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Agnew John, 27 West Burn st
Bone & Buchanan, 2 Bank st
Brennan James, 27 Cathcart st
Campbell Dugald, 49 Cathcart st
Duncan John, 9 West Burn square
Henderson Thomas, 14 Cathcart st
Kelso James, 6 West Blackball st
Milne James, jun., 5 Kelly st
Neil James, 49 Cathcart st
Ramsay Hope Stewart, 11 William st
Robertson John, 18 West Burn st
Simpson David M., 29 Nicolson st
Thomson Colin, 2 Robertson st
Weir Hugh, 29 West Burn st
Welsh & Walker, 33 Cathcart st
Borthwick Thomas (commission), 10 Cross-shore st
Brown George H., 49 Cathcart st
Campbell Peter, jun., Sugar Exchange
Cook James E. (commission), 51 Lynedoch st
Dickson Benjamin (L. & N.-W, Railway), Mansionhouse laiK
Dunlop Thomas (G. & S.-W. Railway), Lynedoch station
Fakbairn Andrew, 19 Ardgowan st
Fletcher A. (commission), GO Ann st
Gaj Walter, 8 West Blackhall st
Hay J. B., 24 Lynedoch st
Hay Robert (for Glasgow News), 16 Cathcart st
Hinmers Thomas (commission), 30 Cathcart st
Lament William (commission), 16 Palmerston buildings
M'GIure James L. (commission), 27 Cathcart st
M'Kean Hugh (G. & S.-W. Railway), 18 Brougham st
M'Lean & M'Neil (biscuit) 92 Roxburgh st
Marshall James, 2 Cross-shore st

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