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Finlay, John, carver, giJder, and printseller, 49 Buchanan street, ho. ^9 fliU street
Finlay, John, of R. G. Finlay §' Hi-others, house Hamilton crescent, Pariick
Finlay, John, baker, 62 Kenfiekl street
Findlay, Jolin, jun., mourning colkr manufacturer, 93 Hutcheson street, Uou.^o 1
Great Wellington street. Paisley road
Findlay, John, of Knox §/• Finlay, house Eastcrhill
Findlay, John, Sl.D., consulting rooms 164 Hojjo street
Finlay, John, of Finlay ^ Field, house 166 Stirling's road
Finlay, Jolui Robert, accountant, 2 Grafton street
Finlay, John, furnishing and manufacturing ironmonger, brass-founder, and ijitentce
of the air sliding lustres, 46 Buchanan street, works 56 Old wynd
Findlay, Josepli, jun., of William Clapperlon^ Co., 112 West Cieom-e street
Findlay, Joseph & Co., cotton-spinners, Springvale. Letters left &t Kobert Bry-
son's, 65 Wilson street ^
Findlay <fe Lcggat, ham-curers and general provision merchants, 46 Cand!er5<»''s st.
Findlay, Mathew Watson, baker, 26 Cook street, Tradeston ""
Finlay &, Neilson, merchants, trunk, packing-box, and tin-ease makers, 25 Gordon
street, and 100 Mitchell street
Finlay, Peter, veterinary burgeon, 46 Hope street
Findlay, Peter, general linen merchant and manufacturer, 98 Miller street, and 12L)
Ingram street
Finlay, K. G., & Brothers, gingham and pullicate manufacturers, 30 Montrose st.
Finlay, R. G., of R. G. Finlay ^ Brothers, house 90 Regent terrace, Stiriiuf's r'i.
Finlay, Robert, mathematical and philosophical instrument maker, 223 Geoi-c'e si.l^4f^fi
Findlay, Robert, spirit dealer, 109 Candleriggs street . ^3fe.,^X>g»w-a^
Finlay, Robert, jun., of Findlay, Wilson, <J- Co., residence Eastcrhill "
Findlay, Walter, smith and bell-hanger, 29? Buclianan street, ho. 2O0 W. Nile st.
Finlay, Walter, cattle and sheep salesman, 56 Dundas street
Finlay, William, Receiving House bag collector. Post Office, ho. 9S Cowcaddeus st.
Finlay, William, teacher, Asylum for the blind. Castle street
Findlay, William R., of Kaye ^- Findlay, house 6 Ure place
Findlay, William, M.D., surgeon, 280 Argyll street
Findlay, William, teacher. Seaman's Friend Society school, 8 Brown street
Findlay, William, wright and builder, 86 Renfiew street
Finlay, William, New York tavern, 5 Wood lane, Broomielaw
Findlay, Wilson, & Co., cotton brokers, 16] Ingram street
Finlay, Miss J., staymaker, 57 Argyll arcade
Finlay, Mrs. G., French stay and corset maker, 98 Fife place. West George street
FINLAYSON Bousfield, & Co., flax spinners -and linen thread maniifocturers,
Johnston, office 66 Brunswick street
Finlayson, Charles, linen-yarn, and commission merchant, 66 Brunswick street
Finlayson, F., & Co., manufacturers, 25 Dundas street
Finlayson, Francis, of F. Finlayson ^ Co., house .36 Warwick street
Finlayson, James, writer, 8 Gorcon street, house Hillside house. Particle
Finlayson, John, pattern designer, lithographer, and print-cutter, 68 Glassford st.
Finlayson, John, of Customs, house 148 West Nile street
Finlayson, Joseph, tailor and clothier, 96 Trongate, house 40 Kent street
Finlayson & Moncrieff, agents for the Scottish Union Insurance Co., 8 Gordon
street. (See Advertisement,)
Finlayson, Thomas, of MLean ^- Finlayson, ho. lYQ Victoria place, Upper Crown st.
Finlayson. Miss Elizabeth, tobacconist, 2 Main street, Bridgeton
Finlayson, Miss J., staymaker, 50 Nelson street
Finlayson, Mrs. Alexander, hosiery, furnishings, etc., II Richard street
Finlayson, Mrs , lodgings, 141 George street
'INNERTY, James, letter-carrier, P. 0„ house 93 Carrick street
'NNIE, James, manager at A. ^- A. MGregor's, 28 South St. Muugo street
nie, Mrs., 23 Renfrew street
NIG AN, Arthur, broker, 1 Bridgegato street
Insurance Company of Scotland, George Ord, 103 St. Vincent sireot
larket, 108 King street
R, Alexander, M.D., surgeor, 274 George street, ho. 194 Bu'^lanau ttreet
., & Co., lace manufacturers, 9 Royal Exchange square

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