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I.im William, artist, 58 Kenfield st. Glasgow j
.. r 2hison &, ASIaa, manure aacl feeding stufTs 2ner- '
Iiants, Silver st. Berwicli-oti-Tweed j
tcbisoij ■William B. jeweller, wateliiuaker, and
ealer in curiosities, antique silver plate and:
iiina. 117 Gcorg^e st. EdinburgrJi |
:.ancin.ie Alexander, paper manufacturer, BeltonforJ (
J.riU. Dunbar j
Aiinandalo James H. paper mannfactaror, Polton Iilill, '
Lcfswade - |
• titropie Co. sole macafactarers and patentees j
- aiacialiue for preventlagr milk, cream, beer,
c. from becojnins' sour, and moat, flsh, and all
i jcis oJ' dietary articles from tslnt in tlie bottest
vea.ttier, and in any climate, 126 Senfield St.
■ rd Archibald, Cobden Temperance Hotel,
reenside st. Edinburgti
)- ittie JohiicS; Sou, architects. 68 George st. Edinbiirgh
' Iram Peter, mereautile stationer,72 Gordon st. Ghisgou'
'1st Insurance and Steam I'ower Co. Ximited, 2
./j'eBt Regent St. Glassow— Jones Taylor, agent;
bead c@ce, 67 King' st. IVIancb ester; Zauadon
office, 1.33 Carnon st
IicaTowman David, grocer, 43 Cr.awford st. JPartick
vd Alexander S. artist, 58 Ilenijeld st. Ghdngow
•nster James L. warehouseman. 30 Glover st. ArhroaOi
iM'.wn A. K. artist, 113 West llegent st, Gla^tiow
i^j' wn Alexander, seed merchant and nurseryman, 28
uarden st. G?asj70io; nm-series, ii/t'Hport
Til- I'.ni Andrew, printer, 5 St. James square, lidinlurgh
i'l i)wn Andrew, cartwright, Eegent road, Kdinhurgh
BrownUe William, ."spirit dealer, 19 Renfield st. Glasgow
Bruc.^ Eobert, engineer and machinery merchant, ic St.
Enoch square, Glaagoic
r;:i.iu George & Son, provision merchants, India buildings,
Iiirnett & Airth, Venetian bUnd manufacturers. Upper
i-rove place, iSdinhurgh
'ier William, draper, &o. 35 Morrison st. Edinburgh
i-Qbridgre Restaurant «£. Vaults, 4 Carlton court,
^.ridge St. Glasgow— Bobert Dick, proprietor
i'lut David, phi-.nber and gaslitter, 88 Bath.st. Gla:-cioxo
Ciirdno James, hoot and shoe and leather merchant, 18
High St. Fraserburgh
Cardno James, jun. merchant, 52 Highst. Fraserburgh
Cliristie Egbert H. S.S.C. 2 Hill st. Edinburgh
►<J<-.yentry Kobert, artist, 113 West Eegent st. Glasgow
danston — , restaurateur, Argyle st. Glasgow
Croal & JIacintyre, property and mortgage brokers,
Buchan.an st. Glasgow
Cuthbert <& Marchbank, solicitors-, 20 Frederick st. Edin-
Davidson William & Co. drysalters, St. Anthony st. Leith
J>ean 7ohn, slate mercbant CWelsh and Westmore-
land slates by rail or vessel, slabs, cisterns, «Si.o.),
Blackburn, Ziancagblre
De Pinto, Cafterena & Schiaffino, ship chandlers, shipping
agents, cic. 28 Sandport st. Leith ; and Shepherd's quay,
¥lorth Shields
Dick Robert, Car»hridge Rtstaurant and Vaults, i Carlton
court, Bridge st. Glasgow
Dickson H. G, & S. W.S. 12 Caatls terraos, Edinburgh
Douglas, Stott & Co. drysalters, &a. Shrub hill, Leith walk,
Dudgeon George, fiesher, 232 Leith walk, Edinhnrgh
Ferguson Mrs. — , staymaker, 7 Cambridge st. Glnsgcw
Ferguson John, ironmonger (James Gray & Son), G Preston
terrace, Edinburgh
Fine Art Gallery, Stock Exchange buildings, 159 Buchanan
st. Glaygow
Tiae Art Srallery CW. Craibc Anirua), 71 <2*^eou st.
Fraser, Forbes & Co. general agrioultiu'al commis.?ion
agents, grain, hay, straw & wool merchants, Lombard
St. Inrernesn
" Free Press" (daily), 21 Union st. Inverness — Alexander
MaiT, publisher-
Free Press Priutii)-; Co. printers, 21 Union st. Inverness
Gaff Thomas, accountant, 1 North Saint David st. Edin-
Gilchrist 7oha, fruit merchant, 2S Kenfield Et.
and 97 St. Vincent .st. G-las^ow
Gillies William, draper, 72 Lauriston place, Edinburgh
tiilpia 'W. sen. &. Co. TVedg-es SliUf-. and Cbarcb-
bridg^o XVXills, Cannock, Staffordshire, a:::d 70
Queen st. Cheapside, S^ondon, S.C., sole snanu-
factnrers of the ceiubrated patent scre-ia- angers,
and boring bits ; also manufacturers of every
description oi' heavy and lig-bt edt;e tools, adzes,
axes, pickases, matchets, cane bills, &.C., bar,
hoop and use iron, cart arms, axle moulds, &c.
Graham James, music seller, 6 & 7 Shandwick place, Edin-
Grant Daniel, watchmaker, 1 North Newington place,
Gray Jlr. .John, jun.- Eden yUla, Kirn, DvMoon
Creat Britain irire Office, 12 Kanover st.Sdlnburgb
— 'W- Salston "Wriffht, managrer— .Sec ndoe.rtist^ment
C-reat Britain ajife Offlce, 12 San over st. Edlnburgb
— 'W, Ralston 'Wrlg'ht, a3a.).".iger— /S'ee udrerfisemeiil
Grieve Job u, IJ'aU-rloo Hotel, Wacerioo place, Edinburgh
— See adt'evtisenwut
Hall, Dunbar & Co. oil merchants, O'd r - ch vyiif''i,
Hamilton Eobert, oil, &a. merchant, ViOi^.,.' , park, Tiinity
station, Edinburgh
Harvey James," auctioneer & valuator, 18 Bristo place,
Henderson Alexander & Co. coal merchants, 54 Mor/is.:;!
st. Edinburgh
Henderson & Lockie, merchants, engineers, &o. 32 Bernard
st. Leitli
Henderson Angus, optician, 2 South Saint David »t.
Hogg Walter, cabinet maker, &c. 10 Pitt si. Edinburgh
Holden Thomas, spirit dealer, 180 Garscube road, Glasgow
" Home -Jom-nal" (Saturday),' 19 & 21 Cowgate, Dmidee —
Peddie, Hutoheson & Co. publishers
Hood 7aiaes & Co. druggists' sundrymen and
merchants) proprietors of "Sigestine" (reg-is-
tered). Hood's perfection plate powder, superior
cod liver oil emnlsion, &.c> SS Buchaizau 6t,
Hope &. Co. chemical manure and cake manu7a»>
turers, &.c. 54i Bernard Et^eet, X.olth; chemical
uiannre works, Sa'omaiider st; oU &. cake mtnai!,
Coburgr St. XeltJa

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