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Catherine l^ane, from Rottenrow to Stir-
ling's road
Catherine Street, Tobago street, Calton
Catherine Street, Anderston, from Cran-
ston street to Stobcross street
Cattle Marlcet, Graham square, & south
side of Duke street
Cavendish Street, Laurieston, from Sur-
rey place to Eglinton street
Centre Street, from Clj'de place to Cook
Chalmers Street, Claythom street
Chapel Cose, 85 Main street, Gorbals
Charity Coui-t, 65 Bridgegate
Charlotte Lane, from South St. Mimgo
street to St. Andrew's lane
Charlotte Street, from Gallowgate to Low
Green street
Charles Street, from Orr street eastward
Charles Street, St. Roilox, opposite Tcn-
naiit's stalk
Charlie's Close, 105 Canning street
Ch.atham Place, 71 Stirling's road
Cheapside Street, from Stobci'oss street
to Anderston quay
Oiurch Lane, from Thomson's lane to
English chapel
City and County Buildings, 33 and 4C
Wilson street
City Hall, 90 Candleriggs street
Clarendon Place, Great Western and New
City roads
Claremont Street, from Royal crescent
to Royal terrace
Claremont Place, from 44 to 54 Great
Clyde street
Claremont Terrace, west end of Woodside
Clarence Place, Sauchiehall street
Clark's Buildings, 167 Main st.. Gorbals
Chirk's Court, 109 Bridgegr:.3
Clarke's Court, 12 Puddock row
Cliirkson's Court, 16 Kirk street, Calton
Cloland's Court, 239 Argyll street
Claybrae, Burnside lane
Claythorn Sti-eet, from Gallowgate to
King street. Calton
Cleland Testimonial, corner of Buchanan
street and Cathcart street
Cleland Street, from Greenside street to
Crown street
Cliftongrove Crescent, west end of Grove
Cliftongrove Street, west end of Royal
Clifton Street, west end of Somerset pi.
Clydebank, soiith end of Finnieston.
Clyde Buildings and Place, Tradeston,
fronting the Harbour, f^=ora Glasgow
bridge to West street
Clyde Sti-eet (Great), from Jamaica st.
to Stockwell street
Clyde Street (East), from Hutcheson's
bridge to Stockwell bridge
Clyde Street (Nofth), from Main street
to Stobcross street, Anderston
Clyde Street, Port-Dundas.
Clyde Street, from Stobcross street to
Anderston quay
Clyde Street, Calton, from Canning st.
to Abercromby street
Clyde Terrace, from the Old bridge to
Carlton place
Clyde Terrace Court, 1 3, Clyde terrace
Coachwork Close, S2, George street
Coburg Place, by St. Roilox.
Coburg Stieet, from Norfolk street to
Bedford street
Coburg St., from Oxford st. to Norfolk st.
Cochran Street, from Montrose street to
George square
Cogan's Court, 54 Main street, Bridgeton
Columbia Place, New City road
College Church Open, 168 High street
College, Old and New Courts, High, st.,
east side
College Sti'eet, High, street, opposite the
College Street, west from M' Alpine st.
to Brown street
Commerce Sti-ect, Tradeston
Commercial Court, 114 Candleriggs st..
Commercial Court, 106 Gallowgate
Commercial Road, from Adelphi street to
Cook Street, from Eglinton st. to West
street, Trade';* on
Cordiner's Court, 47 Stockwell street
Corn Street, frcm Port-Dundas to Burn-
Cornwall Place, west end of Stirling's
Coronation Buildings, from South Coburg
street to Eglinton street
Coulter's Lane, from Abercromby street
to Little Street
Coulter's Square, 5 Marlborough street
and 33 Little street
Cowcaddens Street, from top of West
Nile street to New City road
Craig's Close, 71 Stockwell street
Craig's Court, 95 Argyll Street
Cranston's Court, Cranston street
Cranstonhill, west end of Anderston
Ci-anston Street, West end of Main st.,
Craignestock, east end of Great Hamil-
ton street
Crawford Place, 131 Rottenrow
Crawford Street, oft" Forth Sti-eot, Port-
Crescent Place, Sauchiehall street
Crow Street, off Gallowgate
Crown Court, 33 Virginia Street

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