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Henderson, Miss, dressmaker, 2 Havannah street
Henderson, Miss S., furnishing shop, 243 High street
Henderson, Mrs., 27 Renfrew street
JIENRY, Alex., & Co., manufacturers, 14 Garthland street
Henry, Alex., of Alex. Henry ^ Co., YO New City road
Henry, Alex., confectioner, 431 Argj'll street
Henry, A. & S., & Co., commission agents, Prince's square, 48 Buchanan street
Henry, Andrew, confectioner, 27 Trong.ate
Hendry, Brothers, manufacturers of railway furnisliiDgs, and general agents, 5
Dixon street
Hendry, DaTid, wine and spirit merchant, 143 Bridgegate
Henry, Ebenezer, & Sons, manufacturers, 2 North court. Royal Exchange
Henry, Ebenezer, of Ebenezer Bcnry §' Sons, house 35 Bucclegh st , Gainethill
Hendry, George T,, of Hendry, Brothers, 5 Di.\on street
Hendry, James, jun„ of Hendry, Brothers, 5 Dixon street
Hendry, James H., Crosshall colliery, 49 West George st., and Garnkirk Railway
Henry, James, at Wm. Brown ^ Co.'s, house C Nicholson street
Henry, James, blacksmith, 55 Duke street
Hendry, James, merchant, 49 Montrose street
Hendrie, James, mason and oven builder, 12 Low Green street-^.*',
Henry, John A., Bowling Green inn, 179 Eglinton street
]Ienry, John, of Eben. Henry §■ Sons, 2 North Exchange court
Hendry, John, late of Madeira court, horse dealer, horse hirer, and commission
siilesman, repository, Kent place, off North street
Henry, John, livery stable keeper, East George lane, house 45l West George sti'eet
Hendry, John & Co., manufacturers, 74 Glassford street
]Iendry, John, at G. L. Walker Sr Co.'s, 20 Canal street. Port. -Eglinton
Hendrie, John, wine and spirit merchant, 132 Main street, Gorbals
Henrv, Matthew, of Eben. Henry ^ Sons, 2 North Exchange court
Henry, Patrick, contractor, 24 London street
Hendry, P. & W., plumbers and gas-fitters, 70 Centre street, Tradeston
Hendry, William, wine, spirit, and tea merchant, 117 New City road
Henry, Mis3, 86 North Frederick street
Hendry, Mrs. A., Britannia tavern, 80 Trongate
Hendrie, Mrs. Dr., 55 Bath street
IlENNY'S, Coal-hole oyster vaults, 8S Trongate street
HENRETTY, Peter, broker, 47 Bridgegate
HEPBURN,. Mrs. Alexander, spirit dealer, 47 King street
Hepburn, Robert, bootmaker, 56 George street
Herald Newspaper Office, 182 Trongate
HERBERT, George, dairyman, Woodlands road
HERBERTSON, George, of James Herherlson ^- Sons, house 125 Hospital street
Herbertson, Henry, of Sands ^ Herhertson, house 1 1 South Stirling street
Herbertson, James, & Sons, wrights and builders, 37| Bedford street
Herbertson, James, of James Herbertson ^ Sons, house 125 Hospital street
Herbertson, James, of J. Herbertso.i ^' Brothers, ho. Lynedoch pi., Woodlands road
Herbertson, James, & Brothers, wrights and builders, I^ynedoch street
Herbertson, John, architect, 86 St. George's place, house 4 Bath street
Herbertson, Jolin, spirit dealer and contractor, 6 Fcrgusson street
Herbertson, Thomas H., collector of canal dues, Poi-t-Dundas
Hkrcclks Fire Insurance Co. Patrick Neilson, 69 Glassford street, and John jMil-
ler, 37 West George street, agents. (See Advertisement)
HsKEFORSHiRE Pcrry Store, 53 Hope street
Hkeitobs of Gorbals, Collector's office, 51 Adelphl street
HERKLESS, Wm., smith, machine-maker, and leather hose manufacturer, 20
College street, bouse 107 Rottenrow street
HERMAN, S., merchant, of Crailsheim ^ Herman, house 6 Sandyford place
HERON, Charles, hairdresser, 71 Kirk street, Calton
Heron, Gilbert, commission agent, 33 Virginia street, house 8 Morris place
HERRIOT, James, E., of Pasley, .Tardine ^ Co., 13 West Regent &t)-eet
Herriot, John, wine and spirit merchant, 27 Jamaica street, house 2 Douglas street
Herriot, Walker, & Co., machine makers, 116 Graeme street

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