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154 M'lNTOSn — M'KAY.
M'Intosfa, William, 47 Sauchiehall street
M'Intosh, Mrs. milliner, 40 Argyll street
M'INTYRE, Alexander, spirit dealer, 40 Main street, Calton
M'Intyre, Angus, fishmonger, 187 High street
M'lutyre, Archibald, spirit merchant, 120 Candlerigg street
M'Intyre, Archibald, spirit dealer, 183 Castle street
M'Intyre, Donald, measurer, 29 Brunswick place, house 202 Renfrew
street, Garnethill
M'Intyre, Donald, spirit dealer, 91 Bridgegate
M'Intyre, Dugald C. brickmaker and builder, 53 Maitland street
M'Intyre, Dugald, com. mercht. ship and insurance agent, 65 Jamaica st.
M'Intyre, Duncan, grocer, 273 and 419 Argyll st. house 425 Argyll st.
M'Intyre, Duncan, hosier, glover and shirt manufacturer, 44 Argyll
street, house 18 Cadogan street
M'Intyre, James, St. Andrew's parish teacher, 23 St. Andrew's square,
house 8 Crown street
Macintyre, James, 82 West Nile street
M'Intyre, James, victualler and spirit dealer, 41 Orr street, Calton
M'Intyre, James W. umbrella and parasol manufacturer, 10 Crown st.
M'Intyre, John, boot and shoe maker, 41 Sauchiehall street
M'Intyre, John, at James Donaldson Sf Co-'s, house 8 Douglas street
M'Intyre, John, & Co. warehousemen, 1 Gallowgate and 12 High st.
M'Intyre, J. & Co. calendrers and packers, 71 Virginia street
M'Intyre, John, flesher, 431 Argyll street
M'Intyre, John, porter at Royal exchange
M'Intyre, John, boot and shoe maker, 76 Main street, Anderston
M'lntyi-e, Malcolm, spirit dealer, 1 North Woodside road
M'lutyre, Peter, teller, Glasgow Union bank
M'Intyre, Peter, spirit dealer, 164 Trongate
M'Intyre, Thos. wholesale fruit and tea merchant, 29 & 31 Wilson st.
M'Intyre & Walker, hand card makei's, 27 Stock well street
M'Intyre, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 140 Main street, Anderston
M'Intyre, Mrs. P. tempei'ance coffee-house & reading rooms, 59 Trongate
M'Intyre, Mrs. 44 South Portland street
M'Intyre, Mrs. children's dress and stay maker, 82 West Nile street
M'Intyre, Mrs. ladies' sick nurse, 5 Renfrew court
M'Intyre, M. milliner and strawhat maker, 8 Douglas street
M'Intyre, Miss Mary, grocer and spirit dealer, 14 North street
M'Intyre, Miss, lodgings, 64 West Regent street
M' IS A AC, James, of Christie, M' Isaac Sf Co. house 56 Dalhousie street
M'K ANDY, John, & Co. ale and porter vaults, 95 Brown street, house
4 York street
M'KAY, Adam, officer of the high-church night watch, 16 Drygate lane
M'Kay, Alex, clothier, 14 Exchange square, house St. Mungo street
M'Kay, Alexander, spirit dealer, 6 Tobago street, Calton
M'Kay, Alexander, Claremont tavern, 142 Trongate
M'Kay, Angus, washing green, Townhead
M'Kay, Angus, town officer, 35 Gallowgate
M'Kay, Benjamin, shoemaker, 33 Canon street
M'Kay, C. at A. M'Kay's, house 5 Great Hamilton street
Mackay, D. & A. tailors and clothiers, 22 Argyll street
M'Kay, Daniel, grocer and sheriff officer, 14 Dempster street
M'Kay, Daniel, town and sheriff officer, 65 Bridgegate

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