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decked barge was covered with crimson cloth, with white hangings,
connected with a flight of broad steps, also covered with crimson cloth,
and, with a middle strip of velvet ascending to the quay, where the recep.
tion was to take place. Along the quay, from the archway to n ?ar
this point, extensive galleries were erected, tastefully decorated, for the
accommodation of the nobility, gentry, and authorities of the county,
and the clergy and principal inhabitants of the town. In the town,
especially along the line of intended procession, the decorations were on
the most liberal scale and of the most appropriate description. The me-
morable morning of the eleventh was most auspiciously ushered in ; the
w^eather was charming, and every heart beat with emotions of grateful
anticipation. On the preceding afternoon, the magnificent steam-ship
Perth, which had been handsomely placed by her owners — the Dundee,
Perth, and London Shipping Company — at the service of the Trinity
House, for the purpose of piloting the Eoyal Yacht into the Tay, de-
scended the river, having a large party on board, with flags and music,
to meet the royal squadron. On entering St Andrew's Bay, the war
steamer Stromboli, as a precursor, hove in sight ; and shorty after
<lusk the party were elated, when half-way between the Isle of May
and Bell Eock Lights, with the appearance in the distance of the tri-
angular lights of the royal fleet, and the occasional display of dazzling
l)lue lights and brilliant rockets, shooting meteor-like into the dark
<-louds. Tlie fleet nearing, a pilot was sent on board the Victoria and
Albert, and the Perth led the way into the Tay, which the royal
squadron ascended, amidst the booming of cannon and the display of fire-
works from every fort and eminence in its course, including the battery of
Mr Hunter of Blackness, Carnoustie, Broughty Ferry, the Coast Guard
'stations, the fine ship Wellington, lying off Carolina Port, and finally, a
roya^. salute of twenty-one guns was given by the Camperdown cannon,
planted on the Dundee Law, and the many bells of the town rang a
merry peal. The royal fleet, consisting of the foUoAving steamers, now
lay at anchor on the calm bosom of the river off the harbour :—
Victoria and Albert, . . Captain Lord Adolphus Fitzclarence.
Black Eagle, Earl of Hardwicke.
Blazer, Captain Washington.
Stromboli, Hon. Captain Plunket.
Eclair, Captain Estcort.
Volcano, ...... Lieut. Miller.
Princess A'ice, .... Captain Smethett.
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