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BREMNER, Duncan, baker, 324 Gallowgate
Breraner, George, wine and spirit dealer, 11 Adelphi St. Hutchesontown
Breraner, Walter, joiner, 48 Blackfriar street, house 2 Stirling street
Bremner, Wm. H. Western Bank, house 51 South Portland street
BRENNAN, Patrick, surgeon, 158 Broomielaw
BREWSTER, James, hosier and glover, 56 Argyll street
BRICELAND, Neil, stoneware dealer, 92 Main street, Gorbals
BRIDGE, Robert, fruit merchant, 205 George street
BRIDGES, Adam, lodgings, 50 North Hanover street
BRIDGETON Beef Society, Main street, Bridgeton
Bridgeton Library, Muslin street, Bridgeton
Bridgeton Mortcloth Office, William Grierson, Green street, Bridgeton
Bridgeton Union Victualling Society, Main street, Bridgeton
Bridgeton Baking Society, Main street, Bridgeton
Bridgeton Old Victualling and Baking Society, Main street, Bridgeton
BRIGGS, Miss, Boarding School, 27 Blythswood square
BRISTOL Vinegar Company, Alexander Arnott, agent, 5 Melville pi.
BRISTOW, Mrs. L. M., teacher of piano forte and singing, 82 W. Nile st.
BRITISH American Land Company, office 3 Royal Exchange Court,
Gillespie, Stewart & Co. agents
British American West Indian and General Shipping Association, 60
Ingram street, T. G. Buchanan, secretary
British Commercial Life Assurance Company, Hamilton & Brother- &
Co. 240 Broomielaw, & James Stevens, 29 Hutcheson street, agents
British Fire Office and Westminster Office for Insurance of Lives, 135
Buchanan street, R. Spears, agent
British Iron Foundry, Gallowgate
British Linen Company Bank, 71, Queen street, David Goodsir, agent
British Plate Glass Company, Buchanan, Gray & Co. agents, 36 Royal
Exchange square
British Woollen Mart, 67 Argyll street
BROADFOOT, Mrs. spirit dealer, 32 Shuttle street
Eroadfoot, Mrs. William, grocer and spirit dealer, 23 W. Campbell st.
EROADLY, John, of Robert Dalglish & Co. 13 Montrose street
BROCK, Henry, accountant, 40 Wilson street, ho. Kinning tlouse
Erock, James, of YV. Brock & Co. house 88 George street
Brock, J. & J. tobacconists, 78 Bridgegate
Brock, John, fruiterer, 266 High street
Erock, Walter, & Co. cotton yarn merchants, 38 Wilson street
Erock, William, victualler, 296 High street
Brock, William, victualler and spirit dealer, 312 Argyll street
Brock, Mrs. coffee house, 1 Antigua place
BROCKET, Andrew, house and ship wright, 24 York street
BRODIE, Archibald, carver and gilder, 60 Buchanan st. ho. Hope st.
Brodie, D. & Co. brassfounders, 28 Old wynd
Brodie, Captain Hugh, 29 N; Portland street
Trodie, Hugh J., MD., 39 High street, ho. 29 N. Portland street
p.rodie & M'Leod, clothiers, 65 Buchanan street
Brodie, Rev. Robert, 10 Monteith row
Brodie, William & Co. manufacturers and merchants, 17 R. Exchange sq.
Brodie, William, of William Brodie & Co. house 21 Abbotsford place"
Brodie, Miss, matron, Royal Infirmary
BROOKE, J. bootmaker from London, 43 George square

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