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town and vicinity, including Lochee, BrougTity Ferry, Tayport, and
Newport ; each address having been obtained in a printed form left
and called for, filled up either by the parties themselves or under their
immediate direction. Thus the work has been most arduous ; but
the plan better fitted to secure completeness and accuracy than any
other that could have been adopted. In general these forms were pretty
well attended to ; but in not a few cases, where the reverse might have
been expected, considerable difficulty was experienced in getting them
returned. Considering the importance qf accuracy to the parties them-
selves, and the little trouble caused to each, v/e trust this will not be
experienced in future.
In reference to the Historical Sketch, the writer has to acknowledge
his obligations for much information to the " Gazetteer of Scotland,"
by John P. Lawson ; Dr Small's " History of Dundee ;" the " Pictorial
History of Scotland," edited by Eev. James Taylor, D.D., Glasgow ;
and the excellent " History of Dundee," by James Thomson. A large
portion of this Sketch having been written before the latter work fell
into the writer's hands, some of the information it contained was so
valuable that, in order to embrace it, that portion was re-written. To
those gentlemen M^ho so com*teously afibrded him information on lite-
rary, manufacturing, and commercial topics he is laid under deep
obbligations, and begs to return them his grateful thanks.
The proprietors gladly avail themselves of this opportunity of return-
ing their sincere thanks to their advei'tising friends for the liberal
patronage they have afforded ; as also to the numerous subscribers
who have already ordered copies of the work. They feel gratified in
being able to say that, in both departments, the support received has
fully realized their highest anticipations ; for which they beg to express
their unfeigned gratitude.
It is necessary here to notice, that, in the prospectus, a view of the
New Eoyal Infirmary and a Vignette Title was promised. At the sug-
gestion of several subscribers the proprietors have been indiiced, at
additional expense, to substitute a Plan of the Town, which they
trust will be found useful as a street guide as far as its necessarily
limited scale would admit of particulars being given.
J. H, D.
36 Constitution Road,
Dundee^ August 1853.

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