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HANDLE Y, Jolin, trunk an J portmanteau maker, 101 Argyll street
HANLY, Rev. Patricl:, 38 Portugal street
H ANN AY, Alexander, baker, 110 Cowcaddcns street
Hannah, Alexander, brace, bit, and auger maker, 89 Kirk street, Oalton
Hannah, James, surgeon, of Hannah §/■ Norva!, house 7 High street
Hannay, Anthony, of Kelly ^ Co., house 1 Clarciuont street, Roj'al crescent
Hannah «fe Norval, surgeons, 10 Saltraarkct street
Hanna, John, governor of the Town's Hospital, 324 Parliamentary si ., house 326 do,
Hannah, Matthew, victualler, 13 Canning street, Calton
Hannah, Robert, boot and shoe maker, 67 Burnside, Garscube road
Hannay, Robert, of Rusko, 5 Falkland place, St. George's road
Hannah, Thomas, victualler and spirit dealer, 41 Gordon street
Hannay, William, baker, 204 Argyll street
Hannah, William, Weavers' office, 28 Green street, Calton ■•
Hannay, William, brassfounder and gas-fitter, 42 Bath street
Hannah, Mrs., grocer, 127 Main street, Anderston '-
H ANN AN, James, of Henry Monteith ^ Co., house 12 EIrabank crescent
HANDYSIDE, N, <fc B. , merchants, ship and insurance brokers, and agents fortlie
National Provident Institution, 18 Gordon street •
Handyside, N., of N. &r R. Handyside, house 32 Lynedoch street *.
Handyside, N., Russian Vice- Consul, 18 Gordon street
Handyside, R. B., of N, ^ R. Handyside, house 122 Hope street
HAEBOUR-Master's Office, 1 6 Robertson street '■
HARDIE, AJexander, builder, 4 Greenhill street
Hardie, Captain J., Lancefield place '
Hardie, David, bar-officer. Sheriff ct., keeper of the Sheriff's chambers, Wilson st.
Hardie, E. «fe T., boot and shoe makers, 14 London street
Hardie, Henry & William, machine makers, spindle makers, smiths,and iron turners,
73 Duke street
Hardie, Henry, grocer and spirit dealer, C6 Renfrew street, and 1 73 Hope street
Hardie, James, baker, 24 Main street, Gorbals
Hardie, James, painter, 132 Hospital street
Hardie, John, at Mrs, Shirra's, 30 Hope street
Hardie, Starke, <fe Co.. silk, calico, and de lane printers, Locherfield. Letters left
at D. M'Donald's, 68 Glassford street
Hardie, Thomas, & Co., ship and house smiths, 163 Dale street, Tradeston, house 24
Scotland street
Hardie, William, teacher of English, 144 West Regent street
Hardj% Miss, dressmaker, 14 Brunswick street
Hardie, Mrs. lodgings, 23 George street
Hardie, Mrs., furnishings, shop 2 Greenhill street
Hardie, Mrs., 33 Rose street, Garnethill
Hardie, Mrs., 4 Albion court, 41 North Albion street
Hare, S., manager, Lanccfeld Spinnhig Co.'s tvorJcs, ho. 2 Albert pi., Kingston
HARGAN, James, traveller, 160 Saltmarket street
HARKIN, John, auctioneer, 80 and 82 Saltmarket, house 80 Bridgegato
HARKNESS, Adam, baker, 160 Gallowgate
Harkness, Adam, clerk Canal Brewery
Harkness, Mies, dressmaker, 106 Renfrew street
HARLEY, Andrew, of D. Harley Sf Co., house 93 South Portland street
Harley, Archibald Bell, shawl merchant and manufacturer, 69 Ingram street, house
241 Buchanan street
Harley, David, <fe Co., cotton yarn merchants, 22 John street
Harley, David, of D. Harley ^ Co,, house 99 Hill street, Garnethill
Harley, James, from W. &/■ R. Turner; letters left at the Post Office
Harley, William, starcher, 66 and 68 Rose street, Hiitchcfontown
Harley, Misses, ladies' boarding school, 2 Newton place
• Harley, Mrs., midwife and sick nurse, 368 Gallowgate street
Harley, Mrs., lodgings, 436 Argyll street
HARPER, Andrew, victualler, stores 72 Broomielaw st., retail siiops 290 Gallow-
gate, 92 Kirk st., Calton, 169 Castle st., and 2 Kirk st., Townlicnd
Harper, Andrew, provision dealer, 94 Crown street
Harper, John, druggist, 20 Jamaica street, house 38 North Albion street

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