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Abcrcromby Place, W. Ge-^rge street
Abercroinby Street, from Gallowgate to
Stevenson street
Abbotsford Place, South of Portland
street, Laurieston
Academy Court, 65 Grown street
Adam's Court, 193 Argyll street
Adam's Court, 36 Rose street, south
Adam's Court Lane, from Argyll street
to Howard street
Adelaide Place, west end of Bath street
Adelphi Street, Bridgeton, south end of
Reid street
Adclphi Street, Hutchesontown, fronting
the river
Adelphi Place, 4 Adelphi street
Aitchison's Court, 113 Mainst., Bridgeton
Aird's Lane, between Bridgegatc and
Agnew Place, Hill street, Garnethill
Albany Place, Sauchiehall road
Albany Terrace, 2S6 Renfrew street
Albert Place, Wilton st. and Maitland st,
Albert Place, Dundas street, Kingston
Albert Place, Hill street, Garnethill
Albert Place, Buccleucii street
Albert Terrace, Renfrew street
Albion Buildings, 116 George street
Albion Court, 41 North jUbion street
Albion Street (South,) from. Bell street
to Canon street
Albion Street (North.) from Canon street
to George street
Albyn Street, east from Adelphi street
Allan Place, Douglas st , Blytheswood ho.
Alston Street, from Argyll st. to Grrdonst.
America Court, 24 Adelphi street
Anderston, west end of Argyll street
Andei'ston Quay, from M' Alpine street
to Lancefield
Anderson Street, off Gallowgate
Anderson's Court, 101 Mainst., Bridgeton
k Anderson Court, 60 Tureen street
Annfield Place, east end of Duke street
Ann Place, east end of Parliamentary
road, north side
Ann Street, Main street, Bridgeton
Ann St., from Jamaica st. to Oswald st.
Ann Street, from Cowcaddens to Port-
Annuity Court, 52 York street
Antigua Place, Nelson street
Apsley Place, head of Warwick street
Apsley Place, Great Western road
Argyll Arcade, 100 Argyll street, and
30 Buchanan street
Argyll Buildings, corner of M' Alpine St.
Argyll Court, 90 Argyll street
Argyll Place, 315 Argyll street
Argyll Street, from Stockwell and Glass-
ford street to Anderston
Ark Close, 4G St. Enoch wynd
Ark Lane, Duke street, nortii side
Armour Street, from Barrack street to
Moore street
Ashburton Place, Renfrew street
Athole Place, Bath street
Ayton Court, 02 Old vennel
Ayton Place, 52 Old vennel
Back Wynd, 109 Trongate to Bridgegatc
Bain's Court, Ann street, Port-Dundas
Bain's Court, 46 Clyde street, Anderston
Bnin's Place, 151 West Nile street
Balmanno Place, from George street to
Shuttle street
Balmanno street, from George sti'eet to
Barber's Close, 97 Saltmarket street
Barclay's Court, 14 Main street, Caiton
Barony Glebe, Townhead
Barony Place, east cud of Stirling's road
Barrack St., from Gallowgate to Duke st.
Barracks, Cavalry, head of Eglinton St..
Barracks, Infantry, Gallowgate
Bath Lane, (East ), Bathst.to Cathcart st.
Bath St., from Buchiman St. to Pitt st.
Bath Street Lane, from West Nile street
to Blythswood square
Bazaar, T2 Candleriggo street
Beaver Court, 45 King street, Tradeston
Bedford Street, from Surrey street to
Eglinton street
Bedford Place, Renfrew st., G.irnethill
Beef Markets, 81 King st. and 66 Bell st.
Bellgrove Place, from Gallowgate to
Duke street
Bellgrove Street, CJallowgate
Bell's Court, 24 Rose street, south
Bell Street, from Candkriggsst. to High st.
Bell Stiect, Bridgeton
Bell Street, Caiton
Bennie's Court, 285 Argyll street
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