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Tboraas Street, east end of Duke street,
Thoiiison'3 Court, 138 Main street,
Bridge ton
Thomson's Lane, Marlborough street,
Thomson's Lane, from Green st. to Risk
Thomson's Square, 60 Main street, An-
Thrushgrove, corner of Milton st. and
Tobago street, Calton, Canning street to
StevensoH street
Tontine Buildings, from 12 to 31 Tron-
Tontine Close, Si Tron^r.te
Torwood Place, Buccleuch st.. Garnet-
Tourville Place, head of Brunswick st.
Tradeston, at the south end of Glasgow
Trafaignr Street, Main street, Bridgeton
Trafalgar Place, 120 Broomielaw
Trongate, from the Cross to Stockwell
and Glassford street
Tureen Street, from Gallowgate to King
street, Calton
Turner's Court, SI Argyll street
Tylcfield Street, from Gallowgate to Soho
Union Court, 1 T2 Argyll street
Union Place, North street, Anderston
Union St., from Argyll st. to Gordon st.
LTnion Street, and Union Lane, Calton
Ure Place, Montrose street
Victoria Court, 19 Gallowgate
'^''ictoria Place, Upper Crown street
Victoria Place, 1 West Regent street
Victoria Place, 46 Buccleuch street
Villafield, north end of Taylor street
Villafiold Place, head of Taylor street
Virginia Buildings, 43 Virginia street
Virginia Court, 71 Virginia street
Virginia Place, head of Virginia s"treet
Virginia Street, from Argyll street to
Ingram Street
Waddel's Coi.rt, 48 Stockwell street
Wallace Court, Bell street, south side
Wallace Court, 72 Maitland street
W.illace Street, Eglintou street
Wallace Street, 107 Maitland street
Walmer Place, head of Hospital street
Warroch Sti-ect, from Stobci'oss street to
Anderston quay
Wardrop's Court, 38 Queen street
Warwick street, from Norfolk street to
Bedford street
Washington street, from Plains street,
Anderston, to Anderston quay
Waterloo Place, off Dandas st., Kingston
Waterloo Close, 91 Stoekwell street
AVaterloo Street, from Hope street to Pitt
Waterloo Street, from Greenvale street
Waterport Buildings, from 10 to 18 Great
Clyde street
Water Street, Port-Dnndas, from Ann
street to Poi-t-Dundas road
Watson's Court, 194 Gallowgate
Watt Street, frora Broomielaw street to
Ai'gyll street
Weaver Street, from Rottenrow to Stir-
ling's road
AVellcroft Place, 157 Eglinton Place
Wellpark, St. Ann street
Well Street, Main street, to Great Ha-
milton street
Wellington Arcade, from 122 Sanehie-
hall street to Renfrew street
Wellington Court, 43 Argyll street
Wellington Lane, from Wellington, street
to Pitt street.
Wellirigton Place, east end of Adelphi st.
Wellington Place (North), Sauchiehallst.
Wellington Street, from Argyll street to
Sauchiehall street
Wellington Street, from Wellington place
to Lawraoor place
Wemyss Place, east end of Hill street,
West Street, from Clyde buildings south-
wards, Tradeston
West Street, off Canning street
Western Bank Buildings, south side of
Canning street, Caiton
Whiterale, ffom Gallowgate to Duke st.
AVilliam Street, Anderston, west of North
William Street, Eglinton street
William Street, Greenhead, south of Can-
ning street
William Street, Broad street. Mile-end
William Street, Cowcaddens
Williamson's Place, 34 John st.. Bridge-
Willowbank Place, Sauclnehall street
Wilson Street, from Candleriggs street to
Wilson's Close, 139 Saltmarket —
Wilson's Court, 57 Argyll streot
Wilson's Couri, 8 Broomielaw
Windsor Place, Sauchiehall street
Windsor Terrace, off St. George's road
Wood's Buildings, 55 Duke street
Wood Lane, 338 Gallowgate
Wood Lane, 30 Broomielaw
Woodlands Road, back of Woodside cres-

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