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Hope John, W.S. 81 Moray place
Hope John David, wine merchant (Wauchope, MoocUe & Hope).
11 Constitution st, Leith
Hope, Mann & Eirk, W.S. 119 Princes st
Hope Mrs. — , coffee house & lodgings, 6 Carlton st
Hope Robert, manager, 54 Pitt st, Bennington
Hope Thomas, civil engineer, 7 India st
Hope TXTiiiiam, Ijird. and animal preserver, 44
Creorgre street
Hope William P. merchant and Bolivian Consul, 51 Timber bush;
house, 2 Buckingham terrace
Hopkins Edward, fish merchant, 2 Church road
Hopkirk Elizabeth, grocer, 2 Cansewayside
Hopkirk George, spirit dealer, 52 Lothian st : house, 7 Charles st
Hopper &, Boyd, cabinet makers, upbolsterers,
house factors, valuators, removal coutractors,
bedding manufacturers, &. undertakers, 5 Soutb
Frederick st; works, Silver Ittills— /Sep a^^t'e?/
Hoppor Martin, broker, 293 Cowgate
Hopper Thomas, cabinet maker (Hopper & Boyd), 46 Queen st
Hop wood James, grocer, 33 Great Junction st, Leith
Hermann Albert, corn factor (Hormann, Cochrane and Co.), 4
Argyle Park terrace
Hormaun, Cochrane & Co. corn factors and commission agents, 84
Constitution st, Leith
Horn James, messenger. Crown Office, 1 Charlotte square
' Horn Robert, advocate, 7 Randolph crescent
Home Catherine, apartments, 18 Lothian st
Home David, joiner, 9 Summerhall square -
Home George, hairdresser, 4 York place
Home, Home & LyeU, W.S. (solicitors to the Society for Extending
the Fisheries along the Sea Coasts of the Kingdom, incorporated
by Act of Parliament), 39 Castle st
Home Jane, apartments, 6 Annfield, Newhaven
Home John & Sons, coal masters, Haymarket— P. M'Diarmid, agent
Home T. E. O. W.S. (Home, Home & Lyell), 19 Grosvenor st
Horning Inhibitions and Abbreviates of Adjudications (Registry of)
OfQce, Register House, Princes st
Horsbrugh Wilham, clerk of the peace for Fifeshire, 4 Eyre place
Horsburgh Adam, wiue &■ spirit dealer, 10 Tynecastle ter, Dah-y rd
Horsburgh Alexander, tobacconist, 45 Sandportst, Leith
Horsburgh Andrew, tailor & clothier, 36 Home st
Horsbui-gh Benjamin, coal dealer, 34 Duke st, Leith
Horsburgh Dickson, smith, Duddingston Mills
Horsburgh James, tea & coffee merchant, 14 Drummond st
Horsburgh John, gi-ocer, 52 Broughton st
Horsburgh J'olin, artist, pbotogrrapher, & portrait
painter (under tbe patronage of Her Majesty),
131 Princes street; bouse, 4 Ifewbattle terrace
Horsburgh Miss — , dressmaker, 57 Montgomery st
Horsburgh Mrs. — , greengrocer, 36 Duke si
Horsburgh William, butcher, 48 St. Leonard's st
Horsefield D, E. cabinet makei', Bonnington bridge
Horsfield John H. H. secretary, Scottish Wagon Co. Limited, Her-
ritage Villa, Wardie crescent
Horticultural Society's Gardens, Inverleith row
Horton Joshua, civil and gas engineer, 16 South Saint David st,
and at Glasgow
Hosea John, tailor, 85 South bridge
Hoseason Gilbert J. clerk, 88 Broughton st
Hosie John, coal merchant, 50 Grove st
Hossack Buckham H. teacher, 4 Albert terrace. Trinity
Hossack Daniel, grocer and spirit dealer, 329 Cowgate
Hossack David, foreman, 19 North Junction st, Leith
Hossack Janet, grocer and spirit dealer, 17 Tobago st
Hnssack Robert C. shipmaster, 67 Madeira st, Leith
Hotson Hamilton A. Bank of Scotland, 5 East Claremont st
Houldeu & Co. stationers & fancy bazaar, 9 & 11 Nicolson st
Houlden John, stationer, &c. (Houlden & Co.), 45 George square
Houlden Wm. R. stationer, &c. (Houlden & Co.), 45 George square
Houliston J. grocer & spirit dealer, 74 Leith st ; ho, 22 Elm row
Houliston Margaret, grocer, 24a India st
House of Charity and Home for Poor and Aged Women, 7 Johnston
terrace — Isabella Leiff, superioress
House of Refuge & Kight Refuge, Queensberry House
House of Refuge (Girls), Dairy
Household Fire Insurance Co. Limited, 31 Princes st— W. B.
