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In presenting tlie present volume to the Subscribers and tbe Public,
some apolog)^ Is due for the delay wliicli bas unavoidably occurred in Its
publication. Wben It was announced, In tbe beginning of Marcb, so
much of tlie work bad been prepared that It was calculated that the
whole might be completed and printed shortly after Whitsunday —
probably by the first of June. As the work progressed, however,
difficulties were encountered which had not been anticipated. A large
portion of the Brief Historical Sketch now given had to be re- written ;
and the correction of the multifarious details connected with the
numerous local lists, turned out a work much moi-e formidable than had
been contemplated. As accuracy in these was as much a desideratum
as In the other departments, there was no alternative but taking the
necessary time for having the work done in a satisfactory manner.
Again, the taking of the names and addresses of the citizens had to be
postponed beyond the time originally fixed for its commencement : It
was found that so many removals were intended where the new places
of business or residences had not been decided upon, that to have
commenced recording them by anticipation before the term day, would
either have rendered that Important department very Imperfect at its
very Issue, or caused a re-survey of the whole town to correct the sub-
sequent changes. In these circumstances it was deemed advisable to
postpone the commencement of this portion till the first of June, the
time at which the work was promised to the public. Since then the
whole has proceeded with considerable regularity and dispatch ; and
it is believed that the subscribers and the public will reap the advan-
tages of the delay which has thus taken place.
Of the work, as now presented, nothing farther is necessary to be
said, than that no pains or care have been spared to secure the largest
amount of usefulness and accuracy compatible with the transitory nature
of such a production. The whole lists have each been separately cor-
rected or revised by the gentlemen conducting the various departments
of the public service, and the different local institutions — involving
considerable labour to them as well as to to the compiler. The names and
addresses have all been taken anew by a personal survey of the entire

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