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82f CLA.RK.
Clark, A. & L., ironmongers, blacksmiths, tinsmiths, gas-fitters, beil-hangers, and
lock and hinge makei-s, 50 and 62 Union street, works 5i and 56 Union street
Clark, Archibald, of A. ^ L. Clark, house 27 Abbotsford place
Clark, Archibald, broker, 8 M' Alpine street
Clark 4, Bell, architects, 51 St. Vincent street
Clark & Co., bleachers and finishers, 420 Gallowgate, ho. 17 Bellgrove street
Clark, Rev. C. H., Unitarian minister, Salem place, 49 Holmhead street
Clark, David, merchant and commission agent, 20 Union St., Iiouse 129 Renfrew st.
Clark, D. & A., successors to James Clark, smiths, 48 Hope street
Clark & Drummond, cotton-yarn merchants, 48 Virginia street
Clarke, D. C, <fe Co., warehousemen and drapers, 6 Jamaica street
Clark, Edward, & Co., merchants, 45 West Nile street
Clark, Edward, of Edward Clark ^ Co., house 237 West George street
Clark, George, Black-Bull hotel, 12 Argyll street
Clark, George, weight and undertaker, 13 Abercromby street, Calton
Clark, George, porter, Western bank, house 1 4 Miller street
Clark, George W., of Gibson ^ Clark, house Welcroft place, 163 Eglinton street
Clark, George, provision merchant, 86 Eglinton street
Clark, Henry, surgeon, 14 George street. Mile-end
Clark, James, Crossbill, Cathcart. Letters left at Robert Clark's, 1 1 Miller street
Clark, Jaraes, power- loom cloth mamifactu'-er, 71 Garngad rd,, St. Rollox, ho. 65 do
Clark, James, & Co., tailors and clothiers, 186 Trongato, ho. 77 North Frederick st.
Clark, James, of James Finlay ^ Co., house 77 Hill street, Garnethill
Clark, Jaraes, grocer and spirit dealer, 3 Landressy street
Clark, James, painter and paper-hanger, 27 Bedfoi d street
Clark, James, of John Clark, jun., §/■ Co,, house 37 Monteith row
Clark, James, baker, grocer, and provision merchant, 119 and 121 King street
Clark, James, spirit dealer, 46 Rutherglen loan
Clark, James, spirit dealer, 42 Havannah street
Clark, James, of Maxwell, Clark, §f Co., house 257 West George street
Clark, John, & Co., smiths and bell-hangers, 39 Crown street
Clark, John, of Robert Alexander & Co., Alexandria Works, Dumbartonshire
Clark, Rev. John, 10 Sommerville place
Clark, John, broker, 8 Piccadilly street
Clark, John, jun., & Co., thread manufacts. and turners, 8 George st., TMile-end
Clark, John, of Hill, Davidson, Hill, ^ Clark, house 23 Kinning pi.. Paisley road
.Clark, John, writer, 140 Buchanan street
Clark, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 35 Little street
Clark. John, jun., of John Clark, jun., §f Co., house 7 Broad street. Mile-end
Clark, John, pawnbroker, 97 Brown street
Clark, John King, at Gihnoiir §' Co.'s, 2 1 Ingram street
.Clark, Matthew, of John Clark, jun., §r Co., house 14 Annfield place
Clark, P. W. & Brydon, American merchants and agents, 8 John street
Clark, Patrick, tailor and clothier, 6 Croy place, Maxwell street
Clark, Peter, & Co., ship and commission agents, 41 Clyde street Port-Dundas
Clark, Peter, leather merchant, 17 Findlay street
Clark, Peter W., continental merchant and agent, 8 John street, house 21 Claren-
don place, New City road
Clark, R. <fe R., saddlers and harness makers, 63 and 54 Argyll arcade
Clark, Robert, writer, 11 Miller street, house Mount Florida, Cathcart
Clark, Samuel, surgeon, 235 High street, house 168 George street
Clarke, Thomas, teacher, Annfield seminary, 563 Gallowgate
Clark, W. E. C, surgeon, 63 High John street
Clark, William & John, gardeners, Sandyford
Clark, William, cotton-yarn merchant, 120 Brunswick street, house 156 George st.
Clark, William, gasfitter and tin case maker, 44 John street and 227 George street,
house IIP N. Montrose street
Clark, Wil'iam, of John Clark, jun. ^ Co., house 33 Monteith row
Clark, William, 82 Thistle street
Clark, Miss, dressmaker, i08 Fife place
Clark, Miss, 100 Crown street
Clark, Miss H., upbolstrcss, at Mrs. C. Buchanan's, 66 New City road
Clark, Miss Mary, lodgings, 22Balm;inno street

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