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M'Leod, John, 55 Bell street
M'Nab, Archibald, 4 Wood lane
M'Omish, R. Castle street
Marshall, James, 18 Gordon street
Mason, W. 10 Robertson street
Morrison, W. Sc A. 6 Oswald st.
Murray, W. 256 Argyll street
!Nevvlands, A. 11 Warroch street
Norris, Alexander, Port-Dundas
Norris, J. 102 Dale st. Tradeston
Paterson, James, Garnkirk Rail-
way depot
Rigby,Thos. H. depot, Glasgow and
Ayr railway, Eglinton street
Robertson, John, 12 Wood lane
Scott, James, 68 Glassford street
Simpson, J. 11 St. Andrew square
Stark, William, 10 Duke street
Stark, Mrs. 251 High street
Steel, John, 17 East Bath lane
Stonelaw OflBce, .36 Arcade
Strang, John, 78 Trongate
Strang, William, 170 Gallowgate
Struthers, J. 47 Dalmarnock road
Taylor, Mrs. 4 Gibson street
Walker, William, 12 Glebe street
Addie & Miller, .33 Buchanan st.
Allan&Russell, Spittal,33 Union st.
Baird, Wm. & Co. office Madeira
court, Argyll street
Bankhead Colliery Office, 42 Miller
Budhill Office, 62 Hutcheson street
Carfin Office, 28 Miller street, and
Monkland Canal basin
Cleland Colliery, Monkland Canal
basin, office 33 Buchanan street
Davidson, J. Monkland Canal basin '
Davidson, R. MonklandCanal basin '
DrumpellerOffice,89 St. Vincent st.
Eadie& Alexander, MonklandCanal
basin |
Eastfie^ld Office, 3 Antigua pi. and
42 Dunlop street
Farie, Jas. office 10 Robertson st.
Farme and Rosebank Office, 10
Robertson street
Frew, A. & Co. Railway depot.
Orders left at R. Scott's, 119 j
High St. and 260 Buchanan st. j
Frew, J. & A. Port-Dundas !
Fullarton&Hamilton Farme Office,
36 St. Vincent place
Garnkirk Co. Railway depot, and
[ 8 Argyll street
Gartsherrie Office, Madeira court
Gemmell, James, Barony place
Glentore Colliery, Garnkirk Rail-
way depot
Govan Colliery Office, 37 Glassford
Hamilton Farme & Fullarton Office,
36 St. Vincent place
Home, John, 62 Hutcheson street
Ki'lly, Hamilton, Railway depot,
M' Andrew, John, & Co. Carfin
Colliery, Monkland Canal basin,
and 28 Miller street
Merry, J. Monkland Canal basin,
office 106 St. Vincent street
Mountvernon Co. Office, 89 St. Vin-
cent street
Reid, J. & P. Robertson, 36 Arcade
Rosebank Co. 10 Robertson street
Roxburgh, Wm. Monkland Canal
basin. Orders left at 81 Bruns-
wick street
Shanks & Johnston, Monkland
Canal basin
Simpson, R. H. 42 Miller street
Skatrigg's Coal Company, 37 Rope-
work lane
Stevenston Coal Co. 15 Jamaica st.
Stewart, R. Monkland Canal basin,
and 3.3 Buchanan street
Waddell & Wilson, Monkland Canal
basin, office 24 Queen street
Watson, John, Netherwood and
Newarthill Collieries, 62 Bu-
chanan St. and Canal basin, Port-
Walker, M. D, Railway depot.
Orders left at 262 George street
Wallace, Alex. & Co. Port-Dundas
Woodhall Colliery, Monkland Canal
basin, office 33 Buchanan street.
J. Lamont, agent
Buntine, Robt. fand Clerk of Mer-
chants' house, J 70 Hutcheson st.
Dumbreck, Thomas, (of excise,) 50
West Regent street

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