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Bain Mrs. — , china & glass dealer, 14 Baker's placs, Btockbrldge
Bain Mre. — , apartmentg,8 Montague st
Bain Mrs. — , soda-water mauufacturer, 130 Canongate
Baia R. & Co. commission agents, 13 Quality lane, Leitli
Bain Thomas, cabinet maker, Thomas at ; house, 24 Brougham pi
Bain Thomas, china & glass dealer, 19 Main st. Newhaven
Bain William, spirit dealer, 24 Potterrow
Bain William, accountant, 9 George st. Leith [pi
Bain Wm. manufacturer of sewing machines & tool maker, 16 Union
Bain Wm. manager (City of Glasgow Bank), 14 South Hanover st
Bain William, wire fencing, &c. manufacturer (Wm. Bain & Co.),
84 Buccleuch place
Bain 'Ul^Uliam & Co. engineers, contractors and
manufacturers of every kind of iron and vrire
fencings a-nd wire netting (macliine and Iiand
made], Xiocbrin Sron "Works, Home street —
See ndrertiscment
Bain William W. clothier & outfitter, 35 Cockburn st
Bain, Young & Co. iron and wirework contractors, wire netting
manufacturers, 27 & 29 Crosscauseway
Baird Alexander, grocer, 34 Home st
Baird Colin C. veterinary surgeon, 8 Clyde st, & 7 St. James's pi
Baird David, lithographic writer. 27 Elder st
Baird Eliza, apartments, 4 Queensferry fit
Baird Elizabeth, dressmaker, 9 Cobden terrace
Baird Georgina, smallwaro dealer, 64 St. Andrew st. Leith
Baird James, spirit dealer, 8 Young st
Baird James, boot & shoo maker, 19 West Lauriston place
Baird Jano, linen draper, 261 Leith walk
Baird Janet, baker, 6 Middle Arthur place
Baird John & Son, plasterers & lath renders, East Loudon st. and
10 Morton street, Leith
Baiid Matthew, draper, 21 George lY. bridge
Baird Robert, writer, C5 Morrison st
Baird Thomas, builder, 18 Dewar Place lane
Bau-d Thomas W. custom house officer, 17 Bangor road, Leith
Baird Wm. plasterer & modeller, 48 North Pitt st, & 26 Danube st
Bakers' (Employers') House of Call, 2 Blackfriars st
Bakers' House of Call, 2 North bridge
Bakers' House of Call (Leith), 10 Riddle's close, Leith
Bak-anqual Alexander, shoemaker, 49 St. Mary st
Balcanqual John, furniture broker, 61 St. Mary st
Balfour Andrew, registrar of births, &e. Canongate district, 163
Canongate ; house, 8 East Preston st
Balfour George W. physician, 17 Walker st
Balfour J, & J. H. W.S. 4 Thistle court. Thistle 3t
Balfour J. B. advocate, 14 Great Stuart st
Balfour James, W.S. (J. & J. H. Balfour), 13 Eaton terrace
Balfour James H. W.S. {J. & J. H. Balfour), 18 Eaton terrace
Balfour John H, professor of medicine & botany, 27 Inverleith row
Balfour John M. W.S. {J. & J. H. Balfour), clerk of supply for the
county of Edinburgh and to the road trustees for the county of
Edinburgh, also to the Cramoud district of roads, Pih-ig House
Balfour R. pattern maker, 12 Hawthornbank place
Balfour Robert, grocer and wine and spirit merchant, 152 Fountain
bridge; house, 4 Panmure place
Balfour Thomas A. G. physician, 51 George's square [place
Balgarnio James H. C.A. 9 North St. David st ; house,35 Drummond
Balgarnie Marion, Berlin wool, &c. dealer, 48 Hanover st
Ballantine Alexander, glass stainer (James Ballantine and Son), 2s
Palmerston place [st, Leith
Ballantine & Ross, provision & commission merchants, 36 Quality
Ballantine Archibald, tea dealer (G. Ballantine & Son), 3 East May-
field [Portobello
Ballantine Daniel, tea dealer, (G. Ballantine & Son), 7 Lee crescent,
Ballantine Gcoree, tea dealer (G. Ballantine tt Son), 10 South Grey st
Ballantine George and Son, tea dealers. 30 North bridge
Ballantine James, merchant (Ballantine & Rose), 8 Kirk st, Leith
Ballantine James, glass stainer (Jas. Ballantine & Son), Warrender
Ballantine James, jun. glass stainer, &c. (James Ballantine & Son),
