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Tweedie, Graham, and Anderson, esqrs. W.S.
31 Great King street
John, esq. W.S. 31 Great King street
Jn. commercial agent, 32 Rankeillor st
— house, 4 Goshan bank
John, grocer, 227 Canongate
Tho. provision warehouse, 131 High st.
— house 129
Trios, hosier and glover, 38 North br
— Wm. shoemaker, 5 n.-west Circus pi.
Wm. police weigher, clerk street — house
Cowan's close
Miss, 1 1 west Maitland street
Miss, confectioner, 8 n. St Andrew st.
Tytler, Lieut.- Colonel, 11 Melville street
James, esq. W.S. 5 Atholl crescent
T. B. esq. surgeon, 42 Charlotte square
Mrs A. Eraser, 42 Charlotte square
Mrs John, 1 1 Nelson street
*Union Bank of Australia, Adamson & Co.
agents — See Adv.
Canal Co., Port Hopetoun. — See Adv.
1 Loan Co., pawnbrokers, J. Williamson,
manager, 13 Terrace, Leith st.
United Kingdom Life Assurance Co., 1 south
Charlotte street — Augustus Maitland,
and *Adamson & Co. agents. — See
Universil Life Assurance Society, 11 Young st.
David Wight, W.S. agent
University Printing Office, 32 Thistle street
Ure, Chas. D. Esq. surgeon, 7 Pitt street
Geo. Innes, esq. W.S. 13 Carlton place
James, comptroller of H. M. customs, 13
Carlton place
Mrs, ladies' sick nurse, 1 so. St James'
Urquhart, Adam, esq. advocate, 5 St Colme
Alex, boot & shoemaker, 37 Hanover st.
Geo. smith, north Circus lane
Henry, hairdresser and perfumer, 88
Princes street
James L. carver and gilder, Elder 31
John, perfumer, 40 George st. — ho. 42
John, mason, 36 Bristo street
Leonard, silversmith, 47 High st.
Wm. ( Pearson & Urquhart,) 5 James' sq.
Mrs Dr, 6 Gardner's crescent
Miss M. dressmaker, 6 Charlotte place
Miss, 22 Howe street
Usher & Co. brewers, 101 Cowgate, and 12
Merchant street
Andrew & Co. wine and spirit mer-
chants, 20, 22, and 24 w. Nicolson st.
And. ( U and Co.), 26 w. Nicolson st.
J. esq. 102 Lauriston place
John, esq. W.S. 27 Howe street
Vair, James, bookseller, 14 Chapel street
Vallance, George, breechesmaker, &c. glover to
the Queen, 11 west Register st. — ho. 3
east Register street
John and James, coal merchants, 7 Port
Hamilton — house 11 Sem pie street
Thomas, baker, 166 Pleasance
Vannan, Jas. letter carrier, Simpson's court,
Varnier, A. importer of French shoes, 12
George street
Vaughan, Mrs, 190 Rose street
Vedder, David, tide surveyor, Cherry bank
Veitch, Andrew, teacher, 14 Young st
Geo. home missionary, 23 Lauriston st.
John, surgeon dentist, 16 Broughton st.
* John, & Co. cork manuf. 137 Kirkgate
John, esq. of Woodside, 12 Cassels pi.
John, baker, 5 Johnston's place
Major, 1 Bellevue crescent
Robert, grocer, 5 Shrub place
Tho. stationer, mapseller, and acct. book
manufac. 33 St Andrew square
William, lodgings, 7 N. St David street
Mrs Wm. w. Nor i on place
Mrs, lodgings, 7 Great Stuart street
— Mrs David, 10 Roxburgh street
Mrs, 10 Charlotte square
Mrs, of Stewartfield, 1 St Stephen st.
Mrs, 5 Buccleuch place
Misses, milliners, 7 w. Richmond street
Miss, dressmaker and milliner, 46 Castle
Vernon, W. F. surgeon dentist, 80 Princes st.
and 10 Lothian st. — See Adv.
A. E. lapidary and jeweller, 5t Leith st.
Vert, Mrs, lodgings, 9 Salisbury street
Virtue, James, commercial agent, 82 so. Bridge
— ho. Cameron ho. Dalkeith road
* W. and Co. gen. merchts. 14 St Anth. st.
Wm. wine mercht. 23 Forth street
Miss, 3 Gayrield square
Vicary, John, esq. 45 Ann street
Viekers, Chas. M.D. 13 no. w. Circus place
Victuallers, Licensed, & General Life
Assurance Co. 11 Queen st. — See Adv.
Vignes, Antoine, restaurateur, 3 Waterloo pi.
Viner, Misses, 8 Inverleith row
*Vulcan Foundery Co. Admiralty street — J.
Denholm, manager.
Waddell — see Weddett
Wale, Tho esq. 12 Warriston crescent
Wade, Mrs, 24 Albany street
Wait, Mrs, 2 Gardner's crescent
* Thomas, tea dealer, 2 Shore

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