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LAURIE & Co., drapers, hosiers, glovers, furriers, dress-
makers, and general drapery warehousemen, 26 West
Blackhall st
Laurie & Fleming, carvers, gilders, and fine art dealers, 1
Bank st
Laurie James, cabinetmaker, 50 Holmscroft st
Laurie James, M.B., CM., surgeon. Consulting rooms, 5
West Blackhall st. Ho. Red house, 38 Ardgowan st
Laurie William (of Laurie & Co.), 15 Robertson st
LAVIN William, skinner, 25 Lynedoch st
LAW John, goods superintendent, Albert harbour, Lynedoch,
James Watt Dock, and Inchgreen stations (G. & S. W.
Railway). Ho. 19 Brougham st
Law Matthew, grocer and provision merchant, 23 Brougham
st. Ho. 19 do.
Law William, riveter, 26 West Burn st
LAWLEY Samuel, insurance agent, 22 Wellington st
LAWRENCE Alfred, engineer, Gibbshill ter
LAWRIE John, engineer, 6 East Blackhall st
Lawrie William, moulder, 76 Belville st
Lawrie Mrs Robert, 35 Newton st
LAWSON George, patternmaker, Gateside
Lawson James Gow (of Greenock Apothecaries and Lawson's
Limited), 95 Roxburgh st
Lawson Olaff F. (of Greenock Apothecaries and Lawson's
Limited), 7 Fort Matilda pi
Lawson R. M. (of Greenock Apothecaries and Lawson's
Limited), 33 Robertson st
Lawson William, storekeeper, 36 West Blackhall st
LAY & Kerr (Misses), drapersandfurnishings, 3 id Brisbane st
LEAGUE of the Cross Hall, 63 Roxburgh st— Edward
Fisher, 1 Ropework st, secretary
LEARIE Alexander S., iron turner, 2 Low Bawhirley rd
Learie William, coppersmith, 1 1 Lauriston st
LEARY Miss, 13 Mearns st
LECK Mrs, 26 West Blackhall st
LECKIE Andrew, dentist, 15 Newton st. Ho. do.
Leckie John (of William Adam & Co.), 58 South st
Leckie Peter, ironmonger and household furnisher, 29 Rox-
burgh st. Ho. 32 do.
Leckie W. F., engineers' ironmonger, 8 East Blackhall st
Ho. 71 Forsyth st

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