Warrender Lodge [40 & 42 George s
Ballantine James and Son, glass stainers and decorative painters,
Ballantyue H.& Co. printers & stereotyper8,Causeway8ide,Newington
Ballantyne James, baker, 9 South Clerk st
Ballantyne James & John, bakers & confectioners, 1 Grange Loan
house, 11 Melville terrace
Ballantyne John, china dealer, 18 Jamaica st [st, Leith
Ballantyne Thomas, butcher, 124 Kirkgate, and 219 Great Junction
Ballantyne William, fleshcr, 7 Deanhaugh st
Ballantyne William, flesher, 53 St. Andrew st, Leith [crescent
Balleny Wilham, secretary (Edinburgh Cemetery), 3 Warriston
Ballingall Ann, provi^sion dealer, 71 Kirkgate, Leith
Balliiigall David, gi'ocer, &c. 15 Kirkgate, Leith
Ballingall James, millwright and smith, 15 Bangor rd, Leith
Ballingall William, draughtsman and engraver on wood, 25 North
Balmain Tvliss — , boarding and day sc^iool, 62
G'reat King: s% — Sce adveri'isemeitt
Balmain John W. civil engineer & surveyor, 9 North St. David st;
house, 27 West Preston st
Bambovough James, portrait and landscape painter, 15 Lcven ter
Bank of Scotland (Head Office), Bank st: Treasurer, David David-
son; Secretary, George M. Tytler; Superintendent of Branches,
Robert Gray; Cashier, Thomas Armstrong; Accoimtant, Edward
Lotliian. Branches: London, Loihbuiy, Robert Davison, manager;
Edinburgh, New Toivn^Qd George st, Charles Bruce, agent; Southern
District, li St. Patrick square, R. B. Mathie, agent; Stockhridge,
15 North West Circus place, John - JJev/at, agent; &i'cen^ide, 21
Picarily place, J. T. Gerard, agent; "^lorningside, 5 Merchistnn
terrace, William Watson, agent ; Lei^h, 92 Constitution st, Fulton
Spiers, agent
Banks Alexander, engraver (Banks & Co.), GO Nortli Lauder rd
Banks & Co. engravers and printers, 10 North St. David at, nrd
Grange Printing Works, 92 Causcwayside
Banks Charles, butcher, 10 Claremont place
Banka George, bakor, 4 West Port
Banks George 0. S.S.C. 1 India buildings, Victoria at; house, 19
Mansion House road, Grange
Banks Henry, engi-aver {Banks & Co.), 11 Dalrymple crescent
Banks James, clothier, 26 St. Patrick square
Banks John H. surveyor (H.M. stamps and taxes), 14 Waterloo
place; house, 23 Dalrymple crescent
Banks Mary, draper, 34 Causewayside
Banks Peter, cork manufacturer, 9 Bangor rd, Leith
Banks Peter S. S.S.C. 19 Mansion House rd
Banks Thomas Whitsou, assistant registrar (St. Andrew's District),
S North St. David st ; house, 5 Upper Dean terrace
Bannatj'ne Peter, bootmaker, 71 West Port [crescent
Bannatyne Peter, aecretary(National Bank of Scotland),15Lansdowno
BannerFrancis, boot and shoe maker, 1 Dewar place
Banner Margaret, lodgings, 5 Hope st [place west
Bannerman Alexander D.wino merchant (W. Vertue & Co.), 6 Circus
Bannerman Miss — , ladies' school, '.23 Panmure place
Bannerman Mitchell, linen draper, 31 Arthur st
Banyard Joseph, fish merchant, 2 Maitland st, Newhaven
Baptie Margaret, lodgings, 2 Elm row
Bai'ber James S. cashier (Bank of Scotland), 7 Gillespie crescent
Barbour Wm. L. (Northern Lighthouse Office), 1 West Claremont et
Barclay Alexander, watchmaker, &c. 6 Clerk st
Barclay Andrew J. G. teacher, 15 Brougham st
Barclay Catherine, shopkeeper, 8 Beaumont place
Barclay David, coal merchant. Railway Station, South Leith
Barclay George, painter (Milne & Barclay), 1 AlUcrt st
Barclay George, drysalter (Sim & Barclay)! 253 Leith walk
Barclay George, hat and cap manufacturer and woollen merchant, 7
Himter's square ; house, 35 Lauriston place
Barclay George, corn factor (Berry, Barclay & Co.)) 17 Coates crescent
Barclay Helen, eating house, 4 Portland place
Barclay James, shipmaster, 59 Madeii'a st, Leith