Macwhinnie, manager
Houston David, grocer & spirit dealer, 39 Bridge st, Leith
Houston James, clerk, 105 Albany st, Leith
Houston Robert, traveller. 63 South Clerk st
Houy William, examiner to the G.P. O. Oakleigh Villa, Boswellrd
Howard Frederick, spirit dealer, 80 LeitJi walk
Howard Henry, bootmaker, 237 Leith walk
Howard Jame's B. lessee, Queen's Theatre and Theatre Royal,
6 Abercrombie place
Howard William, teacher of music, 1 Nelson st
Howdcn & Ednie, bakers, 84 Grindley st
Howden & Molleson, C.A. 8 North Saint David st
Howdeu Arthur, rope A twine maker, Gilmore park
Howden George, grocer, 1 M'Neill st, Viewforth
Howden Helen, broker, 12 Potter row
Howden James, C.A. (Howden and Mollesonl, Baberton House,
Juniper Green
Howden Thomas, grocer, 136 Kirkgate, Leith
Howe Alexander, W.S. (Lindsay, Howe, Tytler & Co.), 17 Moray st
Howe Machine Co. Limited, 15 Cockburn st — Eobt. Gray, manager
Howe William, wiue and spirit merchant, 10 and 12 Cockbui'n st
house, 5 Hope Park terrace
Howie Alexander S. draper, 124 Fountain bridge
Howii- James, jun. photographer, 60 Princes st
Howit John, sculptor, Brandon st, C'anonmilh
Ho-^.'Ll! John, photographer, 16 Princes st
Howie Mrs. — , grocer, 12 Cable wynd, Leitli
Howie William, plumber, »S;c. 27 Grindlay st
■ Howie William L. traveller, 8 ;^ast London st
58 1-1
Howison Charles, traveller, 23 Lanriston gardens
Howison John, victual dealer, 26 Grass market
Howison William A. law agent, 17 Torphichen st [Wa/rdie
Howkins John, civil engineer, Grantou ; house, Queensferry place,
Howling Abram, wine merchant (Blyth Brothers & Co.), 40
Albany st, Leith
Hoy George, bootmaker, 6 Buccleuch st
Hoy James, cabinet maker, upholsterer, &c. 27 Cockburn st
Hoyes Lewis, S.S.C. 40 Princes st; house, 15 Nelson st
Huggan William, foreman, 124 Constitution st, Leith
Hu^bes Zadwiug saw maker, 67 X:.:^bootb ivyndf
Igeitb ; iiouse, Su.iiinersi''e place
Hughes Patrick, grocer & spirit dealer, 117 Cowgate
Hughes ^Villiam, spirit dealer, 30 Kirkgate, Leith
Huie D. R. W. secretary (Royal Bank of Scotland), Register place
Hull Steam Packet Office, 16 Bernard st— James CuiTieA Co. agents
Humane Society, Edinbm-gh and Leith, Mill lane
Hume Agnes, shopkeeper, 8 Tii stle st
Hume Brotbers &, Co. cbemical manure manufac-
turers; offices, Xndia buildings; works, Bo'neas
— See advertisev/ent
Hume David, clerk, 3 Gibson st, Broughton rd
Hume George, shopkeeper, 34 Buccleuch st
Hume J. B. city guide, 9 Leith st. terrace
Hume John, brush manufacturer, 87 West bow ; house, 2 Graham st
Hume John, wrlght, 33 Coatfield lane
Hume John, cashier, 7 Pitt st, Bonuiugton
Hume John, traveller, 224 Leith walk
Hume John, bookseller & stationer, depository of Scottish Monthly
Visitor Tract Society, 5 Hanover st ; house, 13 Pitt st
Hume John, bootmaker, 3 Victoria place, Trinity
Hume Margaret, smallware dealer, 96 Grange place, Causewaysida
Humo Margaret, fringe & trimming manufactm-er, 34 North bridge
Hume Mrs. — , coal dealer, 9 Dewar place
Hume Thomas, grocer &, spirit dealer, 20 Dairy rd
Hume Thomas, plumber, 34 London st
Hume William, commission agent, 23 Gilmore place
Hume 'William, grocer and spirit dealer, 13 St.
