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Harper, .Tolin, fiuitcrcr, 15 Norfolk sfreot
Harper, Ilobert, victualler, ."S Cavendish st., and lOfi Main st., Gorbals, ho. Ifll do.
Harper, Samuel, grain merchant^ 105 Saucliichall street
Jfarper & Son, agents for the United Kingdom Life Insurance Co., IC/J Sauchiehatt
Harper, Mrs. ,Tohn, victualler, 51 Garncube road, house 9 Grove street
Harper, Miss, 68 West Regent street
HARlirS, Abram, jeweller, 21 Stockwoll place
Harris, James, bootmaker, 70 Nelson street, house 28 South Albion street
HAKlllSON, John, E.xeise I'erraifc writer, 41 London .street
Harrison, Mrs., lodgings, 03 John street
HARROWER, George, at TanwiJiill ^ Roberlaon's, house 48 f.ondon street
narrower <& Brown, general jirinters and engravers, 11 St. Andrew'.s sqnare
HART, David, builder, 74 llospitiil street
Hart, David, «fe Co., builders, 58 Miller street
Hart, Hugh, 0/ Olasriow Apothecaries' Co., house 98 Montrose street
Hart, Jaracs, 0/ Robert Bart Sr Cu.\ house 64 West Regent street
Hart, John, agent for the National bank of Scotland, house 2 Woodside place
Hart, John, tailor and clothier, 57 Nelson street, Tradeston
Hart, Robert, plumber and zinc worker, 2 Canning street, Calton, liouse 1 South
Cumberland street
Hart, Robert, <fe Co., raanufacturcra, 23 South Frederick street
Hart, William, Procurator- Fiscal, Sherilfs chambers, Wilson stract, house 5 Green-
la^r place, Paisk^y road
Hart, William, <fe Co , clothiers, hatters, and outfitters, 151 Argyll street
Hart, William, of William ILirl ^ Co., house 33 Pollock street. Paisley road
HARTfllLL AS Almond, newspaper and advertising agents, 70 Wilson street
HARVEY, Alexander, dyers, works Govanhaugh, house 4 South Wellington place.
Place of rail, Mr. John Oatts, 103 Qncoa street
Harvio, Alexander, of Harvie and M Gavin, house Woodl.'.nd cattage, Woodlands rd.
Harvie, .Andrew, accountant and agent for the Cnlcdonian Fire and Life Innirance
Com])any, 153 Q,ueen street, house 2 Elmbank place
Harvie, Archibald, </ Stewart ^ Harvie, house 64 Abbotsford place
Harvie, Black, &, Co., luerchants, 83 Buchanan street
Harvie, Douglas, carter and coal agent, 83 New L.ilmarnock road
Harvie, G. E., accountant and stockbroker, 153 Queen street
HarvieG, . R., of Harvie ^ Winton, house 20 Candlcriggs itreet
Harvey, Hugh, <fe Son, wrights, Killermont street, houjc 28j Buchanan street
Harvey, J. E., wine and spirit merchant, 229 Buchanan street, and 2 Bath street,
liouse 53 Buccleuch street
Harvey, James, surgeon, 00 Renfrew street, Dispensary 122 West Campbell st.
Hai/ey, James, wine and spirit merchant, 21 and 23 Candlcriggs street
Harvie, James, 43 Stock well street
Harvey, James, of Campbdl, Harvei), ^ Co., ho. 7 SommerviUe pi , Monteith row
Harvey, James, brassfounder and i-on-turner, Craignestock, cast end of Great Ha-
milton street, house 3 Canning street
Harvey, John, grocer and victualler, 291 Argyll street
Harvey, John, of Hugh Harvey ^ Son, house 282 Buchanan street
Harvey, John, warehouseman, 09 Ingram street, ho. 147 West Regent street
Harvey, John, 23 Gloucester street, Kingston
Harvie, John, horse-dealer, 32 Great Clyde st., ho. 94 South Portland st.
Harvie, John, of W ^ ./. Harvqi, house 80 Wellington street
Harvey, John & Hubert, & Co., distillers, Dundas hill, Port-Dundas, office 76 Max-
well street
Harvie, John, oj Harvie, Black, ^ Co., house 40 Eldcn street, Greenock
Harvey, Johti .fe AVilUam, & Co., distillers, Yoker. office 76 Maxwell street
Harvie A M'Gavin, grain-millers, .\nderston grain-mills, 20 Washington street
HaiTcy, Nathaniel, tailor «nd clothier, 193 Argyll street
Harvey, Robert, of John i^- ll'ihcrt Harvcij, house Pinkston
Harvey, Robert, mahogany merchant, cabinetmaker & upholsterer, 48 Stockwell st,
Marvey, Robert, spirit dealer, 40 Hutcheson street
ilarvie, W. & J„ cabinetmakers and timber merchants, 75 North Wellington utreet
Harvey, WJlliam, rag merchant, 33 Bell street

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