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Wood, Mrs Andrew, 51 Great King street
Mrs A. 6 west Claremont street
* Mrs C 5 James place
* Mrs, 15 Water lane
Mrs, 69 Cumberland street
Mrs, 30 Alva street
— — Mrs, 3 Summer place
Mrs, 15 Meadow place
Mrs, matron, Royal Infirmary
Miss, teacher of music, 10 Dublin street
Woodford, E. (S. Academy), 30 Rankeillor st.
Woodhead, Ellis, surgeon, 21 Castle street
Woodman, James, L. W.S. 23 Nelson street
Woolley, Thomas, lodgings, 7 no. St David st.
Woolard, Mrs Tho. lodgings, 3 Forres street
Wordsworth, S. esq. her Majesty's Repository,
Nottingham pi. — ho. 4 Bellevue terr.
Samuel, esq. W.S. 4 Bellevue terrace
Workman, John, auctioneer and appraiser and
general agent, 35 So. bridge
Works, H. M. Public,— Office, Exchequer
• buildings, Parliament square — Wm.
Nixon, clerk.
City Public, — Office, 10 Royal exchange
Worsley, Robert, esq. 30 Gayfield square
Wotherspoon & Mack, esqrs. W.S. 16 Ainslie
James B. M. draper, 65 Cumberland st.
William, esq. S.S.C. 16 Ainslie place
Miss, 12 Buccleuch place
Wrens's (Geo.) hotel, 1 Castle st. and 106
Princes street
Wright & Girvan, accounts. 16 Ro. Exchange
Alex. Esq. seed merchant, 1 Greenside
place — nurseries, Dean — house, 57
Castle street
A. B. merchant, 1 Greenside place — ho.
20 Annandale street
Daniel, Lieut-Col. 37 Queen street
David, baker, 88 Rose street
* David, ship-broker, 28 Bridge street
David, manufacturer of flowered mus-
lin, net, &c. 28 Castle street
Francis, merchant, 10 Middleby street
Geo. mercantile agent, 13 Archd. pi.
George, goldbeater, 25 New street
Geo. grocer, 4 Northumberland place
Tas. & Jno. esqs. W.S. 28 Forth street
Rev. James, 31 Montague street
James {Royal Bank), 20 Rankeillor st.
James, brassfounder, 44 Nicolson st.
John, esq. 1 1 Salisbury road
P- and R, linen manuf. and drapers,
16 and 20 George street
John, wood-merchant, 70 Cowgate and
Castle road
J. esq. (JT. an d J. Wright,) 28 Forth st.
John, esq. architect, 12 Pitt street
John, cabinetmaker and appraiser, 49
Broughton street
John, boot warehouse, 94 High street
John, tailor, 32 West port
P. (P. Q P- Wright), 19 Queen street
Robert, esq. architect, 12 Pitt street
Wright, Robert, esq. W.S. 5 Pitt street
R. (P. and 11. Wright), 17 Scotland st.
* Robert, baker, 41 Bridge street
* Robt. jun. baker, 22 Sandport street
— house, 14 Commercial place
Robert, engineer, 44 Gilmore place
Thos. grocer, 23 Dundas street
Tho. gold and silver beater and dealer
in foreign coins, 25 New street
Thos. writer, 9 Brown street
Thos. Guthrie, esq. auditor of the Court
of Ses. 16 R. Exch.— h. 6 St Colmest.
Thos. mercht. and china manufacturer,
21 Archibald place
Wm. grocer, wine, and spirit dealer, 53
Broughton st. — ho. 16 Dublin street
Wm. patent hat manufacr. 68 N. bridge
— house 13 James' square
William, M.D. 4 Lothian road
* Wm. hat manufac. 2 Commercial pi.
Mrs, milliner, French stay-m. and em-
broiderer to her Maj. 28 Castle street
Mrs, 106 Lauriston place
Mrs, lodgings, 2 w. Lauriston place
Mrs George, lodgings, 4 George place
Mrs, 20 Rankeillor street
Miss Janet, 63 Hanover street
Miss, straw-hat manufr. 99 Princes et. ]
* Miss, 1 Albany street
Misses, milliners and straw-hat makers,
12 north Melville place
Wubroe, Miss, lace cleaner, 64 Broughton st.
Wyber, George, spirit dealer, 13 Jamaica st.
Wybber, Mrs, millr. and dressm. 21 Castle st.
Wyld, James, esq. of Gilston, 32 Royal terrace
Robert, S. esq. W.S. 32 Royal terrace
Wylie, David, esq. circuit clerk of justiciary,
32 Warriston crescent
Alex, merchant, 104 Lauriston place
James, victual dealer, 49 Hanover street
— house 2 Mound place
John, manufacturer, 6 Mansfield place
Mrs, of Annatfi*- Id, 2 Athole place
Mrs, 31 Nelson street
Miss, 24 India street
Wyllie, Mrs Dr, 14 Carlton place
Wyse, Mrs Dr, 10 Salisbury place
Yaniewicz, F. esq. 84 Gi eat King street
Yates, Wm. grocer and spiritdealer,82Cang.
Yeilan, B. W. broker and furrier, 118 Pleas.
Yellowlees, Alex, wright, 28 Thistle street
Jn. (Gall and Y.), 17 Greenside place
Yorke, Hon. and Rev. Grantham, 6 Picardy
Yorkshire Fire & Life Insur. Co.— George
Cummiug, 39 Northumb. st., D. S.
Peddie, 1 George St., and M'Intosh &
Ducat, 68 George st. agents. See Adv.
Yorkston, Arch, smith, Innes's court

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