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C U M B R A E .
Agtiew, Andrew, Glasgow street
Alexander, David, photographer,
caidiff street ; sea view, Bute
Alexander, Miss A-gnes, 19 Glasgow st
Allai, Archibald, cab-h;rer and car-
ter, G^Js^e St., aiid 2 How-
ard street
Allan, James, 27 Glasgow st
Allan, Jaaies, inland levenue olicer,
6 Cardiff street, and 20 Millbrae,
we.it End
Allan, James, carter, 10 Glasgow st
and 8 George st
Allan, James flesher, 27 Glasgow st
A^lan, Mrs, 16 cai'kiiff street
Allan, Mrj Mary, Howard st
Allan, Mrs Mary. 26 Kelbuin st
Allaa, William, baker and grocer,
9 GlasjOA' stree:
AnJe.son, James, shoemaker, 23
Kelburn st
Ander.-on, Ja%, painter, Ashfield,
Kames Bay
Ande.Eoa, Michael, 9 Kelburn st
Anderson, Robert, piinter, lairlie
Lank, lute Terrace
Ande-son, '1 homas, 22 crichton Rd
E«,illie, Thomas, farmer, upper Kirk-
Baillie, James, baker, 7 and 8 Quay-
liead st
Baillle, John, green -groaer, 14 Glas^
gow si
Baillie, John, joiner, 14 Glasgow st
Baillie. Margfc. R., 14^ Glasgow st
JBaillie, Mrs Janet, 5 Cardiff st (back
B lillie, Mrs Marion, 4 crichton st
Baillie, Robt., engineer, 30 Stuart st
Baillie, Wm., labourer, 8 crichton st
B^nnermaa, Mrs Margt., 49 g1 isgow
Barbour, John, farmer, Balliekillot
Brarlas, Misses, Bute Ter
Barr, Mrs Mary, 22 George st
Bartholomew, James, cab-hirer, 38
Glasgow st
Beaton, Robert, quarrier, Barrend st
Bell, Alex., misslon«,i-y, 26 Glasgow st
Bell, Allan, missionary, 32 George st
Bell, Miss Margt., 6 Kelburn st
Bennett, John, grocer, 2 Crawford st
Blaakadder, Wm., glass merchant, 20
Kelburn st
Blair, Daniel, baker, 32 George st
Blair, Wm.. carter, Barrend st
Bonthron Mrs Annie Fialay, Kames
Boyd, Mrs William, 15 Stuart st
Boyle, Charles, 32 George st
Boyle, James, joiner, 3 Crawford St
Breden, Henry, 8 Cardiff st
Brown, Francis, Maryhill cot., Bute
Brown, Jam«s, C. E., 18 Kelburn st
Brown, Miss Annie, 25 Glasgow s^t
Brown, Robert, 47 Glasgow st
Brunton, Rev Alex., 26^ Glasgow st
Bryce» Mrs Agnes, 8 crichton st
Bryson, William, 24 Glasgow st
Bunting, Miss Annabella, 10 crichton

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