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Bogle <fe Co., valuators and auctioneers, H Buchanan street
Bogle, George, of Rosemount, of Robert Bogle §f Co., I West Regent street
Boglo, Gilbert K., agent for Imperial Fire and Life Insurance Co. of London, 88
St. Vinconfc street, house 23 EInibank cresent
Bogle, Hugh, & Co., painters, paper hangers, gilders, and interior Decorators to the
Queen, 88 St. "Vincent street
Bogle, Hugh, of 11. Bogle ^- Co., house 5 Victoria place. Regent street
Bogie, J. & W., drapers, milliners, &c., 56 and 68 Oxford street
Bogle, James, writer, 40 Candleriggs street
Bogle, James, of Campbell, Bogle, ^ Douglas, house 198 Bath street
Bogle, J. Y., draper, milliner, stay, and straw hat manufacturer, 289 Argyll street
Bogle, John, of Bogle, Kerr, ^ Co., house 19 Woodside crescent
Bowie, Keir, & Co., land & house factors, share brokers, and general agents. Agent:.
for Law Fire of London and Scottish Masonic Life offices, li Buchanan street
Bogle, Kerr, & Co., merchants, 21 Renfield street
Boo-le, Peter, of Peter Boyle ^ Co., house 20 Monteitli Row
Bogle, Peter, & Co., cotton spinners, 122 Ingi-am street, works, Barrowfield spinning
factory, Bridgetou
Eogle, Robert, <b Co., merchants, 1 Victoria place, West Regent street
Bogle, William, of Bogk, Kcir, ^ Co., house, 148 Renfrew street
Bode, Mrs. James, 119 St. Vincent street
Bogle, Mrs., 150 North Portland place
Bogle, Mrs., 2 1 Blythswood square
BOGUE, R. A., of Robert Paterson ^ Co., house 80 North P^rederick street
BOLTON, Andrew M., professor of dancing, Baronial hall, 47 South Portland st.,
house 31 Nicholson street
Bolton, George, provision merchant, 186 West Nile street
Bolton, Wm., teacher of dancing, 66 Ingram street
BONAR, David, grocer and spirit dealer, 6 Eglinton street ^
Bonar, Rev. John, minister of Free Renfield Church, house 1 Stanley street
Bonar, Thomas, house-factor, 46 Port-Dundas road
BONE, Alexander, spirit dealer, 93 Argyll street
BOND, S. E., milliner and dressmaker, 82 West Nile street
BoNNYBRiDGE Saw-MiU Yard. A. <a G., Paterson, Railway depot, Townhead
BOOKLASS, George, carver and gilder, 249 Argyll street
Booklass & Pringle, milliners and dressmakers, 184 Sauchichall street
BORLAND Rev. John W., minister of Gillespie church, house 37 Monteith Row
Borland, Robert, spirit dealer, 199 High street
Borland, John <fc Thomas, provision meixhants, 203 High street
Borland, Francis, 15 Fitzroy place
Borland & Sommervillc, fii-e-brick and grinding work, Market street, Gallowgate
BORRON, Price, & Kidston, crown and sheet glass and bottle manufacturers, An-
derston, and Port-Dundas Glassworks, office 15 Prince's sq., 48 Buchanan st.
Borron, W. G. of Borron, Price, ^ Kidston, house 12 Brandon place, West George
street, and Leadhills
BORROWS, Jeremiah, baker, 169 Gallowgate
Boi-thwick, Alexander, small- ware merchant, 93 Buchanan street, 120 Trongate,
and 94 Argyll street, house 19 Canning place
Borthwick, Campbell, & Co., commission merchants, and ship & insurance brokers,
1 J. Royai Exchange squai-e
Borthwick, Cunninghame, accountant and share broker, 24 St. Vincent place
Borthwick, Hector, G. S., of Borthwick, Campbell, ^ Co., ho. Hilihead cottage
Borthwick, Miss, daguerreotypist, pavilion, Buchanan st., at the foot of Bath street,
house Renfrew road
BOST, A. & Co., metal brokers and commission merchants, 135 Buchanan street
Best, A., of A. Bost §■ Co., house 62 Cambridge street
BOSTON, Thomas, seal engraver, 190 Trongate
Boston, Halifax, and New York Royal Mail Steam-Packet office, 9 Buchanan st,
BOUGH, Daniel, grocer and spirit dealer, 63 Stevenson street, Calton
BOW, A. & T., brick and tile makers and builders, works at Shields, West street,
Tradeston; counting-house 3^ Govan sticet, Hutchcscntown
Bow, James, of A. §■ T, Boiv, 126 Hospital street, Hutchesontown
Bow, John, manufacturer and woollen yarn merchant, 15 Candleriggs street

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