6 Spring gardens
Innes WUliam (Union Bank of Scotland), 22 Rutland square
Institute of Bankers of Scotland, 62 Frederick st
Institution (John Watson's), Dean „ „ i,.
Institution for the Deaf and Dumb, Henderson row— See PiMw
Buildiitgs . ,
Institution for the Relief of Incurables, MiU lane, Leith
Insurance Company Of Scotland (fire;, 95 George
st— James Clunes, manager
lona Club, 22 Frederick st-T. G. Stevenson, agent
Ireland Alexander James, S.S.C. and N.P. (Fyfe, Miller, Fyfe &
Ireland), 20 Lansdowue crescent
Ireland Andrew, baker, 64 Duke st, Leith
L-eland John, traveller, 13 Montgomery st
Ireland John S. seedsman, 12 Dryden st
Ireland Mrs. — , dressmaker, 15 Upper Grove place
Ireland Robert, joiner, 12 Riego st
Ireland Robert A. N.P. (General Register Hou.5e), 8 Bernard ter
Ireland Thomas, accountant, 71 Clerk st „„ t^ j .i
Ireland W. & E. masons, slaters & chimney sweeps, 22 Dundas st
Irons & Roberts, S.S.C. 5 York place
Irons David, tailor, 04 South Clerk st
Irons George (G.P.O.), 34 East Preston st
Irons J. Campbell & Co. S.S.C. 10 Bernard st, Leith
Irons Japies OampbeU, S.S.C. (Irons & Roberts), 2i Windsoi st

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