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FaVf-i'; Fotts.
paiu, .. i.^-,n only be paid as far as Civitta Veochia, (being liable to a charge oti
delivery,) Is, ti., 3=i 9d., 4s. 4d., os. 6d., and 7s. 6d., uuder ^, |p, |, 1, and 1\
08. respectively, Newstapers, 2d. each.
Paraiviaribo (Surinam). See Bxienos Ayres.
Paris. See France.
Paiuwa. See Italy, Southern.
Pennysylvania, State of. See America, Tliiked States of.
Pkrsia, must be paid, via Alexandria and Beyrout, which see.
Peru, must be paid; by Southampton, on the IGth day of every monih, 9-i5, s.m. ,
23. under ^ oz., is. under 1 oz. Newspapers, free.
Placentia. See Italy, Southern.
Poland, sent, unless otherwise addressed, via Belgium and Prussia, 2s., Id, Ss. Id.,
5s. 2d., 63. 2d., and 9s. 4d., under |, ^, f , 1, and 1 J oz.; also, by France, Hol-
land, and Prussia, and Hamburgh and Prussia. Newspapers, fcee; by France,
2d. each. Letters for the Governments of Cracow, Lublin, and Sandomier, are
also sent via France if so addressed, and may be paid to Podgorce, Is. 6d., 3s. Id.,
4s. Id., 5s. 2d., and 7s. Id., under ^, l-, |, 1, and 1| oi.
Porto Rico. See Indies, Foreign West.
Porto (P'jerto) Oabello, same rates, &c. as Venezuela, which see.
Port Piin.ip. By private Ship, payment obligatory, 8d. under }. oz. and so on, or
(if specially so addressed) by Sydney Packet on the day before the last day ei
each month. Is. under | oz.; papers free by Packet Private Ship.
PoBTOGAx, payment obligatory, by Southampton, 6tti, 1 6th, and 26th of each iRMith,
9-45, a.m. ; and when these days fall on a Saturday, then the mails are made \sp
on the following rooming. Is. 9d. under | oz., 3s. 6d. under 1 02.; or daily through
France, if so directed, lOd., Is. 3d., 2s. Id., 23. 6d., and Ss. 9d., under |j ^, |, 1,
and 1-J oz. respectively. Newspapers, 2d. each.
Prjmce Edward's Lslawd. See America, North British.
PaiNCB OF Wales' Island. See India, East.
Prussia, daily payment optional, except to Calais, which must be paid 5d.; ot
through France, lOd., Is. 3d., 2s. id., 23. 6d., and 3s, 9d., under |, i, |, 1, and
l^ oz. respeetiyely. Pro paid letters sent via Belgium, unless otkerwite speviaUij
addressed, Is,, 3s. 2d, 2s. 2d„ 2s. 4d. and 4s. 2d„ under |, ^, |, 1, and li
oz.; and if so addressed, by Hamburgh or Holland Packets, is. under | oa., 2s.
under i oz,, and so on. Newspapers, 2d. each by France, and free by other routes.
Periodical Works, Ac. (via Holland or Hcanhurgh) Id. under 2 03., 6d. uader
3 OK,, and so on to 16 oz, must be pre-paid,
FuBRTo Cakkllo, See Venezuela.
QcjEBEC, Canada. See America, British North.
i^Kuss. See German States.
Rhode Island, State of. See America, United States of.
KoMAN States. Sec Papal States.
Russia, payment optional. Pre-paid letters are sent via Belgium and Prussia, un-
less otherwise addressed, is. 7d., 2s. Id., 3s. 8d., 4s. 2d., and 63, 10d„ under J,
^, f , 1, and 1| oz.; also by Hamljurgh and Prussia, and by Holland and Prussia,
aiid by France,
Russia, Southern, comprising the Governments of Abkhas, Astrakhan, Bessarabia,
Caucasus, Circassia, Cossacks of the Black Sea and Don, Daughistan, Ekatcrin-
oslaw, Georgia, Iraeritia, Kiew, Koursk, Mingrelia, Nickolay, Podolia, Poltowa,
Sehirwan, Taurida, Tchernigow, Ukraine, Volinia, and Voroney, payment optional,
sent through Belgium and Prussia, unless otherwise addressed, see Rrissia, Nor-
thern; or daily through France, as far as Brody, Is. 6d., 2s. 7d., 4s. Id., 5s, 2d.,
and 7s. Id., under J:, ^, |, 1, and 1| oz. respectively,
St. Ckoix. See Indies, Foreign AVest.
St, Domingo, payment obligator}', 1 6th of every month, 9-45 a.m., via Southampton,
Is, 5d, under ]^ oz.; 2s. lOd, under 1 0/.. Newspapers free.
St. Helena, no regular mail. , See Airier*,
St. Kitt's. Soe indies, British West.
St, Lucia, See Indies, Britisii West.
St. Jago de Cuba, payment obligatory, 1 6th day of each month, 9-45 a.m., via
Southampton, 2s. 3d, under i oz,; 43. 6d. under I oz. Newspapers, 2d, enih.
SsuvpojiiKK, GoYernment of, See Poland, Southern,

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