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John, Wright & carpenter, Murraygate
John, Weaver, Cowgate
Robert, Wright & carpenter, Thorter row
William, Weaver, Blackscroft
Mrs., Nethergate
Alexander, Schoolmaster, Hill
Alexander, Private teacher, Nethergate
Alexander, Chaise & horse letter, Overgate
David, snr., Barber, Shore
David, jnr., Barber, Cross
James, Tailor, Hilltown
John, Ironmonger, Murraygate
John, Dundee Presbytery, Inchture
Peter, Tailor, Nethergate
Peter, Weaver, Hill
Robert, Whiteiron smith, Overgate
William, Tailor, Cross
William Maltman, Hill
William, Shoemaker, Shore
Mrs., Seamstress, Hill
George, Bookseller, Murraygate
James, Dundee Presbytery, Kinnaird
William, Staymaker, Thorter row
Miss, Carrier to Kingoldrum, Murraygate
Alexander, Gardener, Scouringburn
David, Gardener, Scouringburn
David, jnr., Wright & carpenter, Seagate
David, snr., Wright & carpenter, Nethergate
David, Weaver, Hill
James, Shipmaster, Goat wynd
John, Baker, head of the Murraygate
Pat, Merchant Counsellor
Peter, snr., Merchant, Cross
Peter, jnr., Merchant, Cross
Peter, Tailor, Cross
Peter, Maltman, Goat wynd
William, Merchant, Peep o' Day
William, Merchant, Cross
William, Physician, near Trades Hall
Mrs., (widow), Maltman and Coupar Angus carrier, Thorter row
David, Merchant, West Shore
David, Accountant, Dundee Bank
Peter, Maltman and Chaise & horse letter, Nethergate
John, Shoemaker, Overgate
James, Bookseller, Cross
George, Maltman, Murraygate
John, Barber, Couttie's wynd
Thomas, Innkeeper, Nethergate
Thomas, Maltman, Nethergate

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