Patrick square ; bouse, 3.6 I%Ielville street
Hume William, philosophical instrument maker, 16 College st ;
house, 23 Gilmore place
Hume William, boot & shoe maker, 6 Brighton st
Humphrey J. teacher of music, 320 Leith walk
Hunt George, tailor & clothier, 29 Nicolson st ; house, 25 Rankeillor st
Hunter Adam C. grocer & spirit dealer, 4 Lothian st
Hunter Alexander, m.d. 18 Belgrave crescent
Hunter Alexander S. writer, 6 West end place [Andrew st
Hunter & Glover, confectioners & wine merchants, 3 North St.
Hunter & Moar, provision and egg merchants, 1 Admiralty st, L
Hunter & Walker, plumbers, &c. South Thistle st. lane
Hunter, Blair & Cowan, W.S. and N.P. 7 York place
Himter Catherine, draper, 117 Fountain bridge
Hunter D. teacher of English, Catherine bank, Newh^en rd
Hunter David, fleshur, 11 West Salisbury place ^
Hunter David, smith, Canonmills bridge
Hunter David, painter & decorator, 17 Teviot place
Hunter David, bookseller & stationer, 1 Cauon placa
Hunter David, S.S.C. 29Dundas st
Hunter David, builder, 7 Lewis terrace. Dairy rd
Hunter David, clerk, 6 Cambridge st
Hunter David, sculptor, 75 Cansewayside
Hunter Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 107 Fountain bridge
Hunter Evan Allan, W.S. sheriff clerk of Ayrshire (Hunter, Blair &
Cowan), 121 Princes st
Hunter Frederick, fish salesman & egg merchant, 30 St. Mary st
Hunter George, boot & shoe maker, 50 Main st, Newhaven
Hunter George, grocer and spirit dealer, 12 West port
Hunter George, clerk, Royal Park terrace, Meadow bank
Hunter Hugh, grocer and spirit dealer, 1 Greyfriars place
Hunter Isabella, shopkeeper, 3 Vittoria place
Hunter James, warehouseman, 17 Earl Grey st
Hunter James Adam, m.d. 18 Abercromby place
Hunter James, gi'ocer & spirit dealer, 1 Madeira st, Leith
Hunter James, stationer & news agent, 19 Caledonian terrace
Hunter James, traveller, 4 Hart st
Hunter James, boot & shoe maker, 16 Haddington place
Hunter James, baker, 51 Richmond st. North
Hunter James, grocer & spirit dealer, 1 Drumdryau st
Hunter James, confectioner, &c. (Hunter & Glover), 3 North Saint
Andrew st
Hunter James, aerated water manufacturer, 86 West bow
Hunter James, hay & straw dealer, Upper Grove place
Hunter James, builder, 11 Jauefleld place
Hunter Jane, furrier, 36 Buccleuch st
Hunter Janet, victualler, 173 Canongate
Hunter Jessie, dressmaker, 16 West Richmond st
Hunter John, eating-house keeper, 13 Broughton st
Hunter Jno. M. teacher of English, 20 York pi ; house, 1 Magdala ter
Hunter John, boot & shoe maker, 6 Gibson terrace, Fountain bridge
Hunter M. stationer & tobacconist, 15 Portland place
Hunter Margaret, news agent, 145 Fountain bridge, Leith
Hunter Michael, cork manufacturer, 22 Buccleuch st
Hunter Mary, apartments, 59 Cumberland st
Hunter Mary Ann, academy, 32 Dublin st
Hunter Mrs. — , Star Hotel, 59 Cockburn st
Hunter Mrs. — , grucer, 173 Canongate
Hunter Mrs. — , apartments, 12 Brandon st
Hunter Peter, traveller, 1 Valleyfield st
Hunter Philip, cooper, 26 West Crosscauseway
Hunter Robert, sodawatcr manufacturer, 269 High st
Hunter Robert, grocer, G East Richmond st
Hunter Robt. publisher {Johnstone, Hunter & Co.), 6 South Grey st
Hunter Robert, traveller, 5 Archibald place
Hunter Robert, sorter, G.P.U. 10 St. Anthony place
Hunter Robert, sculptor, 9 Grange road
Hunter Robert, agent (Carron Company), 22 Summerside pi, Leith
Hunter Robert, manager (Agra Bank), 10 Ainslie place

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