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GEMMELt— OreSON. ]31
Gemmel, William, merchant, 2'17 St. Vincent street
Gemmfll & Young, writers, 49 Hutcheson street
General Assurance Co., agents David Yuile, 40 Miller street, and Charles A.
Campbell, 6 Exchange place
General Commission Ship Loan and Marine Assurance Co., Borthwiok, Campbell,
<fc Co., agents, 17 Royal Exchange square
General Steam Navigation Co.'s Office, George square, John Mather, agent
General Terminus and Glasgow Harbour Railway oSce, 124 St. Vincent street,
C. A. King, secretary
GENTLE, James, letter-carrier, P.O., house 37 Cathedral street
Gentle, James, pastry -baker, IS George street
Gentle, James S., baker, 273 George street, and 59| Drygate street
Gentle, William, baker, 88 High street
Gentle, William & James, grocers, 220 High street
Gentles & Gillespie, carriers, Edinburgh Railway station, Nortli Queen streot
GENTLEMAN, William, flesher, 21 Adelphi street
George Hotel, 26 George square. Robert M'Naughton
GEORGE, John, eating-house keeper, 119 Bridgegate street
George, W. J., & Co., lithographers, 60 Maxwell street
GERLETTI, Charles, looking-glass manufacturer, 10 Candleriggs street
GIBB & Bruce, wine merchants, 57 Buchanan street
Gibb & Clarke, ham-curers and wholesale provision merchants, 19 Wilson street
Gibb, Elias, of Gibb ^ Bruce, house 10 Woodside terrace
Gibb, Francis, spirit dealer, 74 Green street, Calton
Gibb, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 66 Drygate street
Gibb, James, of C. Tennent ^ Co., house 47 Cochran street
Gibb, James, road-contractor and house-factor. East Miller street, Bluevalo
Gibb, John James, merchant, 226 St. Vincent street
Gibb, John, at William Dunn's, 62 George square
Gibb. John, baker, 273 Gallowgate
Gibb, John, sen., baker, 369 Gallowgate
Gibb, Robert, carter and coal agent, 47 Glebe street
Gibb, Thomas, manager, Clyde Towing Company, house 37 Eglinton street
Gibb, William, Richardson, M.D., 26 India street
Gibb, WilJiam, of Gunn ^ Co., residence Renfrew
Gibb, Mrs., spirit dealer, 10 Struthers street
Gibb, Mrs., Thomas, 828 Renfrew street
GIBBONS, James, sheriff-clerk depute, County Buildings, Wilson street
GIBSON, Alexander, cowfeeder, 177 Main street, Goi'bals
Gidson. Chai-les, at Ferguson <J- Co.'s, house 245 Argyll street
Gibson & Clark, grain merchants, 1 4 Hope street
Gibson, David, M.D., surgeon, 134 Bath street, and medical ofSeer to the prisons,
71 Duke street
Gibson, George, at G. K. Young §• Co.'s, house Rutland place, Govan road
Gibson, George Henry, at the Cess Offi.ce, house 81 High John street
Gibson, Rer. James, minister of Kingston Free Church, house 29 Kingston place
Gibson, James, shawl-fringer, 33 Johr* street
Gibson, John D., portrait-painter, 53 West Nile street
Gibson, John, hatter and hosier, 67 Jamaica street, house 65 do.
Gibson, John, coal agent and beadle, Wellington st. church, house 41 Waterloo st.
Gibson, John, of Gibson, Service ^ Co., house 16 Buccleuch street
Gibson, John, at D. Cook ^ Co.'s, 107 Eglinton street
Gibson, John, provision merchant, 62 King street
Gibson, John, watch and clock maker, 37 Dundas street
Gibson, John, baker, 29 SaJtraarket street
Gibson, John, spirit dealer, 9 Drury street
Gibson, John, grocer and victualler, 48 Clyde street, Anderston
Gibson, John, writer, 66 High street
Gibson, Joseph, & Co., packing-box, and tin-case makers, 46 Ingram street
Gibson, Matthew H., physician and surgeon, lO^AdelpM street, house 87 Upper
Crown street
Gibson & Macnee, sewed muslin manufacturers, 5 Montrose street
Gibson, Robert, chemist and druggist, 49 King street, Tradeaton
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