Barclay James, hatter, 85 Lothian rd
Barclay Janet, apartments, 6 Bangor st, Leith
Barclay John, tailor and clothier, 369 High st
Barclay John, cooper, 109 ICirkgate [11 Fon-ea at
Barclay John M'Laren, a.r.s.a., artist, 6 North Charlotte st; house,
Barclay Mary, dairykeepcr, 129 Causewayside
Barclay P. & Co. coal merchants, 4 Port Hopetoun
Barclay Mrs. basket maker & toy dealer, 24 Victoria st
Barclay Peter, carver & gilder, 5 Drummond st
Barclay Robert B. (Inland Revenue), 6 Salisbury place
Barclay Russell, confectioner, 24 Victoria st
Barclay Thumas, advocate, 3 Moray place
Barclay William, landscape painter, 26 Cumberland st
Barclay VMlliam, bookseller & stationer, 134 Ferry road, Leith
Barclay William, umbrella maker, 69 East Crosacauseway
Baret Mary, lodgings, 7 Hill place
Bargh William, fishmonger, 37 Earl Grey st
Barker & Forl^es, tailors and clothiers, 32 South bridge
Barker Ann, clothes broker, 139 Cowgate
Barker Eliza, ladies' outfitter, 12 St. Patrick square
Bai'ker George S. teacher, 16 Gladstone terrace
Barker H. M. furniture dealer, 8 Tolbooth wynd, Leith
Barker Patrick, pawnbroker, 16 Chapel st. & 108 Kirkgate, Leith
Barker Patrick, broker, 108 Cowgate
Barker Robert, fruiterer, 9 Dean Bank place
Barker T. & H. hosiers and glovers, 6 Leith st
Barland John Watling, druggist, 12 West Lauriston place
Barlas James, secretary to the Scottish Union Insuiauce Company,
47 George st ; hou3o,"l MayHeld terrace
Barlow Miss — , dressmaker, 46 Thistle st
Barnetson James, shipmaster, 36 Leith walk
BaruHson Wilham, shipmaster, 171 Ferry road
Barnetson Wm. joiner, cabinetmaker, &c. 19c Bucoleuch st
Barnett Charles, smith, 89 Jamaica st lane
Barnett F. S. traveller, 23 Melville terrace
Barnett Francis, glass stainer, lUl Constitution st, Leith
Barnett Mycr. picture dealer, 31 St. Patrick square
Barr Charles A. stationer, 2 Causewayside
Barr James (General Register House), 1 West Stanhope place
Barr James, superintendent N. B. Railway Co. 3 Constitution st, L
Barr Jane, greengrocer, 11 William st
Barr Robert, house painter, 71 Broughton st
Barr Thomas, coal master, 2 Dock place, Leith
Barracks (Ai-tilUry), Leith Fort
Barracks (Cavalry), Piershill, Jock's Lodge
Barracks (Infantry), Edinburgh Castle
Barrett Walker, grocer, 145 Canongate
Barrie Andw. wtchmkr. & jeweller, 43 Princes st; hous6,2 Walker st
Ba-nie David, pavement merchant Scotland Street Station; house,
8 Cumberland st
Barrio George, solicitor A notary public, 2 Queen st
Barrie George, grocer &. spirit dealer, 44 Giles st, Leith
Rarrit^ James, clerk, 6 Cambridge st
Barrie James, wright (D. Pirrie & Co.), 81 Duke st, Leith
Barrie John, joiner, 2 Rosehill place
Barrie Marion, grocer & spirit dealer, 79 Giles st, Leith
Barrio Ninian, di-aper. 2 Clerk st; house, 49 Montague st
Barrie Thomas^dairy, 76 Potter row '
Barrio Wm. builder '&. oontra<tor, 1 Stead's place, Leith
Barron Cliarles, groct;r &. spirit dealer, 12 Drummond st
Barron Charles, fruiterer, 12 Lothian st
Barron John, house painter, 3 East Register st
Barron John, rag'& waste dealer, 4 Dumbiedykes road
Barron John D. mediral botanist, 249 Leith walk
Barrow Janies, tobacconist, 49 Bernard st
Barry Frederick W. m.d. -surgeon, 26 Charlotte st, Leith
Sarry OTolin/ china &. glas.s dealer, SI Kirkgate
and 71 Giles st; and s-tig-, wool, and feather mes^
chant, 69 Sonninsrton road and 2>3 Cable wynd,
s:»cilh; house. 63 ITerry road
Barrv Eohnvt J. commission :-igc nt, 54 South Clerk st _ [st
Barry V»'m. photographer i: landscape painter, tt4 & 100 Constitution
Barstow Charles M. C.A. 82 India st
Bartholomew Andrew, foremftu, 20 Albany st, Leith
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